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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Happy Birthday to Jo the Loser

Yesterday 24th May 2005

SMS I received:

"Did you take leave?"

"Are you working tomorrow?"

"Are you free after work?"

"What are your plans for tmr?"

"Are you meeting anyone tmr?"

"Do you need to spend time with your family?"

"Are you gonna spend tmr with ur bf?"

Everyone assumed I'll be spending with my bf or my other groups of friends or my family. I really don't know how I will be spending my tomorrow (today). kh will be working till late.. I don't know who to meet.. so I told the different people and groups who smsed that I don't know my plans for this evening. In the end, nobody wanna meet me.

And here I am at kh's house typing this. On the night of my birthday... I'm such a loser... *sobz and sings bitterly "Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. I'm gonna eat some worms..."

More to be updated... ... with photos of course. Ü


24th May 2005
Buddies from primary school zhu and chris took half the day off and met up for lunch… Sweet darlings! We went to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao to gorge ourselves.

Me and zhu… I mean zann. As mentioned before somewhere, she insists I use her sophisticated English name on my blog.
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Chris and me and probably from now on, I shall address her as “xtina”. Too many Chris around, of whom 3 are guys.
 Posted by Hello

Not many photos of our food. We forgot to snap the food spread before we started eating as we were too hungry.

Forgot the name of this dish. It must be new as it wasn’t on the menu the last time I ate at Crystal Jade.
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xiao long bao Posted by Hello

With xtina away from the table and me on the hp, zann was so bored that boh liaoism got the better of her and she starting snapping 13 pictures of herself on my cam.

I’m sexy…  Posted by Hello

I’m cute…  Posted by Hello

I’m popular to boot…  Posted by Hello

Ain’t I sweet?
 Posted by Hello

Ok don’t kill me…. I’ve already sieved out the ugly ones.

Blissful look while savouring the mango pudding.  Posted by Hello

Me posing with presents from zann, xtina and gera. *Note: The top I’m donning and the necklace/choker are part of the gifts.
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Sexy red g string as part of gera’s gift. Zann says, “Get away from me!!!”
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Then at night both gals had their own program so I met up with kh.
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Gift from mum. See so many prezzies from Lee Hwa. No la it’s just one gift… Posted by Hello

An anklet
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I was quite touched as I’ve been in a quarrelling and arguing and shouting and fighting spate with my mum the past few days prior to my birthday. Few days before the spate, she asked me what I wanted and I replied that I didn’t want anything. Then I just casually said anklet without giving it much thought that she would actually buy one but she did.

Since I’m on the topic of anklet, let me talk about my locket pendant which was my 21st birthday gift from my parents. Instead of the usual boring key pendant presented to every female who turn 21, they got me a locket with a cute little key attached to it by a delicate little chain. It is so cute and little that I wear it all day long, even to sleep and to bathe. It is so cute and little that anyone who really observes the pendant would never fail to ask me if the little key could open the lock. It is so cute and little that everyone with no sense of limit would reach out and grab the dainty key with their fat fingers (in relativity to the little key of course) and try to pick at the lock. It is so cute and little that when I turned 22, I continued wearing it. It is so cute and little that I thought when I turned 23, I would continue wearing it. Alas it is so cute and little that a few days before I turned 23, it got lost. The key simply detached itself from the locket and was nowhere to be found. Not on my bed, not anywhere in my house. And I decided not to wear it anymore for it isn’t cute and little anymore. And also, the 21st birthday key symbolizes key to freedom. No way am I gonna be “locked up” by my parents!

Locket with the missing key. Sobz
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25th May 2005
Sam treated me to a quick lunch Posted by Hello

Presented with a pig photo album
 Posted by Hello

Reason for getting me a photo album:
--> I’m always snapping and storing photos as soft copies. I ought to develop my photos and arrange them in albums.
--> This album is only for storing pictures of them

Bah! I bet the 2nd reason holds more weight. Haha.. anyway I don’t think I’ll ever use it. I’m a sucker for handwritten notes and I’m so gonna leave them in the album as it is.

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wy’s note Posted by Hello

hs’s note Posted by Hello

em’s note Posted by Hello

ivy’s note Posted by Hello

26th May 2005
Sweet wq arranged a short meet up at Holland V after work and I was glad the gang could make it.

