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Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Jase!


Jase, you're the most wonderful godson a godma could ever have. You have shown in your sister's illness that you're such an extraordinary son to your mum and the best brother a sister could ever have. Mummy has said it very well in her message to you and I can agree no more with mummy's words:

To mama, you are more than a son and most definitely more than 7 years of
age. YOU keep me strong, happy and sane when times are tough. YOU protect me and give me strength. YOU are amazing in ways others cannot fathom. I am proud of you and I just know you will do well wherever you are and whatever you do. I
love you, my son, my friend and my protector. Happy Birthday!

I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting you and Charmaine the past 2 months. I'm sorry that I was not able to rush down to give you a surprise visit just now. I'm sorry that I might not be able to celebrate the actual day with you today...

BUT... I promise we would par-tay together in June!


  1. happy birthday to your godson jase! he reminds me of my godson who is also years old... he is such a sweet and responsible brother and sounds like your jase is the same. :) by the way, i havn't been here lots but how is charmaine doing? :)

  2. He sounds like a great boy. Does it seem like he's growing too fast?

    I hope he's enjoying his childhood while being so strong for his family.

  3. awwww this is such a sweet post jo! and the picture of you and jase is so cute. i hope you can spend time with your godson soon! =)

  4. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  5. This is such a sweet post and the motherly message is so touching. You are definitely one Godma I would like to emulate.

    I totally understand the guilt. Lately, I have been so busy that I have completely neglected my godson.

  6. Happy birthday to your godson! This is such a sweet post Jo. And don't feel guilty about not being able to spend the day with him - you can always make up for it later. I'm sure he will understand since he sounds very mature minded despite being a 7 yr old :)

  7. Kym,
    Thanx for asking. Charmaine unfortunately isn’t doing very well now. She’s in a lot of pain and her cancer has spread.

    He is mature at times when he’s supposed to be mature but he still behaves like a 7-year-old in other aspects. He’s very much a little big boy or a big little boy.

    sugar sugar,
    That picture was taken during Chinese New Year which explained the lion dance puppet toy. Yup I hope so too and also to spend time with my goddaughter.

    Welcome here. I’ll check out your blog when I’ve got the time. =)

    Squeeze the Pug,
    Do visit your godson when you’re free so that you’ll be able to bond with him. How old is he now?

    Yup, he definitely is. I’ll go look them up in June.

  8. My mom was sick for much of my choldhood, so I spent a lot of time taking care of her. But like your godson, I found time to be a kid.

    One of my favorite posts is about the time I made lunch for my mom when I was 7--I opened a soup can with a hammer and chisel. =)

  9. Ah, I do remember reading something about little Mikey looking after his mother. I think I did coz the scenario sounds really familiar. I’ve since lost touch with little Mikey coz RicAdeMus is a lot more exciting to read!

    A hammer and a chisel? You’re really one determined kid!


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