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Sunday, September 02, 2007

D&D 29th August 2007 at Raffles Town Club

It was quite a grand dinner which involved outside school teachers, top scorers, parents, notable members of the public etc. Last year was A LOT more fun. I would very much prefer a smaller scale affair when everyone would feel at ease with one other. I dare say many of my colleagues did not behave like themselves too as we each had an image to uphold in front of “outsiders”.

I was also quite bored during dinner as I was seated with the outside pri school teachers and the pri curriculum colleagues whom I'm not very acquainted with and. All my same room kakis were at another table as they are from sec curriculum. Hmmph… If not for the magic show segments by our very own colleague, I would have been bored to tears and stifling from cough. I was still not feeling too good that day and was trying to remain as energetic as much as possible.

Let the photos do the talking for now.


The animals went in two by two, hurrah hurrah!

with viv my next table, cab sharing, same sch and everything kaki

So glad that she decided to come to her senses and do her hair. Haha... It took quite some time to persuade her to doll up once in a blue moon.

with joy my vegetarian suaning kaki

with apr my bimbotic same wavelength kaki

2nd boss' daughter kept posing on the stairs when me and apr were taking loads of ugly shots. Just when we stoop to her level to take a shot with her, she walked away!

with cha

I always think that she is Ms NICE coz she is just soooo nice.

with eli

She was a great help to me since she came in about 3 months ago. You see me blogging more? That's coz of her. Haha... she helped me ease my workload by quite a fair bit. No more marking till 6am.

with jess

with ju

with xp

ju and xp were my "food picker" that evening. I didn't wanna spread my very contagious URI germs and they were so nice and helpful to use their utensils to pick food for me.

with grace

with jenn

with jac

with amy

with char

The menu... [Click to enlarge]

I like the cold dish best. The rest were pretty much like wedding dinner dishes. I still can't understand why they have to put shark's fins in the si chuan suan la tang. Poor sharks!

One of the magic segments involved apr going up on stage, putting her ring into a box on the table and then having the table float right in front of her! apr was trying so hard to find strings but no strings. The way the table floated was quite magical. Reminded me of those fantasy Disney cartoons.

The floating table...

The ugly amateurish writing on the photos is a result of trying to blot out the co's name without the use of photoshop.

Group Shots...

with mich & apr

with kenny

Our ex IT guy. In the past, whenever we had any prob with the comp, we'll just holler for him. Hope he's doing well at his new co.

a bevy of ladies

with sean

Sean is such a Mr Nice Guy. He can be really professional and serious and yet do very siao siao funny things at times.

And of coz with our very own magician, fran!

I must say I was really impressed by his performance. It's one thing when you watch magic on tv. It's another when you catch magic live and the magician is someone you know.

The theme was "Masquerade" so of coz we must have photos of us behind the masks la.

The kakis!

Don't we look like super heroes instead of looking mysterious and coy?

Fooling around with viv's scarf...

Haha joy looked weird coz she had changed out

Oh I won 13th prize for lucky draw!

$100 Best Denki vouchers! Better than last year's $20 Taka vouchers. You will always win something when you least expect it. =)

"Glamour" shots developed straight on the spot.

I think I look anything but glamorous here...

Horrible bo skills photographer.

But I love this photo of the 4 of us!

This year was really a little sian. Nobody went clubbing after that. If I were not so sick, I sure go cheong wan. And then dear evan had to sms me saying she misses cheonging with me, the music is good etc etc and make me so gian. Wahaha...

For those who have been asking... Here are photos of my dress before I changed out.

It's really quite tough to capture the details. Photos don't do justice to the dress. Really love the design a lot! The short "pong pong" tiered skirt, the flattering cut, the tulled straps that criss cross at the back, the large ribbon with sparkling rhinestones... all of these make it such a unique little black dress. I forsee myself donning this for xmas party, new year's party, yada yada...

That's all for D&D. I've still got other stuff to blog about but kh is coming to pick me up for supper in about 5 minutes time. Watch out for more updates later when I return!

me lovin my LBD


  1. hi jo u r gorgeous.. may i noe watz e material of e dress dat u wore for dnd? where u buy fr n watz e brand? oh n how much?

  2. oh n can wear bra for dat dress? if so, wat bra u wearin inside? tnx

  3. Can see you still look tired and not well but still very mei.

    I love your LBD too! It's really very pretty and ooh I see a really good figure there.

    Are you going to reveal how much you spend on it? Must be not cheap but I think the fit of the dress look really good on you! It's really very worth it if it is expensive.

    I realise that I've been a reader of your blog for 1 year. I still remembr you are so friendly and replied all my ques about your make up and hair. If I have a blog, I will definitely let you know. Hope we can make friends!


  4. Hiee! Looking good on dnd. What's your hair color now? And what's the name of the famous chinese doctor?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hello dear Jolene!!! :D

    I can imagine the dress to be even
    prettier IRL from wat u said!!! :D

    Rhinestones ribbon somemore!!!
    Very princessy dress!!! :D

    Yeah! I like your 2nd "glamour shot" Photo more!!!
    *hehehe*!!! :D

    And u always looked so good!!! :D
    Nice hair and everything!!!
    And is so slim! Take good care always hor!!! :D

  7. anon,
    I'm seriously clueless and horrible when it comes to description on clothes. It's like soft nettef material over satiny fabric. As stated on the previous entry, I bought it at Avana which is located opposite the MacDonald's at Lido. The brand is the initials of the designer which is ABS. Price wise... eh... can I don't reveal as yet? =D

    You should be the same anon rite? Of coz can wear bra and it's strapless.

    Ya lor a lot of pple also say still look sick and tired leh. I personally like the dress alot and finds it worth the price. Just that they altered too much for me and it is a little too tight from the waist upwards. Restrict eating leh.

    Yes do share your blog link if you have. I would love to read it.

    Hihi! Long time no hear from you. My hair colour of black since the last time I dyed has faded to brown. I haven't dyed it since December.

    I've posted in my other comment but here goes:
    Ying Chuan Chinese Medical Hall
    BLK 202 Jurong East Street 21,

    You planning on visiting a chi phy?

    Haha... with my lousy fashion description, I sure hope it sounds as good as it really look. Yup I love the huge ribbon detail too.

    Thanx always for leaving your sugar trail behind. =D U take care too. So happy for u that you've found a nice job and a good boss.

  8. do asians go for breasts implants as commonly as the hollywooders? or do asians do something else to ehhance their breasts? you know those beautiful stars with great breasts all have hard implants as breasts. they look good but they they ain't feel good. yours look soft and beautiful. is there any trick to achieve full, soft breasts?


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