Saturday, October 01, 2011

Site of the Week -- Do you speak Engrish?

This week, we shall be really mean and laugh at bad Engrish.

Some native English speakers simply wonder what in the world were these people thinking when they print such nonsensical Engrish words, phrases and sentences. In cases of bad English translation in China and Taiwan, it is always interesting for us Chinese speakers to look at the Chinese words and deduce how these bad Engrish words were derived.

Here is a menu taken in China and before we go on, let me just warn all of you that the four-letter word is inside so make sure you are above 18 before proceeding.

Another menu in China:

The Dutch cowboys dig up spell roast the turkey?

Annoys the taste turkey to approve?

The milk fish platoon?

I would so love the mystical gift. Thank you very much. Boy oh boy, I hope I find mystical powers inside.

Since there isn't the Chinese characters printed, I really wonder how some of these Engrish words came about.

Of course, not all bad Engrish comes from China. For examples of signs, menus, T shirts and other merchandise with bad Engrish all over the world, head over to for a good laugh.


  1. I'll have to check out engrish...I agree these translations are always off...and generally not correct. So...when do you want to head over for a dinner for 2 human shares?

  2. LOL. Oh my gosh, thank you for the laugh.

  3. I think I can eat two human shares!

    These are better than when Mr. Kim used to call me "Licky".

    I am so bad with languages that I'm never critical when people mispeak or translate a 2nd language. But you would think a business would pay an expert to edit their material. Maybe they did and the "experts" were as bad with language as I am. =)

  4. LOL omg I love this post. I definitely wouldn't know what to order if I saw a menu like this in China haha. I wonder if they just had one of those online translators translate the Chinese characters, because it definitely looks that way. That Mystical Box really intrigues me too lol

  5. Hahahaha omg these translations are so funny! When I travel to asia my bf and I also like to silently share the humor as well!

  6. LOL! i often see engrish in some places here in the phils. :D thanks for sharing this site jo! :)

  7. Thanx all for your comments. I love reading them!

    Judging from your sense of humour, Mr Kim is an imaginary person right? Haha... The Japanese have got no "l" in their alphabet and their "r" is pronounced at "l". This explains why you're Licky and all other r-l spelling in Japlish. No way you're bad with language.

    From the way they're translated, I reckon some of them definitely used an online translator though like what Rick above said, I would have paid a qualified translator to translate anything for my business.

  8. Haha, Mr. Kim was real (and not just to me).

  9. Lick,

    Ooh! I'm so sorry. I thought it was you and your humour. Haha... Is Mr Kim a Japanese or Korean?

  10. He's Korean. I asked if he was Chinese and he laughed--he said no, you never see such a handsome Chinese man. LOL

  11. Haha... I guessed so coz of the surname "Kim" but I didn't know that Koreans also have the tendency to pronounce their l and r differently. Mr Kim has a great sense of humour!


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