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Thursday, August 24, 2006

D&D at The Forbidden City

Our D&D was held at The Forbidden City- Indochine

The theme for the night was Qing Dynasty. The committee members were supposed to dress up as ge2 ge2 (chinese princess), huang2 shang4 (emperor), ci2 xi3 tai4 hou4 (emperor’s mother) etc. The last minute plan had more characters involved. I was supposed to be this “ang mo zhar bor” from the 1900s and I have an “ang mo” male partner. We were supposed to be in China to do business. There was also our 2nd boss as Dr Sun Yat-Sen. Isn’t he like in modern history?

I thought it doesn’t make sense and I hated my huge cancan skirt. It was very hot and cumbersome to walk around in that. I really wonder how those Victorian and Edwardian ladies survived through such difficult clothes. However, it was rather fun la. I was “forbidden” to dye my hair till after this event. Haha… All along my superiors have asked me to dye my hair and I told them I would do so sooner or later. Then just when I wanted to dye it last week, they all stopped me from doing so. Damn funny.

The itinerary… The person who thought of the line ups related to Chinese history is a genius! [click to enlarge]

Before we changed into our costumes

The committee members’ table (Harbin province) away from the rest of the provinces

The name list

The menu… SLURP! [click to enlarge]

After changing, we assumed different identities.

My “darling” and me

My “darling” is actually a lady but she is very pretty and cool. She has a shuai qi in her and the best of all she is already a mother of a 4 year old. Haha… And she really knew how to act her role lor. She’s very candid and comical. I heard that before I joined this company, they had this team building event and she won the best ACTOR award acting as a guy. She lamented that she would never agree to be a guy anymore after this.

chris gege & me

me & cixi tai hou

Her head gear was very heavy and she had to maintain a very solemn expression as her role in playing the wicked cixi.

The camera was passed to cyn as I had usher duties.

maids in a row

vivienne & cyn

vv and I were from the same sec school but we did not know each other. However, we are quite "ar" now.

jac & cyn

The seafaring westerners, Dr Sun Yat Sen, chris gege

The easterners

Mother and son: mich cixi & fran huang shang

Everybody kept on marvelling how mich cixi could have such a huge and tall son. Fran looked quite ang mo and he kept on saying it was a mis-match and he should call me mother instead of calling mich. Haha…

The last guest to arrive: Big boss & wife

He wanted to take photo with all the costume people he could spot before he adjourn upstairs.

Round of applause for us, the committee team.

We all felt like we didn't do much except to malu ourselves in the costume with so many members of the public taking shots of us whenever we were near the entrance. =|

cyn from 2006 is flanked with 1900s ladies from east and west

Before this shot which was on cyn’s camera, that stupid gal claimed I molested her and so she turned her back on me.

Our food…

The starters, soup and dessert is good. I can’t really rate the main dishes as most of the times, we were away from the table playing games and helping out such that when we returned to eat, the food had turned cold. Great place to check out if you’ve got the moolah.

We had a lot of boh liao games. The most fun one was to send up a sporting male volunteer from each province to be dressed as a gege. We sent fran.

Frantically dressing Fran up…

Luckily cindy gege’s costume came with a vest and so we could drape that over him w/o having to take off any gege’s clothes. Haha… All the gals started dolling him up and accessorizing him. I contributed with my bimbotic ring and bracelet and stuffing his boobies.

Trying very hard to button up the vest after stuffing him with lots paper napkins as boobies

The time ran out and that last button which was situated prominently at the nipple area could not be clasp at all. Damn funny.

She-male #1

She-male #2

She-male #3

She-male #4

Sean's boobs drooped down to his tummy!

She-male #5

She-male #6

Uncle very cute... That cloth around his chest is actually the table cloth!

The she-males

There were 6 she-males in all and they had to do a cat walk as well as seduce big boss. They were all so sporting! Our dear fran got into the finals. He seduced big boss with his un-buttoned clothes. The david-gan-looking-tai-jian-emcee said it’s a new type of nursing clothes. And to sean, he said, “This is what happens when you do not start wearing bras at a young age.”

