Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Thank you all who asked after Charmaine's family and me. The days flew by really quickly while we grieved upon Charmaine's passing and prepared for her wake Celebration of Life party right after I touched down in Singapore from a delayed flight from Hong Kong.

It had been quite a tiring four days.

It didn't help that the day after Charmaine's party, I had to send the hubby's car to the workshop for a spoilt radiator and smashed back windscreen. Both my brothers-in-law drove the car with smoke coming out from the engine but I've not experienced that during the same period of time we drove. I wonder if I was lucky or what.

As for the smashed windscreen, my father-in-law (FIL) suspected sabotage due to the nature of the crack. We usually kept to our own area outside the house but there was this driver which particularly loved parking somewhere near our lot. Yet, it did not make sense as my FIL's car was parked directly behind my hubby's car. No way someone would sabotage our old car and leave my FIL's new car alone.


My FIL said it looked like somebody used an ax to slash the glass rather than it being hit by some fallen rock or debris. I too had my suspicion on sabotage, except that it could also have been caused by some kids playing boomerang when I parked at my parents' place the previous day. But, Singaporean kids play frisbee, not boomerang right?


The bottom edge of the glass was splitting like nobody's business. Anymore impact and the whole windscreen might just collapse.


The flap as seen from the inside.


After leaving the car at the workshop, I spent some time at the police station and with that almost the whole day was gone. I kept requesting for the police to check the tape from the void deck camera of the block facing the field to see if any kid threw anything but they maintained that the camera could not capture anything as far as the field.

I suspect the windscreen was probably already cracked when I parked at my parents' place the previous night. However, I was in such a daze at night after Charmaine's cremation that I got into the car and wondered why there was so much condensation or raindrops on the glass. I even calmly switched on the demister in the hope of clearing these condensation or raindrops.

From the photo below, do you see what I mean by condensation or raindrops? I could not even see the slash from the rear view mirror.


So how did I drive home with such a view? It was late with not many cars and I could still make out the vehicles behind from their headlights. This explains why I only discovered the smashed windscreen the following morning.

Oh well, the car is finally back but I felt quite bad as my FIL had advised me not to drive the car with the spoilt radiator. I thought nothing could go wrong with the engine during the short drive from my place to my parents' place. The smashed windscreen certainly taught me a lesson though I wished I could teach the rascal(s) who did this to my hubby's car a lesson too.


  1. So sorry to hear about your car. I think it could've been caused by anything, but I'm no car-window-specialist. Have you found any other damage to the car, scratches or something? Because if it was caused by falling debris or a boomerang or an axe or something, I expect it wouldn't have only hit the window but, since the source of the crack is so close to the bodywork, it would've bumped the metal too. Bah, unexpected costs :( Hope it won't be too expensive.

    ryc: Yep, confidence. Forgot about that. Confidence is mighty attractive!
    Hahaha, I drink milks by litres! Still don't gain a gram though ^^ It's a relief to hear that I'm not the only one being skinny while still love love loving food!

    Ah yes, I'm Bibi on the Internet. And it's not my real name, no. I try to stay somewhat anonymous, there are only very few people online who know my real name. I guess, if you wanted to know, I could tell you too, after all, we've been talking for a while. But I prefer not to do it in a comment (big scary Internet... hahaha ^^)

  2. That sucks! The one you did it should pay for it! >:(

  3. Oh gosh, that is quite an extensive damage >.< And yeah, from the rearview mirror's perspective, it doesn't look like the windshield's broken, it looks kind of like rain splatter or watermarks. That's really dangerous driving with a broken winshield which looks like it's going to shatter if you fell into a deep pothole. I'm relieved it's all fixed now, and I'm glad that you're safe.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  4. Wow... the windscreen cracked so bad! It does look like raindrops from the distance.
    But don't worry, Jo, there always be a good thing behind the bad thing, right? (:

    haha.. No, you don't have to apologize. Otherwise, I thank you for your comment. I appreciate people who say honesty. Yeah, sometimes the truth is so hard to face, but this is the way so we could grow up and move forward..(Truth is better that a white lie xp)

    Because of my limited English skill, I once had an online fight with someone on twitter. I intended to make a compliment about that person, but unfortunately my English structure made my words become the opposite meaning. I totally learn a lot from this incident.

    Jo, I'm so sorry about your lost. I believe that Charmaine is playing happily and looks pretty with her healthy shiny long hair(:

    Dreamy Princess

  5. Whoever did this needs to be caught and smashed! Obviously the object was very heavy, because it shattered the glass! If it's not one thing, it's another. No one seems to care unless its THEIR property! So sad! Grrr

  6. I agree with your FIL, it took a lot of force to make that cut.


    I hope the radiator doesn't give you any more trouble. You didn't do any harm to the car...I just worry about the risk of you getting stranded.

  7. Hi Jo, omigosh, i'm sorry to hear about your car. It could not have happened at a worse time. I'm just glad that you're okay and that the glass didn't fall on you. I believe in Karma, and that whatever rascal did this to your car will pay somehow. I'm sending you postive vibes, okay? I hope that the rest of your week goes a lot better.

  8. Bibi,
    There was a slight long curvy scratch on the car boot near the slash. It was not very deep at all. Seems like only the windscreen was targeted. My FIL managed to claim insurance for the windscreeen so we or rather the hubby only had to pay for the cost of servicing and fixing the radiator.

    High 5 on skinny bitches loving food! (Note: bitch is used as a term of endearment here)

    I will search around your blog for your email address and spam you with what's-your-real-name emails. lol


    Maria May,
    I sure hope so too. Darn we couldn't catch the culprit. We did manage to claim via insurance though.


    Thanx for your concern. I felt like a bimbo when my FIL asked if the windscreen cracked at my parents' place or at our place coz he must be wondering how I could drive home w/o noticing it. I'm glad you also said it looks like rain splatters. The raindrops feel was further intensified by the lights at night. When I drove it in the day to the workshop, I could not even see what was behind. I've to depend on both side mirrors. Fortunately, I had my FIL car to follow in front and he was driving at a steady pace for me to keep up. When we went up the super high slope of the workshop, the flap shattered and I think any further impact, I've to pay for the car leather seat as well for they would just come crashing in.


    Dreamy Princess,
    I sure hope good things will arise after this.

    Gosh, sometimes misunderstanding could happen due to language barrier too. I once left a nice little comment on an Indonesian blogger's blog after returning her visit. I can't imagine she wrote such cursory one-liner and I actually put some thoughts into commenting on hers. When I checked back if she replied, she removed my comment and stopped following me. I was quite shocked as I didn't know what she misinterpreted my comment as. We do get such misunderstanding at times. Continue working on your English. With hard work and effort, you would definitely see results. I know you would!


    I feel like smashing the culprit too. I seriously think it was on purpose coz a boomerang would not be so precise. It seems like a lot of force was used.


    Jerks! Exactly. How I wished I knew who did it. Even though the cost of repair could be claimed via insurance, I would still want to get my hands on the culprit.

    It's hard to get stranded in Singapore. I've saved all the dial-a-cab and sms-a-cab numbers in my handphone. I would get stranded w/o my hp though.


    I think I'm receiving the positive vibes already. I'm like feeling so much energy to immerse myself in my upcoming project. Thank you so much for the positive vibes sent.


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