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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Plans to go to the beach has been ruined. PERIOD.


  1. Sad to hear.. I managed to, on the 30th..

    link below of some pic I took.

  2. hi there. i chanced upon your blog. would like to know the song that's currently playing. thanks!

  3. It's SHE by groove coverage.Ü

  4. dear jo,

    i lurve reading your posts! i'm very glad that your grey skies r beginin to clear. u r really 1 happy-go-lucky gal and i really really enjoyed reading all your posts.

    may the sun shines on u always. get a great tan soon. i think u wil look great!

    although i dunoe u personally, i find that i noe u tru your posts. and this song sounds so u. happy, cheerful, bubbly and beachy. ^-^

  5. Hi paperleaf,

    I'm online too... Thank you very much for ur very kind words. Actually I tot my grey skies were beginning to clear but it became tempest instead.

    Haha.. so ironic rite? I tot it was clearing but it became worse. Feel like a fool. *bitter laugh*

    I hope I can remain cheerful, bubbly and beachy like what you've said. I'm trying... hard.

    Appreciate ur kind words...Ü

  6. dear jo,

    oh no! wat happened? i was so happy for u reading your recent posts.

    hope u manage to pull yourself fr the storm and into sunshine. ^-^

  7. paperleaf.. all i can say is thanx alot for ur kind words. I seriously dunno wat's happening and I'm feeling kinda lost. I've just lost a part of me.

    Btw.. I cant access ur site.. do u have a site? Ü

  8. u r most welcome, jo.

    no i dun have a site. n do take care!

  9. Xtina here....really hope u are alright...very worried about you....nv known you like this b4. juz call me if u ever need to talk ok....i will leave my hp on 24/7. take care... you will find yourself again. u dun haf to be so strong all the time ok, you can alwayz count on me. keep in touch!

  10. Thank you xtina!! *BIG BEAR HGZ* I realized I have many frenz who care for me... Even strangers care for me... I should feel very lucky... Ü

  11. i guess there r many people out there who cares 4u.. u seem to have great frens.. haha even "strangers" like me cares for u.. i can reali feel 4u and with u.

    if u put up a strong front for too long, it may hurt u more. what's ur blog for? go on and let it all out!

  12. paperleaf..

    Somehow I find that I have some kinda affinity with you.. thanx for your concern.. It feels really good to read your comments... Ü


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