Next the emcee requested for us to show who we supported by throwing a personal belonging of ours into the finalists’ cloth. 1 person was only allowed to support 1 finalist. We had lots of valuables thrown into our fran’s cloth.

Our group’s stash

Watches, bracelets, necklaces and even a diamond ring!

“darling” threw her LV bag in too

In terms of value and amount, our group was set to win.

Sean’s group’s stash

CL’s group's stash

At the last 10 counts, a lot of sean’s group members threw their napkins in and they won us by 1 item more. Not fair not fair! But it’s alright. The comm team was very da fang and we lost graciously.

Fran’s boobs…

used to clean the table

primary curriculum maths, sci, el. That’s my mentor beside me who is going to leave me all alone in el team!

Oh yeah I won the 28th prize. $20 Takashimaya voucher. Haha.

Finally got this photo from the co's camera.

Next, we adjourned to Crazy Horse.

Big boss paid half the price for those who wanna go. In case, you all dunno, Crazy Horse is a cabaret style of performing in the nude using spectacular lighting to create bold splashes of colours on the dancers’ bodies.

The show was a little boring. I’m sorry but I can’t appreciate it. The nudity was neither titillating nor eroticizing. I wasn’t seduced. However, I must say that their bodies were really quite beautiful. Natural boobies that swayed and bounced and not those silicon stuffed kind. I do not enjoy all the individual performance. The group performance was better. It was well choreographed and the dancers synchronised very well.

Cabaret beauties?

cindy & me

Cindy only reports at HQ once a week but we 2 quite “ar” with each other.

mei nu at the mirror

mei nu in mirror plus 2 guys

We were supposed to be the foreground and the guys, the background. Didn’t quite achieve the effect eh?

chris & me in mirror with other ka la fei onlookers

Do we look like cabaret gals or classy ladies attending the show?

I like red caps!

Outside the toilet also wanna take... This sean ah...

The loo is absolutely gorgeous! Red hot and so va va voom.

My face looked fat and disfigured with the shadows cast.

Geometric lighting.

Since no photography is allowed, I could only capture this photograph as remembrance.

Modern day mich cixi n me

Mich looking so gorgeous with that dress and hair swept up.

After the performance, we went to MOS.

In MOS loo

purple hair babes

babes at the table

There were so many colleagues here and there that our circle kept expanding. However, there were also many who came and went. It was quite a fun night though I wasn’t as crazy as when out with the bimbo sistas. Also, I was wearing such a dainty skirt for goodness sake! How to cheong with dainty skirt? I had wanted to change to my hot pants but decided against the idea when I saw that so many of my colleagues were wearing dainty skirts and dresses too.

I experienced a lot of bizarre happenings at MOS that night. I shall not elaborate here.

Top L-R: can you spot my name on the personalized invitation card; my lucky draw number in Chinese characters
Bottom L-R: cute little personalized door gift; the committee members’ table is Harbin province

The door gift is a personalized chop with name, co name and email address

It’s a me me me world out in the blogging sphere…

Yeah I got that quote from one of the Sunday Times article. But these shots were not self taken. They were taken by my beloved mama who can’t sleep at 3+am coz
#1 I did not call home nor answer her calls as that’s the first time I put my hp in my bag in the locker and forgot about it.
#2 I’m still not back.
#3 She knows I’m still not back and yet not out with kh who will protect me
#4 She knows I’m still not back and not with my bunch of bimbo sistas who all live in Yishun and can share cab together and look after each other
#5 She can’t wait to help me remove all the pins and clips from my hair.

I merely wanted to take a picture of my hair before I washed it but she asked me to pose such that she could take pictures of all my bling bling as well. All those pearls stuff are hers by the way and she’s proud of them. Haha… Kept on emphasizing to me “Real pearls leh real pearls leh. Very expensive.”

I could not sleep that night and only fell asleep at like 5+am. I think I’d better find a cure for my insomnia soon.


  1. Hi Jolene,

    I'm just passing by and I have to say That I love the song playing now. I LOVE IT! It has a lot of memories for me.

    And you are very beautiful. I love your beautiful eyes and high cheekbones. So pretty.

