Thursday, August 04, 2011

That's it! Wisdom's out! Say hello to Stupid.


My upper right wisdom tooth had been giving me some problems every now and then. It was growing towards my cheek and when hard food got stuck at the little gap between it and the gum at the end of the jaw joint, it would grate against my cheek. I was contemplating to extract it in May but after that it stopped giving me problem till now.

Earlier in the evening, I went to the dentist for scaling and polishing and decided to extract my wisdom tooth once and for all. Extracting the upper tooth did not require any surgery so I thought it would be fine to make the decision after listening to what the dentist had said.

So I did it.

It's been 6 hours and the wound is still bleeding.

It's been 6 hours. I'm very hungry but I can't eat as I've to bite the gauze to cease the bleeding.

It's been 6 hours and the dull aching pain is beginning to set in. My 2nd gauze is soaked red and I've only got 1 gauze left. My hubby and mil are wondering why I wasn't given an MC. It didn't occur to me as I thought it was just a normal extraction unlike extracting the lower one which requires surgery and warrants a 5-day MC.

Have you ever gotten MC for extracting your upper wisdom tooth?


On a separate note, I went to the Watson's members only closed door sale near the dental clinic chipmunk cheek, mute and numb from the anesthesia and all. I'm SGD193.40 poorer but I saved a lot, earned a lot of points and I'm happy with my buys.


I managed to wrangle an MC from the dentist. I was in pain and fever set in so I requested for one to cover me for I was sleeping the pain and fever away for half the day. After leaving the clinic, I went back to work and everyone was wondering why I was back.


  1. Yay for stupid! Wisdom teeth are little meanies, hurting your jaw every time you open and close your mouth.
    I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed at once, last year (two days before my birthday, lol) and the doc did it under full anaesthesia. It was my first time being operated so I was kind of nervous, but apparently I did fine. They didn't give my teeth back to me though :( I wish they did.

    And uhm, I wish I could help you with your question about MC, but the truth is, I have no clue what MC stands for :S

  2. Bibi,

    Thanx for sharing. 4 at once? That settles everything once and for all and under full anesthesia too! That's a great way to annihilate all the meanies in one fell swoop. I wished mine grow out all at once too. My friend extracted 6 teeth (yeah she had got 2 other underneath the wisdom tooth) under localized anesthesia and she nearly "died".

    MC means medical certificate as in sick leave. Not too sure what you all call them in Belgium.

  3. Awww oh my gosh, i have to pull out my wisdom teeth! Cause they are pushing my teeth and it hurts.. your tooth looks so big! Im kind of scared because it must hurt when they pull it out :( ahhh. ohh by the way i use photoshop and lightroom to edit my photos :))

  4. Ek! hope you feel better soon! That sounds like it doesn't feel good. I still havent had my wisdom teeth pulled out yet and I am scared for that day to come already-_-

  5. omg - I got my wisdom teeth out before, all of them! I definitely had chipmunk cheeks....feel better soon and drink lots of smoothies :)

  6. Oooh, medical certificate, right, makes sense :) I've noticed the doctors here have no problem with giving people a medical certificate. Wouldn't surprise me if you could get sick leave for a simple cold.

  7. @_______________________@ it's still bleeding after 6 hours???????!!!????? Is that normal?????????????????????????????? It doesn't sound good if you're still bleeding to the point that soak the gauze after 6 hours! You should call your dentist and ask! I'm worried @__@

    I think I only have one wisdom tooth? XD two years ago I took an X-ray and I had one growing very slowly on the upper left side of my mouth. And I took another X-ray again this year it's still growing very slowly at the same spot XD the rest are nowhere to be seen... I'm hoping it would never come out >_< cuz my dentist said it might require surgery cuz that little bastard is not growing straight.... NO!!!! T口T

  8. ouch... >.<" this must have hurt a lot. my youngest sister also had wisdom teeth extractions in the hospital. she was in a hospital because she has a heart problem. :/

    ermmm... i don't have wisdom teeth. LOL! :P i don't have a single wisdom tooth and i hope they never grow on me too. LOL!

