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Monday, May 23, 2005

Jumbled Thoughts... Out of Sorts

Jumbled thought:
How could anyone leave just like that?

Jumbled thought:
So what if I feel more upset for my friend’s problem than my own? I can’t do anything. I’m so so helpless.

Jumbled thought:
No matter how logical the reason is, it will not open your closed heart and sink into that thick skull of yours.

Jumbled thought:
Exactly, is it ok or not ok?

Jumbled thought:
This job is really killing my life.

Jumbled thought:
No matter how much was worked out, it would never turn out well without your blessings.

Jumbled thought:
I know you care a lot as a friend but things have taken a wrong turn and I wished you never had done that.

Jumbled thought:
I can handle it all on my own. Please stop worrying unduly and piss me off with your words and actions.

Jumbled thought:
Change your thinking. Change your thinking. CHANGE YOUR GODAMN BLOODY THINKING!!!!!!!!!

Jumbled thought:
I would rather I suffer than to see people around me suffering.

Jumbled thought:
God really is unfair.

Even on a normal un-sad day, my mind would be filled with these thoughts.


“Are you on Friendster?”

“No, I’m anti-social.”

“What? You are not on Friendster? That is like so unbelievable!”

“I’m anti-social.”

“I don’t know anybody who isn’t on Friendster.”

“I’m anti-social.”

I really hate the whole network. The way people find out how so and so is connected to who and who… The way people are able to stalk you and your friends online… I rejected all invitations to join any social network. Then few months later I started a blog!!! It clashes headlong into my now-defunct stand.

Please read this and this before you continue.

I’m cool about it now, really. But I don’t know about my friends who are linked or mentioned here. Most are fine with it. But ultimately, it’s MY blog and I have every right to write it my way.

I did not post my blog’s url on any websites except on my friends’ blog or on friends’ emails. Strangers who got here by chance, by friends’ links, by search engines, by blogger’s next blog button… strangers who read this every now and then are welcomed of course, but please refrain from spreading my url around. And please please ask for my permission before linking me up. Or at least after linking, inform me. Thank you very much… Ü

Alright now for some quotes that I thought was funny from two different shows I watched during the weekends.

From Kingdom of Heaven,
“Convert to Muslim, repent later.” –The Bishop upon seeing the massive swarm of Muslim armies.

From I, robot,
“AH CHOO!!!!!! Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit."-Spooner (Will Smith)

And anyway, I got a little annoyed when my 2nd sis got very defensive after I told her how much I agreed with some of what Orlando Bloom's character said in the movie, Kingdom of Heaven. I don't understand why sometimes small little things you say would spark off huge reactions from Christians (not like I'm not one, just a more rational one). I shall refrain from jumping into the bandwagon and hold a discourse on religion on my blog. Period.


  1. oh..
    did someone upset you about the blog links?

    Anyway I bump into one fo your good friend website multiply, and link up your page there.

    Any problem I will remove it. :)

  2. You are not on friendster? Darn.. no wonder I cant find you.

  3. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... happy bday! hope u enjoy your bday! by the way, your blog is really very interesting. luv the way u write , especially the one about the wu gui (got picture some more). its really full of life! i got to go now...need to get back into my books... take care and byezzz

  4. bwilly,

    Which good friend did you bump into at multiply?

    Went to that multiply url you've provided. You linked up my friends' blogs as well ah? Heh.. never knew me indirectly fan your flame to get a blogspot.. should I be honoured or what? Ü

    Who are you?

    Ooh.... thank you sooo much for the wish.. all the way from the States. Hope you have fun there!!

  5. Oh.. how coincidental.. you are online as well.. Thanx for your wishes!

  6. hi jo,

    Hope you have a great bd.
    Anyway I can't recall your fren site URL. It was mostly pic, and little stuffs, I link it up from your website about a very good childhood friend.

    Very surprising to see your friend posting her bikini clad pic at the site though. Can recall?

    Anyway multiply, seem to be a good place to host your pics (1G of storage). But doubt it allows "width band" stealing. (ie pic stored there, but posted here)

  7. Dear Jolene,

    I'm truly sorry that I put up your blog link on FP without asking for your permision. I thought that your blog is really interesting. I missed reading some sentences in this post. If you are offended, I apologise sincerely and if you want, please let me know if you want me to remove the link. My intention was to share interesting blogs I read.

    Millions of apologies.

    Your sincerely,

  8. Dear pinktulip,

    Please do not feel bad as I'm really alright about it... =)

    I understand that there is no way to control readership.

    Thank you for your great interest.



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