    Sincerely from,
    a passer by

  2. wah, very stamina.
    I don't stay out as late now.
    I don't have such stamina any more.

    How was MOS? Wanted to drop in, but prefer places where there is live band playing softly in the background. Chit chat with close ones.

  3. Hi passer by,

    I love the song too! Hi 5! Must have alot of beautiful memories for you. =)

    And thanx for your compliments... It's all due to the wonders of make up.

  4. Hi bwilly,

    Haha stamina? No la... I don't feel that I've exerted alot. Maybe coz I'm used to it and was enjoying myself too.

    MOS is quite fun but I guess the company really matters. I had't checked it out for so long because all comments I've heard were "It sucks". But my debut there with my bimbotic frenz were fun. My 2nd time there on my d&d night was quite fun too, only that there were a few incidents which spoilt my night. But overall ok. Not as beng as zouk.

    Aiya you MATURE liao la... prefer chill out places. =) HAHA But yeah I do like chilling out with friends too. However, can't find many of such good chill out places here in sg. =(

  5. Hey Tiffy gal!

    Wah... you haven't even gotten your ring membership you wanna declare yourself as "ONE of the Bimbo Sistas" huh?

    Hope everything is fine at home. Anything... you can always call me yeah?

    Greedy me is still waiting for the rest of my stuff from you. HAHA and yes... Monthly dosage! Next stop HALLOWEEN. =)

  6. Hi knock knock

    Hope you are reading this. I’d try my best to answer your queries here instead as it'll be too long to tag.

    What do you mean when you say I changed my look? Haha… You mean all along I looked punked or what? Hmm… Seems like many who had not seen me real life would say my looks keep changing. I don’t understand what that means though. =) Celebrity? I also dunno who but probably my hairstyle on that day?

    As for my make up…
    ZA cutie curl volume + Fasio 3D (not the latest air tech one) for normal days but on the D&D I was using false eyelashes.

    Maybelline pure blush in coral. This is the very old one where the container is still round. The new rectangular container range doesn’t carry this shade anymore. SobZ! I’m looking for alternatives now as mine is finishing and all in pieces some more.

    Other make-up?
    Silky Girl 2-way cake in tan
    Grey eyeshadow with no brand. Mary Kay eyeliner… both kop from mum.
    Nivea caregloss in pink

    As for my hair…
    My hair was set and clipped up that night at this salon I always frequent. My curls are anything but wonderful. My hair is highly damaged and worse still is, it doesn’t even curl. I have to twist my hair when it’s wet every night just to attain a slightly curled effect. If your hair has been coloured frequently, I’ll suggest you don’t perm or you’ll end up like me. However, it’s really up to you. So many of my frenz who dye their hair frequently have gorgeous curls quite unlike mine. =) So maybe curls will look gorgeous on you.

  7. old man lohz..haha.
    Want to drop in at babyface, fren told me there was a fight the other day, mature guys 30s to 40s hitting it out. keke..

    Doze off easily, last Sunday, eating at Paris @ Tampines Mall, doze off after awhile.

  8. Dear Jolene,
    I am knock knock. Actually my nickname is Yen. I hope blogspot can accept my comment. Thank you for your very long reply. I really appreciate you answering my many questions. : )

    I don’t mean that you look punk or what. But just that you have many different looks. Just like qiang mian nui lang. I donno if my pinyin is rite but I mean lady with many face. Yes you look like a celebrity. Not only hair. But make up and everything oso. You are very pretty.

    ZA and Fasio is not very ex rite? Fasio is the Boa mascara? I didn’t know this brands can be so good. The false eyelash look very natural. But I donno how to do. Step by step. I go and buy mascara 1st.

    Silky girl also not very ex rite? Wa! Now I know nice make up no need to be ex. Thanks for your info. I thought you use very ex make up but I student… not so much money. This will be good for me to try.

    My hair is straight but sometimes will be quite curled. I like it either straight or else than wavy but not straight yet curled at the end. Very ugly so I thought of perming. So I went to search for rebonding vs perming and I found your blog very interesting and you are very pretty. And I see that you have straight hair last time so I think no harm trying to talk to you cos I see that you will reply to tag to comment.

