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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Many things happened this week

It’s like all at once. Busy… Fun… Sian… Relieved… Soppy… Happy… Trying to take it step by step. The grey clouds are beginning to clear up quite a bit. Things that I was upset about and stifling me are loosening their hold on me. The issues weren’t exactly settled… but they have been neatly chucked aside, never to be mentioned until the next time. I’m more of the type who would prefer to trash things out but avoidance and ignorance may be the best tactic at times.

Assuming there wasn’t any Labour Day public holiday this Sunday, I would have met my colleagues like 7 days a week this week!! Our team did a very last minute preparation for the STOOPID debate. Meeting up on Monday and Tuesday. The other team was even more last minute…. They discussed only on Wednesday morning itself. Damn zai3 man… The way they speak… really admire people who can do impromptu speech. But we won in the end and earned ourselves $10 Kinokuniya voucher. Yay!! Can buy books liao.

Speaking of books, this must be the only year I managed to read so many books in such a shot time. Northanger Abbey, The Da Vinci Code, Toto-Chan… Books that were bestsellers some time ago… only now then can afford the time to read them. Actually the time wasn’t really affordable la.. just that I compromise on other stuff (like sleeping, making materials, going out with friends, going out with kh, shopping etc) and I read them on the MRT as well. Currently reading Tuesdays with Morrie… Don’t exactly like it… call me unfeeling… Now my next target would be The Five People You Meet in Heaven and teng teng teng teng… the BIBLE!!!!

Gasp!!!! Jo the non-practising Christian who slams Christians all the time is gonna read the bible?!?!?!

Why not? It’s interesting to find all the hidden connotations in it. And I’ve always wanted to read the bible but gave the lack of time as an excuse.

My tuitees have gotten their mid year exams timetable. Not good not good… busy weeks ahead. I’m trying very hard to mentally plan my timetable now. It seems almost impossible to squeeze everything in. I’ll manage somehow…

The next big thing that happened this week was that one of my nice colleague is leaving or rather, has left. Today’s her last day. Will definitely miss her. Will miss her presence. Will miss her noisiness. Will miss her “yo”. Will miss all her silly antics. And will miss suan-ing her especially… haha…

Then I thought about how so many colleagues are most confirmed leaving in a few months and felt very despondent. The colleagues here are really nice and all of us have to agree. But tian xia wu bu san zhi yan xi. People come, people go. As long as we maintain contacts, it should be fine.

Photos time…

There was a few other photos but I’ve to take care not to include photos with the co’s name in the background. I’ve got no Photoshop to blot it away.

As a farewell gathering for Ivy, a bunch of us went KTV on Thursday night although most of us had morning lesson the next day. While most of us (them) left by 11.30pm, the siao4 ones (us) stayed till 2. I thought that even if I had gone home early, I would still be awake at 2+ at home so might as well just be awake at 2+ outside? That sounds logical then. It turned out that I was so wrong… ended up sleeping at 4+.

The onz people Posted by Hello

Pretty maids in a row Posted by Hello

Formal Posted by Hello

And informal Posted by Hello

xi3 Posted by Hello

nu4 Posted by Hello

ai1 Posted by Hello

Le4 Posted by Hello

She didn’t pose like that on purpose. It was all candid but I thought it really look like the 4 different expressions of xi3, nu4, ai1, le4.

Hmm... Too small to capture the details... Em, HS, WY and me gave her a “transformer” cow clock and a tomato. Ya not the real tomato, we are not that cheapskate. The tomato is really cute. You can smash it on a hard surface and it’ll smash like a real tomato, only to transform back to it’s original shape after a few seconds. HS wrapped the prezzie like a milk carton and drew a cute cow with "Got Milk?" Ooi! You better keep the wrapper as a momento. Oh and the tv screen suppose to have Aaron Kwok in it. Dunno why it turned out black. Posted by Hello

So happy to receive not a bouquet of flowers but a glass vase of sunflowers from fellow colleagues... ... Posted by Hello

But how am I gonna carry this around in public??? Posted by Hello

Diao si mi diao? Kiam pa ah? Posted by Hello

No la... we are not that rude.. we are actually very sweet and innocent. *excuse me while I go puke in the corner* Posted by Hello


  1. I was going to post something about "not giving away the ending" but that would just be sad.


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  4. the ending to the bible.
    I was being silly.

  5. Haha... I was wondering which book.

  6. jo! i've read tuesdays... i liked it because it was a reflective, perspective type of book. i stopped reading 5 people halfway (will pick it up again soon), and saw the movie version, made me cry. really good stuff. see ya soon.

  7. Tam... I changed my opinion of that book... something happened and now I can relate to that book very well. I teared at some of the pages. I'm not unfeeling... they r juz buried inside and i can;t help but cry...

  8. Hi Jolene,

    i saw the short paragraph about the books you read, so I want to drop some comments.

    It is right and good to read the bible, for it is a divine fountain that satisfy the thirst in our inner most being. We have a longing for something (but most of the time, we try to use some material or other stuffs to cover up).

    Actually only God can fill.

    We should be thankful that we have the chance to have and read a bible, because Christians in the poor countries (Nigeria,Cambodia, etc) shared their bible. 20-60 Christians, perhaps a church to one.

    May the Lord bless you as you read His Word, Amen.

    I keep you in prayers.
    Bless you again.

    About The Da Vinci Code (I am very disturbed, so that why, I want to share this with you)

    I know that it has taken the world by storm. This fictional book challenges our views of Jesus and the historical church. Because Brown uses so many genuine historical facts, it makes his outlandish claims sound more plausible. Many Christians have become confused because of his assertions.

    Check this out

  9. Hi kj,

    It was merely a line about the books I read in this whole entry. I hope not to jump into the bandwagon of discussing religious topics on my blog like what so many other famous bloggers are doing.

  10. Hi Jo,

    This is not my intention.



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