  9. awwww that sucks! when I got my wisdom teeth out i was eating fries by the night, but with my sister she was puffy and felt awful for a few days, I guess even siblings vary by a bunch when it comes to dealing with wisdom teeth procedure

  10. i hate going to the face was literally cringing when i was reading the post...i rmber going to the dentist for a root canal a few years back...worst experience EVer...ever since that i swore to brush, and floss my teeth everyday just so i wont ever have to go through that again....but my wisdom tooth only acting up once a in a while where it hurts...but so far i only have 1 grow up completely...the rest are just not gorwing mom told me to get them out...but i hate the thought going to the dont dont bother me as ive putting them off sinc forever...and OMG that much blood....maybe the dentist did smth wrong??? maybe you should go back to him to check up or smth...
    i hope you feel better soon though~~~


  11. JelenaDoll,

    I’m pretty amazed by how long it is. It shows how deep seated the root was. The most painful part of the whole procedure was the injecting of anaesthetic. The extracting wasn’t painful since it as numbed by then but I don’t quite enjoy the pulling and tugging part. You could feel how much strength was used to pull that nasty thing out yet you don’t feel the pain.



    Do you have existing ones growing in your mouth now? Don’t be scared. Actually the whole procedure was as bad for the upper one. I extracted the lower one before which required surgery.



    You had all of them out already? That’s great! No more worries for now. I had chipmunk cheeks only with the lower one. I haven’t drunk any smoothies but I ate normally cheweing with one side.



    Yup! Wooh... I would love to be in your country. Hehe... Oh I managed to get my MC in the end.



    No worries. I went back to the dentist in the day to get my MC. They said the bleeding is normal though not as common. The fever too. I soaked up 2 gauze and the bleeding stopped before I used my 3rd and final one so now that’s wasted. It’s great that you’ve got only 1 wisdom tooth and growing at a slow rate. I wished mine all grew out together. I’ve got 2 extracted so far and not too sure about whether there are teeth under the gum for the rest. I hope yours remains embedded and doesn’t cause any pain.


    sugar sugar,

    All your wisdom must be inside you, that’s why they don’t sprout out like nasty meanies in your mouth but I’m really surprised you don’t have any. That’s like so lucky!


    Pop Champagne,

    Haha... I was eating MOS Burger for lunch today but last night, I was in pain and could only drink oats drink even though I was very hungry.



    Root canal sounds really scary. I think they drill holes or something right? If your wisdom tooth doesn’t act up. It’s ok not to pull them out. Mine was giving problem so I tot of just getting rid of it. I know of people who have all their teeth intact in their mouths with no problems. No worries. I’ve stopped bleeding after soaking up the 2nd gauze and I managed to get my MC for today. The dentist was a stand in one but he’s quite nice and comforting.

  12. Yikes, sounds painful!! I don't remember mine bleeding so much when I got them taken out... maybe I was just lucky :/

    Btw that tooth looks huge! And yep, I got the domain name I wanted for my blog - somehow it was still free!

  13. Oh no, sounds so painful and troublesome. At least the tooth is out once and for all. Hope you feel better soon x

  14. Jo, I was hospitalised after my wisdom teeth extraction... not just MC. Think i had blogged about it. Bad experience and I'm glad it's over.

  15. Anyway, the dentist should have given you MC to rest at home after all the bleeding etc. So far I've heard, I min is 3 days, max is 1 week.

    Take soft diet and lie down more. Get well soon. Cheers.

  16. wonder why it hurted. Congrats that you got rid of the pain and wish for a speedy gum recovery. I got all of my four removed here at once in the states. Luckily I healed fast and didn't have pain to everyone's amazement. Back in my country though, they don't do all at once but rather one at a time.

    Someone once said having a child brings out one's ability to love and it is so true. There are many downsides and challenges in having one. It really depends on each woman's decision, lifestyle and goal. I NEVER wanted one all my life but it got me thinking as I got older. Age was a major factor for me personally and I thought I better had one before 30. My husband has always wanted one or two. Once we have her, we are making it through challenges alright. It truly is a lifetime commitment, you will have someone to worry about until the day you die, literally.

