Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

Majulah Singapura!

I'm no manicurist or nail artist with no professional tools but I love Singapore enough to do bimbotic things like these mini Singapore flags for later's National Day Parade.


Whenever I post photos of my nails I've to mention that I've got stubby nails with small and short nail beds. It was difficult trying to paint within such a small "canvas" and the outer polish staining my skin should be gone after a good scrub so pardon all the flaws k?

As part of the National Education Programme, all Primary 5 pupils will be given the opportunity to attend the National Day Parade (NDP) Preview held on a few Saturdays before the actual day. My Primary 5 students have been telling me that I should go watch the NDP this year coz it's really good. I thought it was ok to miss it since tickets are virtually impossible to get but fortunately, dear reg got an extra ticket and invited me to watch with her mum and her brother on National Day itself. Hurray!

I love all the extremely nationalistic Singapore songs from the 25th anniversary tape.

When pop songs took over and I would always love Home sung by local talent Kit Chan

and We Will Get There by international sensation and local singer Stephanie Sun.

This year's theme song In A Heartbeat hasn't sunk into me yet but I hope attending the NDP later would.


  1. Yay Singapore!!! I wish it was not such a long, long plane ride away. That makes me think I'll never see it. But maybe someday.

    The nails look good to me. I have very big wide, manly nails--and they are hard, so it makes sense they are called "nails". LOL!

  2. Thanks Jo! Just followed you too :) I can't wait to share the photos, stories & videos with my readers!! Maybe I'll bump into you in Singapore ;) Such a small country, you just never know :P Happy national day as well!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the early happy birthday ! Means a lot :) and aww your nails are too cute, seriously, i should try paint my flag on my nail and see how that goes! Very smart idea :)

    Jelenadoll <3

  4. Rick,

    If you ever do come here, remember to let me know so we could meet up!



    Did you celebrate National Day where you were at Vancouver? When you come back here, we might just bump into one another!

    Btw, thanx for following!



    I hope you enjoy your advanced birthday and packing your bag for your trip. Australia's flag is so difficult to paint on nails! *lol*


    Copied & pasted from tagboard:

    9 Aug 11, 12:33
    Melody: Jolene I won't be going to the ndp as I'm not so lucky to get tickets but hope I will see you around the city area as I'm going there to feel the atmosphere with my friends. We are going to wear red and white even though we are not going for the ndp as it's NATIONAL DAY.

    10 Aug 11, 01:16
    Jo to Melody: Hi Melody, I didn't get to see this b4 I left for the NDP & almost missed your msg due to all the spam above your msg which I've since deleted. Hope you had fun with the red & white atmosphere!

  5. Aw that's sweet! I love how much national pride and spirit you have! And those nails look amazing!

  6. Singapore is so beautiful! :) I wish I could go visit the country NOW :) I'm envious of the year long warm weather there. In San Francisco, it's almost always cold :p

  7. Melsusu,

    I love to see newcomers here. Welcome and thanx for leaving me a note.


    Rainy Days and Lattes,

    Yes, come and and visit Singapore if possible where it's always sunny and sometimes rainy. I love warm weather but I dread the humidity here. Hence, I would always prefer the colder climate. That said, the grass is always greener on the other side. I think I would eat my words should I be living in SF. My buddy is in SF now and yes, I know how cold their summer is. =)

  8. Happy 46th birthday to Singapore! I didnt know that!

    I can do nails but im just awful at painting my toenails!!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! following you dear!

  9. the nails are so cute! but maybe i would do just one with the flag and the others all in red ^^ but it is cool anyways :D

    and congratulation singapore! You're getting older! xD

  10. simplyvonne,

    Thank you for following and for leaving a note here.

    *lol* I thought painting toenails would be easier than fingernails since for fingers, there is always this hand that is the bad hand, no?


    Skinny Love,

    Ah, the crest in the Portugal flag is so intricate! I think you need lots of skills and nail space for that. *lol*


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