Although I was late, I walked slowly along that short familiar stretch which I used to walk everyday 4-5 years ago. The underground tunnel still remains the same despite having lots of construction work carried out around the area. HV changed a lot too. Almost all the shops from 4-5 years ago were no longer around. Gee… have I been a recluse or what?

I digress… so anyway, back to the story…

They asked me to pose with their present but teoks is a really lousy photographer. He didn’t do justice to the earrings and necklace. In fact, they were blurred or else then practically outta the picture!

Earrings Posted by Hello

Necklace Posted by Hello

Then we head off to Wala Wala which was supposedly a very hip and cool place for undergrads especially NUS people. [Aside] And I’ve never even heard of that place… so suaku.

Us at wala wala Posted by Hello

And I just realized that teoks isn’t in that picture so let me make up for his absence by posting his individual shot.

Presenting a high teoks. High on hoegaarden.. haha..
 Posted by Hello

wq n teoks.
 Posted by Hello

See… doesn’t he look abit seh?

All of us outside Wala Wala
 Posted by Hello

Cake from da jie
 Posted by Hello

Bottle spray from lv. No not Louis Vuitton. You bimbos out there don’t start exclaiming “Since when LV got bottle spray?” Lv is the initials of my 1st mentor as how she calls herself on my blog. And the bottle spray is to contain my rose oil, to ensure that I’m draped with xiang xiang fragrance 24/7.
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Hello Kitty Sherbet maker fom rc. Yes and rc is the initials of another of my colleague. Not your friendly neighbourhood RC downstairs. She claimed that I so ah lian sure will like Hello Kitty. Hmm… did I mention that she is a Hello Kitty lover?
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Instructions Posted by Hello

I’ve since made 1 Milo and 1 yoghurt drink sherbet with it. The Milo one taste great but the yoghurt one did not freeze. Will make more sherbet in time to come.

This year’s birthday seem different from the other years. Maybe because my mood hasn’t been too good and my outlook in life was greatly affected. But through all these, I’ve also found love and concern from other people and I’m thankful for that.


  1. happy birthday! I hope you get many nice presents AND many nice visitors!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Birthday on a weekday suck..

    Got to practise the surprised look when fellow colleagues push out the cake and sing the birthday song.

    Cheers, handshakes n hugs all round, before colleagues went back to scheming n applying their new backstab theory "101 methods on how to climb the corp ladder backstabbing your good frens."

  4. hi gal!! happy birthday.. guess the best present has already be given right ?? Take care!


  5. just saw the post . i will chekc the price and either sms or post it here k? Lumix PINK. gotcha!

  6. aiyah you.....people asked because they concerned and want the best for you mah.....but anyway, i will still ask u the same question next year...hehehee.....

  7. Try this for image hosting, good for backup too. (support hotlink)

  8. Happy Birthday Godma. Sorry this greeting came late.

  9. Whew... finally got some time to come online.. Thank you all of you! Oh ya and to bwilly, think it was your birthday one of the days last week so happy belated birthday to you.

  10. hi jo,

    came in to see if there's any update.

    my bd is next next week, before that got to do my IPPT, so hitting the gym frequently n a spot of tanning.

    btw, I just went to MS color at Chong Pang, forget that branch, they do not sell camera at all. Just plain photo developing. Only the AMK branch beside S11 coffeeshop sells camera.

    Forget abt the pc show if you plan to go to Expo for camera.
    Try the below shop, good pricing.

    BestCam Photo Pte Ltd (Funan)
    109, North Bridge Rd
    #05-19, Funan The IT Mall
    Singapore 179097
    Phone : (65-) 63392788

    take care n stay cheerful.. :)

  11. Knock knock...just to say hi...
    Anyway glsd that u r alright now... or at least u sound ok.

    Take care, prata session with zhu n geraldine again if we all managed to squeeze time out fr our seemingly busy schedule ..haha


  12. bwilly,
    So I do not need to send them an email for the equote anymore? Straightaway head for the good pricing one at Funan?

    After a period of time, the urge to get the lumix isn't that great as before. Haha.. currently so bz till no time upload photos even. Just come online check mail and scram.

    All the best for ur IPPT! And ARGH... don't talk to me about tanning. 4 times in 2 weeks I wanna tan, 4 times it rained on me. Why does it always rain on me?

