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Friday, December 17, 2004

Hi I’m writing again…

I know I’ve been missed. *angelic eyes*

For those of you who haven’t seen me or talked to me on MSN these few weeks and these few days, you must have the impression that I’m perpetually sick, forever busy and always so disgruntled. Some of you also thought that I was having some problems with kh coz he hasn’t been mentioned for the past few months, coz of “indication” from certain entries and coz my song playing at this present moment is “F U Right Back”. So putting all these together, you thought we were quits.

Cute conjecture. We are pretty much all right. Thanks for the concern. =)

I’ll be out of town from 19 Dec 2004 till 3 January 2005. Will be flying off to Brisbane this coming Sunday, straight after my very last day of work for the term. Then I’ll be spending most of my holiday at NZ in a caravan!!! Since young, I’ve always wanted a to live in a caravan. I believe I watched too many cartoons in the past. The image of a Mickey and Donald cartoon snippet (it was called Mickey and Donald cartoon back then) of a caravan kept flashing in my mind when deardear asked a few weeks ago if I would like to go on a caravan trip.

I was excited initially but busy-ness overcame me. Instead of looking forward to this trip, I felt stressed up the past week coz I’ve so many unfinished stuff to do and stuff to be done when I come back for the new term. I’m sorry I kept snapping at you and complaining that the trip is giving me a lot of stress, dear. My temper has been short recently. I snap at my mum a lot too. Sorry mummy. I’m glad that as the days progress, I’m slowly relieved of my load. I’m not as excited as I feel I should be, but I hope to build up the excitement gradually and let it all loose there.

I really need that break.


  1. hey dear... hope u are reading this .. Geez.. sorry abt that evening tho. catcha when u come back? that will be like Jan tho.. happy staying in a caravan with ur deardear :)

  2. Eh... I dunno who are you... =P.. What evening? *scratches head*

  3. Dear Blur Jo, I think Anonymous is Charlene! haha..


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