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Monday, April 18, 2005

This morning I thought I was dying.

I awoke with a severe tummy pain and was literally bathed in sweat. The first thing that came to my mind was “Dammit… now I’ve gotta change my bed sheets.”

Alas the pain got even more unbearable that I hadn’t got the time to worry for my bed sheets. I could only squirm about and groan in pain. And to make matters worse, a wave of nausea swept me. It isn’t just an urge of vomiting, my stomach muscles were already contracting involuntarily and forcing me to puke out burp. I rolled to the side of my bed to puke… more burps spewed out. Damn… at least let me puke out some gastric juices to make myself feel better la.

I was too weak to pull myself out from my bed to puke in the loo but after worrying about dirtying my floor, I managed to pluck myself up. I could not see the door. All I saw was bright pink lights. I thought it was those usual lack of blood circulation to the head when one gets up suddenly from a lying or sitting position and continued to grope my way around... I could not see anything even though my eyes were wide opened. More and more pink lights. This has gotta be a nightmare I thought.

And then I started to suffer from those muscle spasms once more and sat on the floor to puke nothing for a second time. The blanket of pink lights began to clear up a little and I realized I was sitting on the kitchen floor. I didn’t even know how I got there. Tried continuing my way to the loo but the pink lights blinded me again. Help me! I can’t see at all!!

Then I thought I should let my mum know about my condition and so made my way to her room. I could not see anything and walked on. I knocked down the fan in the process and pinked out. You see people use the term “black out” for fainting. I supposed it is coz they literally see black. So in my case, I pinked out.

I don’t know how long I lay on the cold marble floor but it felt good. Then Simba came to nose me, I got up and managed to make my way to her room.

Mum was so shocked to see my condition. Already weak herself, she panicked and helped wipe all the sweat while continually asking me what happened. Hell, I would also like to know what’s happening to me. I’ve never been like this before and I seriously thought I was dying. Then she helped me change my soaking wet T-shirt and applied medicated oil. Still the severe tummy pain failed to cease but at least the muscle spasm stopped. I fell asleep after awhile only to wake up at 3pm.

After I woke up, I heard my mum’s side of the story. She said I looked like a ghost. My face, my hands, my legs were “all white” and my lips were pale. My hair and t-shirt was so drenched, it looked as if I just emerged from Sadako’s well.

So morbid.

I’m feeling fine now. See... I'm well enough to blog. But I’m bugged to see a doc since this has never happened to me before. Maybe I will go see one tomorrow.


  1. not maybe, it's a must. you must see a doctor, jo. better to check out what's happening to ur body. pls take good care k.

    i felt tears welled up in my eyes after reading this entry. partly is the melancholy music. ok, maybe not so kua zhang... but i'm really worried abt u.

    i wish everybody around me can be healthy and happy (HH). i hope HH colleagues (friends) stay HH.


  2. omg. cuz, take care man, have no idea what that was but better safe than sorry :)

  3. Hey .. take good care leh .. sounds very scary. See a doc soon and update okie? Life's precious .. so better take good care of your own body :)

  4. hi girl, sending get well vibes your way. hope it's nothing serious, take care.

  5. You could be suffering from gastric. Please see a doctor soon... Take care!

  6. Hi pple... thanx soooo much for ur concern *touched*

    Apparently the doc could not find anything wrong. Pulse normal, blood pressure normal. Alot of wind in tummy... He speculated it was probably migraine or low blood sugar levels. And he said seeing pink isn't very normal. Usually would be black.

    Me think probably my mind is full of pink stuff tt's y I see pink.

  7. Not farrrnneeee babe. Get a second opinion la. -yiz-

  8. The doc gave a very good diagnosis for my mum and he sure knows his stuff.. I was q impressed with him actually. So I trust his analysis for me too.

    It was really scary for me as I've not experienced such pain and black outs before but I should think I'm well la.. Maybe psychological effects added on to it...

    Please do not worry and once again, I thank you all for ur concern... I'm really really very touched... Ü

  9. Hi where did u get this ff10 music from?

  10. geez I got a shock when I saw your post cos I wasn't expecting something so drastic. Glad u're feeling fine now, and I really hope your doctor's diagnosis is accurate, not that I doubt your health or your doctor's diagnosis. I just think that it may be wise to seek a 2nd opinion or at least find out why you saw pink lights. Take care!! By the way..I can't help but say this, but the anonymous person is kinda out of point :P

  11. sounds like you got a pretty nasty virus, and your immune system kicked in and burned it out.

    Take it easy though!

  12. Thanx for ur concern reg.. and chris.. Ü


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