Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A Word from the Author (Many words, in fact)

After being freed from the reins of NUS slavery and after much procrastination, my blog is finally up and running. To all of my friends out there who have been urging me unceasingly to blog since day one, be sorry, for you people have to endure the torture of perusing my crappy claptrap.

I do not how I should write and style this blog. I do not want it to be a live journal, where the whole world would unravel my yawningly boring life. It will definitely not be a bildungsroman about Jolene who spent her most impressionable years in Chongfu Primary, her most malleable years in St Nicholas, her most “artistic” years in Raffles JC, her most formative years in NUS after which it will monotonously detail day by day, the psychological development of the said currently-jobless but busy-with-goodness-knows-what character.

My blog would most probably be filled with thoughts racing through my jumbled mind and I’m sure in time to come, there will be something in it that will offend people one by one. If you are a stranger, I don’t care what YOU THINK coz this is what I THINK. If you are my friend, I’ll accept any strike backs and clarification but I’ll still prefer to stick to what I think. I’ve always been obliging and polite to people in the real world and sometimes I get sick of it. Allow my alter ego – the mean bitch – to emerge centre stage at times in my blog.


  1. OMG! Peh Sun from 2011 commenting on my very first post in 2004! You're really my biggest stalker in my blog history.

  2. I've only now noticed that you carry this blog on within 10 years. Oh God, it's unbelievable:) You are such an experienced blogger, I'm impressed:)

    1. Hey Alexandra, I didn't expect anyone from 2015 to be reading my very first post. And yes, it was end last year that I realised my blog is a few months older than its 10th anniversary and I totally forgot to wished it happy birthday on 22 June 2014. I'm not experienced in writing. Perhaps only in the age of this blog. =) You;re inspiring me to click on your first post too! xo

    2. oh, thank you:) But I must warn you, my first posts are not nearly so good^-^
      I'm just always curious to see where it has began and what came out from it:)


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