Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 911 & other random stuff in the busy bee's life

I just finished watching the docudrama "The Flight that Fought Back" on Discovery Channel and surprisingly, I didn't cry this time. I first watched it a few years back when I was in a hotel in Hong Kong all curled up under the comforter and tearing nonstop.

It's one of the best docudrama I've ever watched and I could not help tearing as I watched the re-enactment, and listened to actual recordings interspersed with interviews of the loved ones of these individuals as they related all their last phone calls and voicemails. At that time, I was not aware of the courage these individuals possessed and how they attempted to fight till their very end in a bid to stop the plane from crashing into the terrorists' intended landmark. As opposed to images and footage shown repeatedly which sort of desensitized me, The Flight that Fought Back tugged at all my emotional strings even more since it's narrated in a story which made me feel for all these brave souls. It also helps a great deal when all the actors and actresses resemble the actual people to such a great extent.

Learning how some of these people should not have been on Flight 93, for example the lady who often missed her flight but managed to get onto this, the last man who ran all the way and boarded the plane just when the door was about to close, the pilot who made special arrangement with his colleagues so that he could fly this flight as it was his 5th wedding anniversary on Friday and that he needed to be back by then all the more made it all the more heartrending.


I've been real busy lately and I just can't seem to find the time to do the many things on my checklist. It seems like I'm even busier even though I've put one HUGE responsibility aside. I might just elaborate on that some other time. ;-)

It has been quite a while since I last did a blog post proper other than the few "filler" post just to make sure my blog keeps running and that virtual cobwebs don't grow on my blog. In the past, no matter how busy I was, I would at least browse or speed read through the recent posts of my friends with blogs and blogger friends might sometimes leave comments. Now I don't even have the time to read most blogs which I like and I can't even seem to find the time to reply to comments. I know I would have lots to catch up on when I've got the time. And yes, I do remember saying I would have more time on my hands and could even do timed post. Well, I overestimated myself.

I thought that by this coming week all the dust from my transition period would have settled but looking at my calendar of meet ups and meet ups and meet ups in between pockets of time, my other personal stuff would probably have to take a back seat for now. 

So my blog has been lacking in photos eh? Here are some photos to show just one task on my checklist which I can strike off the list.

This is the mess I've been living in the past few days as I did not have the time to pack all the stuff I've brought home recently.


This is what made me feel so relieved at 3am.



  1. Amen!

    During busy times like this, don't put aside getting rest. Make time for that. Your readers will be here when you do have time to join us. remember how you <3 us and we feel the same?!? =)

  2. Thanx a lot, Rick! Oh I've been getting quite a lot of rest. Like at least 7 hours sleep on the average now. I think it's a good start. =) I hope you rest well too.

  3. Oh Jo, I hope you will soon have some downtime after all these busy activities. Don't we all wish there were longer hours in a day to accomplish things on a list?

    I find it depressing watching the 9/11 coverage. I still lived in Bangkok at that time, it was surreal seeing it on TV. Just thinking about those on the planes knowing they wouldn't get to see their loved ones again truly break my heart. Especially now that I have a child, I love my life more than ever because I know I have another person to protect.

    Yes we had a great week, very rare but it took a sacrifice in terms of money. My husband took an unpaid leave because he used all his vacation time when we went to Bangkok. We had fun but not the best decision finance wise :)

  4. answering to your questions, aha, no I'm not famous at all :3 that particular night was a fashion event where brands get together to celebrate fashion with lots of goodies and sales all night long :D so everyone could attend it ^^ about the people i photographed, those were random fashionable persons walking down the street who i asked to pose for me ^^ since i'm an audiovisual student, i also take Photography pretty seriously, so i try to catch every opportunity i get to meet different and unique people, i also try to sneak to every event i can so i start taking my own photographs ^^ i just bump into people LOL and the funny thing is they like it! i tell them i'm a blogger and i like their style and even if they're shy they get always happy to know someone noticed them ;)
    who knows, maybe i'll end up being at the fashion industry *O* but for now, i'm am just a girl with a camera trying to gain some skills and experiences in the industry :)
    but thank you so much for the compliment! it's always nice when people think i'm fashionable, you gave my ego a boost ;DD
    and you know, i'm just a normal person, i'm still the cute girl who always drools all over your lovely posts! ;D

    hope everything is going alright with you, lots of hugs and kisses <3
    Love * Sofia

  5. I definitely watched that documentary and remember feeling so upset about it all. It was definitely a good doc.

    Hehehe your comment made me smile. I'm always happy when people tell me they ran out to get something after I've reviewed it. Makes me happy that I've done the book justice by selling it well. I really hope you'll enjoy the book. It's really good!

    What a waste, indeed. Still, at least you're getting more Kino vouchers :D
    I used some of my gift card points for this book. The gift card was from my ex-colleagues and I think they meant for me to use it to purchase textbooks for my Masters course. woopsss

    Hope you find time to breathe

  6. ther were loads of documentary of that event on that date :( the one mentioned sounds expecially poignant because it talking was about individual lives - i think it would have made me cry too. There was one drama I had watched a long time ago it was a documentary on death (it was a long series from birth to death) and this person really dying of age of illness - I can't remember exactly :( by the end of the documentary he did die and I remember it teared me up so much. I still remember it to this day.. I guess back of my head I'm scared of death :/

  7. Nelah,

    Yes! I really feel that 24 hours a day isn't enough at all. Time whizzes by so quickly I could hardly catch its toes.

    I think your hubby made the right decision to take unpaid leave. The family outing and bonding is truly worthwhile. The year is coming to an end so I hope he faster gets all his leaves again.


    Skinny Love,

    You're such an adorable and lovely lady. Thank you for explaining. I bet those people must have felt over the moon when you asked them to pose for your camera. I believe in making people's day. You know when you said you might end up in the fashion industry, do you mean in front of or behind the camera? I think you could consider both. There are some models, stylist etc who get on both sides of the camera. Which side would you be?



    I ran out to town to get the book yesterday. I paid only $4.20 for it since I used my vouchers. It's really a good buy! I was more of interested in the naming of the various styles of apparels and it was the most informative one I've ever come across. Thank you once again for featuring and recommending it on your blog.


    Nic Nic,

    That documentary you're referring to sounds very interesting. I would love to watch it too. Do you have any idea if you watched it on some cable channels like Discovery Channel or do you have any idea of the title of the show?

  8. It's okay Jo, I know how you feel. Lately I've been neglecting my blog too and haven't been keeping up with others' blogs either. I feel a bit guilty, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I secretly enjoyed my little break from the blogosphere. Sometimes you just need to take a break from the internet and all things digital :)

    I haven't seen that documentary but I'll have to check it out one of these days when I have some free time maybe. I love the shows on the Discover Channel, and this sounds like a very moving docudrama, but normally I try to stay away from things that are very sad. It's heartwrenching to hear these stories coming from people firsthand.

  9. Rinny,

    Take a good break but don't forget to come back to blogging coz your regular readers like me will miss you.


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