    I got more ques, is your straight hair rebonded?


  9. bwilly "old man",

    Where's Babyface? I'm suaku... Never heard of it before. Sounds very sugary syrupy. =P


    Thanx for your compliments. =)

    Actually for more on make up tips... you can go to this forum:

    Hehe... I'm quite an amateur at make up... All the gurus there can help you.

    My hair was rebonded I think in Sep 2005... Can't really remember. Before that wasn't. I also have naurally straight hair that curls at the end. Have to blow straight hence went to rebond. =)

  10. babyface at one fullerton. :)
    Liveband level 1. :)

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Live band that rocks at Chinaone @ clark quay.
    Not bad with some pool tables.
    Went there on Fridy night with ex colleague after makan at Jumbo.

    One for one drinks, Fri to Sun before 10pm.

    Plan to go there again, this time, with guys only... ! Happening place.

  13. Hi Jolene,

    My computer got virus. I was so eager to see your reply that I ask my brother to faster help me fix.

    The link is a make up forum? I don't really go to forum cos no time and forum very difficult to find answers i want but if it is good then i will try.

    Your hair before Sep 2005 is not rebonded? You mean 2005 and not 2004 rite? It looks very nice and straight from all the photos. Cannot really tell the difference. You have such nice hair. Straight also, curly also. I think i will go rebond lah. I hear from my friends that must spend a lot of time to style perm hair.

    Oh and i save you on my favorite list. (=


  14. bwilly,

    Is Jumbo good and is it ex? Had chilli crab at AMK famous Melben on Sunday and the dishes were nothing to shout about. Amy good seafood place in sg to recommend?

    Will check out Chinaone next time when around the area. =)


    That forum is not only on make up... It's more like Lifestyle where you can talk about anything under the sun. Yeah sometimes hard to find answers directly from forum but some of the members there are real make up gurus! =)

    Yup 2005. Not 2004. Cant tell the diff? Yeah many pple said I waste money go rebond but if they see me w/o blown straight hair then they'll be able to see the diff.

  15. Tried a few seafood outlets.

    Jumbo (River point & indoor stadium)
    No signboard (Indoor stadium)
    Fisherman village
    Palm Beach (one fullerton)

    This one is the best..!
    $33 per kg, smaller size crab is abt 1kg, good enuff for 2paxs. Sri Lanka ones, so pretty huge n meaty, not too tough.

    Avoid the one at Palm Beach, yucky..!!

  16. bwilly,
    Just to check with you, when you said "This one is the best", which do you mean?


  17. oh..pai sei, forgot to mention the name - Jumbo at River side point, the one beside this merchant court hotel.


    Can chill out nearby clarke quay..

    btw, I just got Keane Srangers Dvd live.. enjoying it now.

  18. You are looking very gorgeous here! Such mersmerizing eyes. Oh and your cosmetic are not high-end. Such great effects. Envy you! =)

  19. my goodness!!!!! my gooodneeesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tot 4 a moment who was tt Obasan in tt vava voom toilet....... ( @.@lll)

  20. Hi Jolene, I'm popping by to see if you have any updates.

    Dear diamond, I found out that Obasan mean old aunty in Japanese and I think you should not say anything if you got nothing nice to say. I hope you are just making a joke. Jolene look really gorgeous on her dinner and dance and every other days. Just bcos the toilet photo is not clear does not mean that she look like old aunty. From her blog, she seems like a nice person too.

  21. Dear diamond, I sincerely want to apologise to you. I read your comment in another post and realise you are Jolene's good friend. You must be Geral. I'm sorry I thought you are a flamer.

    Millions of sorry!

  22. bwilly,
    There is also another Jumbo at East Coast right? So the Riverside Point one is good? Ok will take note. Thanx!

    OOI!!!!!!!!! What Obasan?! Look like Obasan meh? Why? Only face fat and shadows disfigured face mah? Why obasan??? Stupid gal! =P

    It seems like there is some sort of misunderstanding which had been cleared. Diamond = Geral and definitely she was just joking and teasing. Haha... I'm sure she won't take it to heart. You are so public-spirited. *GrinZ* =)


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