    Thanks Jo for your thoughtful comments. Trust me, I enjoy reading long comments rather than someone leaving me something like ''cute" or "love your blog, follow me back". I find them rather annoying to be honest. Write away! :)

  17. Oh Jo, I'm so sorry! I hope by now youare back to your pain-free, non-mute, smiling self. It's weird that the extraction caused so much bleeding--I thought that only happened when the tooth was still under tha gum. But everyone is different, I'm just sorry you got a bad reaction.

    My wife had all four removed and then got something called dry socket, which made it heal slowly and painfully. I was lucky, I've only had one removed and there was just minor discomfort after he pain-killer wore off. But then something cool happened. A weird little tooth (it looked sort of like a bottom-front tooth) grew in where the had been removed. I asked the dentist is it was a root or something, but he said was another tooth. But it was too small to be where it was back wih the molars, so he pulled it for free. I have it somewhere in a little glass tube, but don't know where.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!

  18. I love your blog- thanks so much for discovering mine! I actually have a fear of the dentist (mainly because I hear stories like yours- hehe) but glad to know that your discomfort didn't keep you from shopping. I look forward to your Chanel reveal and absolutely loved your Maldives post. The beach made me drool!

  19. MizzJ,

    Yes, when I saw the length, I can't imagine how much tooth was embedded in the gum. I'm surprised the domain name was still available. That's great for you!



    Thanx hun. I felt so much better I had a feast for dinner just now.



    I think I remember reading about it and it sounded very serious but I forgot the details in why you were hospitalised. Is it because you extracted a few at one go or some infection?

    Thank you dear. I managed to get an mc for the next day so it was just 1 day mc. I started eating and chewing on both sides on day 2 coz I simply could not stand chewing on one side. I had a feast for dinner just now and now I'm worried I may have food stuck in the healing wound and rot in the gum. *shudders* My hubby thinks I'm very imaginative.



    It's great that you have all 4 out once and for all. I wished mine grew altogether so I needn't keep going back to the dentist.

    I saw your latest post about raising kids but I haven't read the post in its entirety. I shall check it out later and leave a long long comment if I've got lots to blabber. Haha... I totally agree with your last line!



    Thanx dude (haha... I usually say "dear" or "hun" for the ladies but I can't think of any for the guy and hence "dude" but somehow that didn't come out too apt?)

    Technically lots of my tooth was still under the gum. I think I know what you're talking about! Extra tooth embedded! My friend had 6 teeth removed when she was only supposed to remove 4 wisdom tooth coz she had 2 embedded ones too. Even had one under her tongue! The dentist joked that she had had too much calcium and she rolled her eyes coz she was in so much pain. lol


    Make Mommy Chic,

    Actually the extracting process was really ok, not horrifying at all. When I was relating to my colleagues, I made it so funny that they thought I was quite mad. lol... I shopped with half of my mouth still under anaesthesia and the gauze propping my cheek out. I tried not to talk as much as possible coz I sounded strange.

    I will do a reveal post soon. Look out for it! =)

  20. Oh no....poor Jo :( One of my wisdom teeth started growing out this year and my jaw isn't big enough for it either, so it's growing in slanted. My dentist took an Xray and said that I have 4 wisdom teeth growing in, and that I should have ALL of them removed. I feel like I'm going to pass out just at the thought of it. None of them have been causing me any discomfort or pain, so I'm going to hold off on removing it for now. I've never had any type of surgery before, and the idea of being gassed and put to sleep frightens me a bit. I hope your gums feel better soon though! If it was causing you discomfort it's probably best that you got it removed :)

  21. Rinny,

    If they're not causing any problem, you needn't remove them but I guess if they are not growing in the right direction, future problem would arise. When they all sprout out, hear what the dentist propose again. Teeth are always shifting and changing so when they pop up, they might ot might not turn out fine.

    Being gassed to sleep is so much better than localised anaethesia so no worries. =)

  22. Sorry for the late reply to your comment! But yeah, I'm not planning on getting them pulled until I experience some discomfort. And if I do go to get it done, I am def going for the sleeping gas! I don't think I want to be awake and hear all the things that the surgeon is doing >.<

  23. Rinny,

    lol... I'm usually a calm and cool person but I was slightly mortified and amused all at once to hear the conversation between the dentist and the nurse commenting on my tooth, the surgery, the extraction, the bleeeding etc.

    Gas is the right way to go!


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