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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fairy tales do exist in real life…

However, do all the characters truly live happily ever after? We close the book after the line “And they live happily ever after”, thinking it is the final chapter. However, their lives still go on beyond the readers’ knowledge. Some of them do live happily ever after, and some of them don’t.

I strongly believe that there is a Cinderella story in every girl’s life.

Some girls found real princes.

Some girls found princes in their eyes.

Some girls’ princes are actually a half-half but never mind, as long as they are happy.

Many of you may not know that Cinderella and her prince have many differences and clashes in character. From their few years of relationship, they have grown with each other and learnt many lessons regarding love and relationship.

You can never find the perfect person. It is all about learning how to live with differences. Two people in a relationship complement each other and if they are too similar, there would certainly be clashes.

Up till now, Cinderella and her prince are still trying to work out some issues, slowly learning to live with each other’s beliefs, lifestyles, priority and ideals. As they grow with each other, I truly wish for them to live happily ever after.


  1. I also wish for this beautiful little princess Jolene to live happily ever after... But do remember that other than your partner, there are still many other priorities in life.

    Stay happy.

  2. hope he is the prince u lookin for...and sings to you Adam Sandler's "I Wanna Grow Old With You" :)

  3. To pup,

    Heh... tt title of princess Jolene you "confer" upon me sounds so un-me.

    Thanx for your wishes!! Stay happy too.

    To van,

    Are you still online?? I'm online too! Ü

    Don't think he knows what that song is. He is more of a Chinese songs kinda person and recently I've learnt to appreciate Chinese songs.

  4. Hopefully I am a "prince" to my wife. hehe..

    Tomorrow is my wife birthday, still have not decide where to bring her.

    We have been married for a few years, and have gone over the phrase where we need to buy gifts on birthday.

    Last year she did not pay me back after I got her some SKII products, so I told her, no birthday present for you liao. haha..

  5. I used to believe totally in fairy tales, and that there is one for everyone, just that it comes in varying forms and different level of happiness. Not that I dun believe anymore, just that it takes lot more to keep the tale going as one grows older. However, I still try to remind myself everyday that being alive and well in itself is a fairy tale.

  6. hi used to like chinese songs but now more into english ones...too bad, didnt catch u on-line...better luck next time...ciao

  7. I had been MIA for quite some time but I had always been dropping by your blog every now and then. Just that I did nt leave any comments cos I scared of u getting a bad impression on me.

    Like van, I hope that he is the prince u r lookin for.. but there are also other princes out there and the happily ever after may just be with another prince.

    I can be one of them.. LOL

    Just kidding.


  8. Im reali kiddin.. Pls dun get a bad impresion. ;)


  9. i'm a fairy tale kind of gal and i would love cinderella to be with the same prince in the story and not some other prince.

    i sincerely wish for cinderella to have a happy ending with the prince whom she truly wants and loves.

  10. To bwilly,
    Wah Sk11 ah... good enough a present la.. so how did the day go today? Good?

    To bigbrownbearnlittlepinkpiglet,
    Hmm... dunno this one come in what form and what level of happiness leh. The author still writing its sequel.

    To van,
    Yupz.. betta luck.. Ü

    To DL,
    Im reali laughin.. Pls dun get the wrong idea. ;)

    I thought you really have vanished.

    To paperleaf,
    My exact sentiments...

  11. guess every gal does dream of being a princess at least once in their life... think its good to day-dream a little else life will be boring... but at the end of the day, we need to get back to reality... life has its ups and downs.. the important thing is to be able to handle and overcome the downs so that one become stronger... however sometimes it is easier to be said than done :)
    nite nite...

  12. thank u..
    day was good. yourself?
    morning plenty of work, afternoon kan cheong start to look for restaurants..
    remember our par tok time at this Russian restaurant - Shashlik.
    So book a table for two lohz.

    Quite famous, service so so, but food wise is good.

    Detail below, can check out.

    Must try the Baked Alaska, its ice cream with slight liquor.

  13. I guess when they say happily ever after, it really is.

  14. To van,
    I agree that it really is easier to be said than done.

    To bwilly,
    Haha by the time I see this, I've forgotten how my day went. Great that you've managed to come up with something in the end. I'll go check out the Russian restaurant some time.

    To nadine,
    True believer of fairy tales... Ü


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