Friday, September 30, 2011

Old Friends


A good old friend is one whom you could call when you're outside hungry but with no dinner partner and she would rush down to the neighbourhood mall just to have dinner with you.

A good old friend is one who would go to cheap coffee shops that serve local dishes like roti prata, chicken rice, prawn mee and the likes just because you feel like eating them or to more expensive cafe and restaurants  just because after a week of hard work, you feel like spending more on yourself for a good dinner spread.

A good old friend is one who would rush down in her T shirt and shorts with her glasses on just to spend time with you coz she doesn't care if you care how she looks as long as her company soothes you.


Tiffy my first friend in Primary 1, cheers to 22 years of friendship.

I find it funny how we were both wearing white base T shirt with black and red prints which leads me to conclude that...

A good old friend is one who has telepathy with you.



Old friends are those who even after long periods of not meeting, would pick up where they left off.

Old friends are those who welcome a new member and treat her like she's an old friend.


I'm so glad to know this bunch of kh's old friends. Since I was together with kh some 10 years back, I would always join him for any gathering with this group of his friends from schooling days. Even though we may not be close and were from different schools, they treat me like I'm part of their clique and made me feel welcomed. The most welcomed feeling I ever got from them was when they were planning to go on a short trip together this year and after kh told them he would not be around during that time, they immediately turned to me and ask me to go even if he wasn't going.


  1. Hey Jo! I love the comments you made on Nelah's blog and just wanted to stop and say hi. This is an awesome post and so is your friend. You brought up some great points about friendship. In life you truly find out who they are. Excellent pics and I look forward to reading your future posts. :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. Jo: your comment struck me in a wonderful way as always. I couldn't agree more, seriously.

    This post made me miss my besties from highschool and university years in Thailand badly. Your definitions of friend above are so true. One thing I learn though, we have fewer friends as we are older but those friends are someone who know us inside out and understand us most. I can't wait to see them again.

  3. Cheers to having and being a great friend! =)

  4. Hello Jo, The stalker is back.........again...

    Awww your friend Tiffy is so sweet. It is so sweet to know that a good friend is one that would rush down just in her T-shirt and glasses just to spend time with you. 22 years, omg that is long. Im so envious!

  5. Oh i miss barbecuing! I haven't done it properly in years... Your food pics are making me hungry! lol. Time for lunch XD

  6. i agree with telepathy! it proves that your friend know you that well..=)


  7. SassyUptownChic,

    Ooh... You came over from Nelah's blog coz of my comment? *blush*

    Thank you for stopping by and for leaving me some love!



    I hope you would be able to go back Thailand soon and visit all your old friends. Yes, and I totally agree with you on your take about friends.





    Peh Sun aka stalker,

    Always nice to see this stalker! Yup 22 years, imagine that! My very first friend in Primary school (so-called elementary school).


    Nic Nic,

    Hehe... I actually don't quite like bbq-ing coz of the smell after that. I would be impatient to hit the showers right after bbq-ing but I like how it bonds people.



    Yes! Good friends would naturally have telepathy. I can't explain how it happens.

  8. Wow 22 years? You guys must be like BFFs :D That's great that you have such a close friend to rely on though. A significant other and close family is necessary, but a close friend you can talk to is just as important to have. And that's great that your hubby's friends treat you like one of their own and don't make you feel excluded :)

  9. Rinny,

    Yup we're BFFs! I'm thankful to have a handful of childhood friends living around the same area. Not walking distance but still same area.

  10. You look like you had such a great time. It makes me want to gather all my friends and play old school board games like we did back in grade school but this time we'll add some drinks :)


  11. Ly,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a note. I love to see new faces around.

    Hehe... Your comment seems like it's for the post below instead of this one. A few people have been mistaken by the line demarcation too.


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