Saturday, February 06, 2010

Will stay on...

I haven't been doing photo-updating as I didn't know if I should continue blogging here.

I was telling kh about this the other day and he urged me to continue blogging here since it has already become a part of me and that there's no need for a fresh start.

Told him all the reasons and he refuted them one by one.


Charmaine's updates

Charmaine has relasped (29/1)

Back in sg (1/2 )

Latest results (2/2)

Please pray for the best.


  1. Hey Jo,

    The template i used was the basic one from blogger. And then I just ended up tweaking it here and there till i was happy with it. Took so much of my time. Are you familiar with the coding?

  2. Hi Cindee,

    I'm not too familiar with coding but i managed to dabble around with the html code for my current blog width and background. But I can't do the same for the upgraded blogger. Hence, I switched back and I'm still using the old blogger till now. =(

  3. Copied & pasted from tagboard for remembrance

    9 Feb 10, 22:26
    Tan: Knowing tt Char is gg to die
    9 Feb 10, 22:27
    Tan: U guys still wanna try
    9 Feb 10, 22:27
    Tan: And den when she finally dies
    9 Feb 10, 22:27
    Tan: All u can do is cry
    9 Feb 10, 22:27
    Tan: So why not buy many pkts of Char siew rice
    9 Feb 10, 22:28
    Tan: At least starving kiddos are not gg to die

    13 Feb 10, 22:52
    Jo to Tan: Hmm... something for you to ponder about. HARRY Potter thinks he's invisible under the invisibility cloak but is he really?
    13 Feb 10, 22:53
    Jo to Tan: Don't harbour too much hatred in ur heart. Live & let live. Here's wishing u a very happy lunar new year. *SmileZ* =)


    24 Feb 10, 11:29
    To Tan: You still wanna try waking up early everyday, knowing that each day you are just dying off your body cells, to know that eventually, one day, u just gonna finally lie in the coffin. Like this, u still
    24 Feb 10, 11:30
    To Tan: You still wanna buy a bed and slp, or just buy a nice comfy coffin to rest? better still save all ur money and donate over to Charmaine since ubuy a hse now, u are not gonna to live long it it too.

    24 Feb 10, 23:21
    Jo to To Tan: You are hilarious but let us not bother abt this "Tan" person shall we? People who have such hatred in their hearts would not care to listen to anything. They just like using words to hurt.
    24 Feb 10, 23:23
    Jo to To Tan: BTW pardon me for checking but fr ur IP @, i know u're fr e States. Just wondering if u know us personally or are one of ourfeistyprincess reader. Welcome here!


    Sunday, August 01, 2010 12:10:00 AM


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