Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Of Being Struck by God and Being Peeved

I finally summoned enough courage to drag myself to my family doctor. Why do I need courage to see a doctor?

If you haven’t been reading my entries, let me remind you again that on Sunday, I suspected that I might have contracted some cirrhosis of the liver or some stomach disease. The pain was much better yesterday so I ignored everybody’s advice to see a doc. And then it came back again today.

My aunt, whose son I’m tuitioning, claimed that God has touched me for she has prayed for me the day before and reminded me to give thanks for God has healed me. She broached on the topic of attending church every Sunday yet again and joining her family at their church because simply believing in God is not enough and I have to give thanks by attending church. I guess I left my manners at home and forgot to express my gratitude to God. Thereupon, He struck me for my insolence early this morning, waking me up from my slumber just to do the loorathon. I’ve just taken part in 3 more races after the visit to my doctor.

Ah, I digress. I was on the topic of mustering courage to see a doctor. In reality, I was not afraid to be diagnosed with anything, I was simply trying to save up on medical expenses and being “cool” about it. The seriousness in my tone shocked some. But alas, I was merely mimicking Gulliver-speak in Gulliver’s Travels where he made many mountains out of many molehills. I guessed I’ve failed.

My doctor misses me. She assumed I have been very healthy for I’ve not seen her for a year. I did not reveal that I’ve been seeing the highly subsidized and sometimes free-of-charge NUS doctors at YIH. Anyway she concluded that I have germs in my guts upsetting almost every organ, even causing me to “spot” (ladies will know what that term means) and lose my sex drive. Ok, I made the last one up.

WooHoo! So now I know there’s nothing wrong with my liver, I’m gonna drink myself silly again.

Now, you people know I own a neopet right? She’s called ke3ke3 and she’s cute and she belong to the “Kacheek” species. Well, I’ve been neglecting ke3ke3 for like a year and so it’s mood has been utterly miserable. (I was surprised it could live without food for 1 year!)

This is a photo of her:

My Cute Little Ke3Ke3 Posted by Hello

After my exams, I try to log in at least every 2 days to do all the daily neopetsy stuff. I fed it the best food and gave it the best books and even played silly games like “Kacheek Seek” just to get her involved in the action so I could see her mood improve. Did all those for weeks but her mood remains “miserable”.

So with my big fat money bag jingling with neopoints, I sauntered into Neolodge, poured all my filthy neopoints out and checked ke3ke3 into the most expensive five star deluxe hotel suite at The Presidential Palace. Ok, that isn’t the most expensive hotel, it was the second but don’t you think The Presidential Palace sounds a lot more exquisite than Astro Villa? Hello, I’m like a millionaire in Neopia, I don’t need the most expensive suite, just the most expensive sounding suite to brandish my wealth. Sometimes I feel so rich in Neopia, I feel like a pauper on earth. The virtual world is a vicious and deceiving zone, sometimes you experience eternal bliss there only to be torn back into the real world and its cruelty.

Anyway, back to my story, I ticked all 12 extra services like jacuzzi and spa and grooming and maid service etc so that she would enjoy her stay like a queen. She checked out a moment ago and sent me an email:

Hi there Jolene

Im just emailing to say that I had a great time in the NeoLodge, and now its
time for me to check out and go back to Neopia!. Thanks for being the best
owner ever, and I hope all the other Neopets are jealous :)

Speak to you soon,

PS. I would like some more food!

Now I thought that was very cute for no. 1, she sounded really cute indeed and no. 2 I didn’t know she could send an email. I was touched by her sincerity and logged into www.neopets.com, expecting to witness a change in her mood from “miserable” to “euphoric”. I was peeved when her mood was “depressed”. What the f*** is she depressed about? To send that heart-warming email and feel depressed at the same time! Such a two-faced little creature! Not forgetting to mention that her hunger level was “bloated”. Fat two-faced little creature! Oh and how rude of her to address me by my name!

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