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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Major sickness.

Throat hurts so badly it's an agony to swallow saliva.

No voice.


Runny nose.


High fever.


Doc said it's upper respiratory tract infection.

1st time in my life that I was "awarded" 3 days mc immediately.

I'm forbidden to strain my throat too much too.

That means no teaching these few days.

How I long to be healthy.


  1. wah seh, recently all my female friends all kena got-throat-no-voice virus...potent~!

    u take care!! hope heals fast!

  2. Are they all in the teaching profession? So drowsy now... zzz..

  3. xiao3 bing4 shi4 fu2 (small illnesses are bliss)

    Take this time to get the rest that you so awfully need! Don't work too hard, you'll burn out so soon that you won't know what caught you. Remember when you burn out, you'll short-change the kids even more! Get enough rest. xiu1 xi2 is to zou geng chang de lu.

  4. Anyway that was me, your long lost friend yz.

  5. Aiyoh, please rest well k... Here goes the sure-work remedy:
    1) Drink more water
    2) Get plenty of rest
    3) Practice teeny tiny person

    Get well soon girl. =)

  6. Do take care of yourself gal! Drink more water.

  7. Oh dear~

    GET WELL very, very soon, dear Jolene!!!

    Have enough rest and DON'T work so hard!!! :P


    LoVe, VIVIEN!!!

  8. Dear gal,
    Just a short note... Get well SOON!


  9. Jo to yz!!!!!!!
    Waves wildly!!!! Where have you been for so long man??? And when can we meet up??? You're also very BZ!

    Jo to sd,
    1) checked
    2) checked
    3) X
    I'm most lan4 at teeny tiny person leh. I can't really imagine and when I do it b4 I sleep. I'll just fall asleep. Haha... Has any of our colleagues mastered it?

    Jo to justin,
    A lot of teachers get throat cancer wor!

    Jo to becky, Vivien, bwilly, Yen
    Thanx to all of u! Really drink A LOT of water. Already nvr work hard for almost a week... just sleep, eat and shit... Haha... Now go back work like not used to it. Must get back on track. But it's good that I replenished sooo much sleep la. =)

  10. Hello dearest Jolene!!! :D

    I can see tat u have more time on your hands le,
    as I saw tat u changed the SONG on yr blog le! Like~ FINALLY!!! :P

    *WAHAHA*! Just teasing u!!! :P
    Don't mind~ *hehe*!!!
    It show how terribly BUSY tat u was!!!

    Glad to know u can catch on
    beauty sleep in time being now!!! :D

    Are u feeling better too, dear Jolene???
    Do continue to drink lotsa water!!!

    Hope u get 100% fully recovered soon!!!
    Take care, my dear friend!!!

    Lotsa LoVe, VIVIEN!!! :D

  11. Wahaha.... Yeah... I guess you must be sick of the song too... Haha...

    Thanx for ur sweet words always. I tot I'm recovering but my sickness came back. Check out my latest post. Sob Sobz...

    I also hope I 100% recover soon.

    U take care too ya? Be happy alwiz! =)


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