Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Proceeding to 2011 backlogs... like finally

Yay! This calls for champagne and party poppers.

I'm currently editing January photos. I won't be doing anymore of those unfolding or rewinding posts such that each post is saturated with photos and words of the various events happening in that month. I understand how overwhelming it is to read so many things all at once and I know many of you actually ended up scrolling through.

I will be editing my photos and crafting my words more consistently and probably do timed posts if everything falls into a consistent schedule.

It would be much easier to catch up on the backlogs as compared to the previous year, I believe. 2011 has been such a hectic year that there weren't many eventful happenings which had their stories told in photos as seen by the lack of in all my 2011 folders.

Watch this space for more frequent updates!

The time now is 6.04 and I'm still not asleep. Pray that I would be able to get up later. It's my offday btw but I've got appointments.

Edited to add at 8.03am:
The sky is turning a bright orange, the birds are twittering and here I am switching on my laptop after tossing and turning for the past 1 hour. Even resorted to taking drowsy cold tablet but to no avail. Out, damned thoughts! Out, I say!


  1. We read your posts--some just had so much that we couldn't comment on it all.

    If you need to sleep, try reading my old posts--guaranteed to get you snoozing. =)

    I hope you catch up on your rest soon!!!

  2. Rick,

    Are you crazy? If I read your old posts, I would keep clicking and clicking instead of snoozing!

  3. i hope you get to take a nap or something at least later during the day =) lol it's already more than half way through 2011 and you're finally starting on year 2011!! that does call for a celebration! =D *fireworks*

  4. Frances,

    It's 8.04am and I got up to switch on my laptop coz I've been tossing and turning for the past 1 hour. =(

    Haha... yeah fireworks!

  5. Yay..I have many nights like that when I just can't sleep. It is like my mind keeps wandering in the middle of the night and won't turn off. Hope you finally got some shuteye moments.

  6. The colours are so lovely. These pictures brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Nelah,
    I did eventually sleep at 8plus but awoke at 12.30pm which means 4 h plus of shuteye. I’m typing this at 12.25am and feeling very sleepy now.


    This comment is meant for the previous post eh? Haven’t seen you around here for quite some time. Sorry to have to keep postponing our meet up, dear. I feel so pai seh.


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