Sunday, June 27, 2004

Black Day

I suspect I’m suffering from cirrhosis of the liver or some stomach disease.

Yesterday, I experienced an excruciating tummy pain. Now, often when our abdomen hurts, we equate it to stomachache. But do we know exactly where our stomach is? The parts which we often feel pain are usually our upper abdomen just below our ribs and the lower abdomen. This is actually where our intestines and uterus (for ladies) are located. My pain was where my stomach and liver are located. Because of my frequent clubbing and drinking session, I suspect I may have intoxicated my unfortunate liver. And because I could not finish my dinner yesterday and lunch today (which is quite rare), I suspect I may have contracted some stomach disease.

I refused to see the doctor as I was unable to face up to reality if I should be diagnosed with some terrible disease. So I had no mood to dance and sat alone at the bar at Chinablack last night like some heartbroken idiot, inviting sympathetic but lewd people to buy me drinks. Now, that would be a great time to be a freeloader! While coolly rejecting the drinks offer publicly, I was cursing at my stupid pain privately. All drinks that night was free, as my happening friends knew some happening members there. But all I could do was to sit down like a loser while everyone else was grooving away.


  1. hey babe..don't think there's anything wrong with your stomach la!! please take some charcoal's good for removing toxins haha.

  2. Haha did i sound very serious? Boy, i was trying to be stupid. Like Gulliver.. making something unserious sound so serious with verbosity of words. I guess i've failed. *heh*


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