Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Skyping with Sweeties

Loving kor kor and mei mei

On the above picture:
- Usually we don't use the headphones but the static sound was quite bad that day and so cyn mummy, Charmaine and Jase had to take turns to put on the headphones.
- Jase is really good at racing and he was showing off that he had won the race... yet again.
- Whenever it was time to go to the hospital, Charmaine would excitedly run away to pick her outfit for the day and after changing would parade in front of the webcam to ask if the outfit she chose was nice.

On the above picture:
- The kids enjoy making funny faces, especially so when Uncle/ Godpa kh squeezed into the picture. Why did they scold Uncle/ Godpa notti? Coz I told them that my comp was going to spoil soon and Charmaine hollered, "Ask Uncle Kehang buy for you new computer." When he said no, she started scolding him notti. Haha...
- When cyn and I wanna have a real talk, the kids would always budge in to disturb.
- Jase enjoys making sad faces for fun.

On the above picture:
- Charmaine would always spend more time skyping while Jase kor kor would run away and probably play his racing game.
- She had a pretty hairband on that day and she was very eager to show it.
- She started eating porridge in front of me and I asked jokingly, "Godma hungry. Can give me some porridge?" She said, "Wait huh, I bring the porridge for you to eat ok?" After that, she carefully carried the half full bowl in front of the camera.

Charmaine looks so cute and innocent here

Jase is my Precious Moments boy boy

Just in case the gif file doesn't work, here are the shots:

Skyping with them is such a happy thing. They're always so cute and sweet.


Ok I'm so gonna do a GREAT rewind post real soon. It'll be the longest rewind ever with 9 months worth of photo updates. I've been editing and putting the photos in collages every month. Just lazy to come up with the words. But then again, a picture paints a thousand words so I could probably do away with the words.

My laptop seems like it's gonna commit hara-kiri any time. I can really cry if I lose all my editied stuff and photos now. Choy choy.


  1. How do you personalize your skype display window?

  2. Hi anon,

    I dun understand what you mean coz I didn't personalise my Skype display window. Sorry I'm of no help here.


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