    Yoz! All of us are so bz.. Dunno when will the supper materialize. See u around soon!

  13. ha.. i saw my name being mentioned....
    my last paper on 15th.... den is freedom before results.
    so couz yh, u go arrange sth ba...
    jo>> some photos are not meant to be shown online hor.. haha... juz rem i forgot to del some i think.


  14. I just read from some photographer kakis that dealing with Bestcam is slightly complicated.

    Good price, but may ask you to buy accesories and give you some 2nd hand battery to reduce cost.

    So far my personal experiences with the three shops I mention, Mscolor (AMK), Alan Photo (Sim Lim Square) and Bestcam (Funan), pretty alright. Maybe cause of my look and I inject my conversation with some hokkien.

    Suggest you only go down Bestcam when you happens to be there.

    It has been raining off and on, I don't bother to wash the car. Some pretty bad bird drops stain.. :(

    Is someone taking ACCA like myself? :)

  15. happy belated birthday to you! hope you will upload the photos soon. waiting to see them... ^_^

  16. ACCA? ME! 1st paper on tues... suxx...

  17. ACCA? ME! 1st paper on tues... suxx...

  18. who's me?? Me doing 2nd stage.. wife last paper. :) Going to stop taking coming Dec again, reservist again. :(

  19. dear jo pls update wif fotos.. been coming here for so many days.. i think more than 1 week.. wif no new updates. =(

  20. paperleaf,
    I don't know if I've the time to do so... Will try..

    zhu aka zann,
    What photos? *Gives blur look* Asked you delete those ugly ones you didn't, I'm so gonna post them up.. haha.. anyway all the best for your papers!!! Tue as in tmr right?

    Who's "me"? Zann lor.. she did indicate her name at the bottom.

    zanne and bwilly can have their own pte conversation liao... haha..

  21. argh... the photos... i look like i m baldin... i m not ok.. haha... i thinki i gonna repeat my paper again.. bleahz

  22. came back from study room at CC..
    hope zann did well for her paper.
    eh wat paper is that?? hehe..

    no photo update?? I just got a new cam..! after exam can go shooting.

    Jo, did you try the 3M paper trick? diffuse the flash.

  23. r u looking for a pte instructor??
    got one kangtao, he do North side business, my ex-instructor. Pretty patience, once I knock down pole (duno got scratch his car), he also never really scold me. haha..!

    But the day before my test, he change a new car.. gave me a shock of my life. Luckily I passed.

    If not driving school, repeat test faster, few weeks I think.

  24. When I've got the time, I've got no money.

    When I've got the money, I've got no time.

    Now I've neither the money nor the time.

    Expired for 3 years liao.. Now I have to retake the theory again. I shall wait till I have both the money and time... and I don't know how long that would take.

  25. A very happy belated birthday to U! Sorry for this late wish.


  26. taking driving lessons is a pretty big investment. If I am not wrong, they have off peak charges.

  27. cousin, never ask me to go out with you?

  28. Heh.. Dunno if you were free then. Anyway, I met up with Allan the other time.. Ü

    And you changed ur site url huh? I haven't updated my links.

  29. Dear Jolene,

    I took 3 whole days to read every post of yours. I found your blog when I was searching for NZ photos. You have many great photos on your blog but pity you did not include any of your NZ trip photos. Would you be able to put some of them up? I'm planning to go backpacking with some buddies at the end of the year. Would be nice to be able to share some of your photos.

    You are a very interesting person with looks and substance. I noticed you haven't updated for some weeks. I hope to continue reading your journals.

    Yours sincerely,

  30. Hi Cass,

    I'm sorry I won't be posting my NZ pics on my blog. =P But I must say it's real fun there. Love their long days, short nights, cool weather and all.

  31. Oh such a pity!!! I love reading blogs with travel photos. It's ok den, thanx for replying. I appreciate that.


  32. Still hold a glimmer of hope to see some travel photos. I read that somebody else was also interested in your NZ photos.


  33. I know you are someone who'll reply to comments... Let us all chant together: "POST NZ PHOTOS. POST NZ PHOTOS. POST NZ PHOTOS!!!!!!!"

  34. We'll see how it goes... Ü

    Btw anon are you the same one who left comment on nz photos in another post? You 2 sound the same.


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