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Monday, September 13, 2004

To my un-friends…

the random people who view my blog every now and then… the various anonymous-es, some who left comments… the poor Fiona Xie’s enthusiasts who are misled to my blog while searching for her pictures, boob size, hairstyle, fingernails, bikinis… (BTW, it started off from this entry. If you are a big fan of hers, you may click here too.)

I would like to extend a big hello to you people out there!

I only gave a handful of my buddies this url. Yes, I could count the number of friends with my fingers… literally a handful.. ok make that two. I thought this blog would be hidden in some obscure little corner of the vast Internet realm where only my good friends could view it.

I was so naïve and so so wrong. I’ve often tell people how we cannot control readership as long as the material is available online. And here I am trying in vain to control by not giving my url to too many people.

I am not some Xiaxue whose blog everyone is reading and viewership madly jumping. I am just plain Jolene. A simple girl (lady?) trying to come to terms with her readers. I did not expect so many strangers to view my blog. I did not check the settings and my blog was probably made available for the public. Since what’s done has been done, I’ll not bother to change it. So feel free to voyeur as it pleases you, while I slowly try to overcome my uneasiness.

I feel I must raise this concern as we live in a small country where many social contacts may intersect at various nodes. There will definitely be some implications when I talk about certain issues. You are free to leave any comments. However, I hope that when you leave a comment, you could let me know how you stumble upon my blog, whether you are a local and at the same time leave your name or initials or something I could identify you with as an online acquaintance. Oh yes, and do share your blog too if possible. Also, If you happen to know me or my friends mentioned in my entries so far, please let me know too. It is always good to know what kind of trouble I’ve gotten my friends into by mentioning them or posting their pictures… =)

In the meantime, enjoy perusing!


  1. Hi Jolene. I stumbled across your blog after I posted my blog, and was just clicking my little heart away at links and stuff, and there you were, your pretty self, and your very honest articulation of your world. I would like to correspond with you, although I'm old enough to be your father (55). But you are there in Singapore and I'm in Chicago, and cyberspace is a place where one can establish a new kind of friendship, the kind that begins with shared words. In any case, I'm sending you the link to some of my poetry -- In case my hyperlink doesn't work here --

    A little bit of my background might also help. I've been teaching high school students for the past 28 years. English is what I had been teaching until I took the opportunity to be the school's Technology Coordinator. So I'm on a mission to help my colleagues learn how to integrate the technology into their curriculum. Most of them understand computers only as electronic encyclopedias, which is a very sad commentary about them as professionals. Thus, I've decided that I must be their Guru. To that end, I do teach my colleagues whenever time permits, because I also must be a repairman much of the time, as well as the network administrator. I have been divorced for 4 years, after a long and tumultuous relationship. I enjoy going to restaurants and plays with various friends (developing friendships have supplanted any consideration of finding someone to have a relationship with). And I spend so much time at my computer, I think I am developing bed sores -- he said jokingly.

  2. Hi Gary,

    Wow.. It’s great to make frenz with someone much older than me and hailing from Chicago. I was rather surprised when my MSN informed me of an email from “Gary” at 3am. I was wondering who it was and was even more surprised to find out that it was from somebody who posted a comment on my blog.

    I wasn’t able to access your profile and your blog. But I did take a peek at your poems. Melancholy, gratitude, despondency, optimism… Hmm… I hope I haven’t misinterpreted them.

    We share some similarities. We both teach. If I have signed up for MOE (Ministry of Education) to teach in formal school, I would most probably be teaching English as well… Ü.

    I hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing now. I am sure you are. Thanks for your compliments and interest in perusing my blog. Some of my entries are quite crappy though, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. *Haha*


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