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Friday, December 11, 2009

when the toilet bowl became my new best friend

For the past nights and mornings, I lay draped over the toilet bowl puking continuously.

I could even differentiate and classfy the range of vomit based on sight and smell.

The first time was lunch, the second one was still lunch, the third one was from dinner, fourth from dinner as well. The next few ones ranges from water to sourish gastric juices and after more spasms with nothing left to puke, I found myself expelling bitter gall.

That was the worst feeling of all. The taste really sux and even though it was all empty inside, the muscle spasm continued and made me expel nothing but more gall. My shoulder and stomach muscle ached such that all I could do was to remain in that wretched position for a few minutes.

Sensing that I would continue puking no matter whether there was anything inside, I asked kh to make me a cup of Milo.

An hour later, I morphed into a Merlion spewing sweet Milo out from my mouth.

It's no fun making friends with the toilet bowl like that.


Then in the morning, the excruciating pain in my tummy began. It was so painful that I could not even squirm or curl myself into a ball. I lay on the bed and cried like a baby.

Kh was at a loss of what to do. He immediately called my doctor to make an appointment. I was in so much pain that tears continued streaming down my cheeks, wetting the pillow and sheets as I asked for an ambulance to take me away.

The ambulance didn't come of course; nobody called for it. I slowly drifted to sleep.


When I was well enough to walk, we made our way to the doctor. I got a jab since oral medication was useless at that time as I would only be expelling everything out.

My left arm has been hurting till today.

I swear I was the dirtiest and smelliest person on earth before my shower just now.

I look at my smelly bed now and have this urge to change the sheets but I'm so weak and lethargic that I could only sit and slump on chairs and sofas.



  1. pray you get well soon!!! ~chocho

  2. Oh no...
    Hope u are feeling better now!

  3. i am so guilty now. was it the pig's organ soup? i should have just finished it for u....

    F was quite apologetic when he heard that you were sick and still insisted on coming. he almost scolded me that i let you come...HELLO!??!? i am the new bitch on the block?

    but thank you for making it here and we thoroughly enjoyed ur company, not sure if you contributed anything but i think KH contributed more to the jokes. hahahaha.

    pls take lots of rest so you can be well when you go to the BIG APPLE! BIG BIG APPLE! here you go! while your friend here worked to her death....nightmare before christmas.

    meet u coming weekend to lavish you with winter stuffs...

    I AM ANONYMOUS! haha

  4. chocho,

    Thanx! Rem to text me when you're in town ya.



    No longer vomiting but food always feels like it's stuck at the chest level (think straight pls) and I suffer from tummy pain every single nite. Those kind must hunch over kind, even now.


    anon (yeah rite),

    It's not the pig's organ soup coz I was already feeling queasy before that, remember? For a few days, I can't think of carbonara or I would puke.

    YES! You're the new bitch on the block! Just look at how "you xu yao zhe yang ma" comment up there. Wahaha...

    Ok ok... I must lavish u with honeyed words now so I can be lavished with winter stuff.

    You're a
    Control of

    *My tummy pain just went up a notch.

  5. Copied & pasted from tagbox for remembrance:

    13 Dec 09, 02:21
    canny: hi jo, do take good care and rest well!!! *hugs*

    16 Dec 09, 01:03
    Jo to canny: Thanx for your concern babe. Haven "seen" you for quite a long time! I miss u!


    14 Dec 09, 23:38
    hs: Feeling better already? If this happens again, must still try to take sips of water... Most of the time I'll eat some sweets to keep the throat soothed from all the gastric juices

    16 Dec 09, 01:05
    Jo to hs: No longer vomiting but suffer fr tummy pain every single nite. Even now.. hunching and typing. Eating A LOT lesser now too. Feel full easily. I am no longer eateateat. =(


    18 Dec 09, 07:29
    Joyce: Take care! Hope you are feeling better now.

    20 Dec 09, 00:03
    Jo to Joyce: You too! See you real soon in sg!



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