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Monday, September 13, 2004

To my friends… …

When I started my blog, I had no intention for it to be an online journal.

Really, before that, I told people it is stupid to parade your life for all to see online. I could recall the faces of my friends after I said that, quietly muttering under their breaths that they have a blog too. It was then I realized so many people around me blog, albeit not consistently. I also cleared this misconception of blogs being “diaries”.

At that time, what I had in my mind were blogs functioning as daily journal entries where the authors tell you about what they did that particular day, all their ranting and criticizing of others etc.

I have said before in my first entry that I do not really know how to write or style this blog but it certainly endeavours to not be a live journal. It will be more of my daily jumbled thoughts penned down. JUMBLED since I do not really understand myself well at times and since my opinion of issues sometimes no longer hold true by the time some people get wind of my entry. I had plan for it to be more of a place and space where I unleash my comments and views on certain topics. However, I'm also a sentimental person who likes to record memorable happenings in my life.

Lately, I have been harbouring thoughts to use this as an avenue for updating my friends and have finally decided to do so. I’ve no longer the zest and time to write about my views and opinions of things.

Recently, I found a job which I really like. I work office hours during the day and give tuition almost every night after work. And I find that I no longer have the time and energy to keep up with friends anymore. I’m too busy to reply sms-es during the day, reading and deleting them and making a mental note to reply after work, but I would forget as I rush off to find dinner kakis before heading for tuition. By the time I get home, bathe and relax, it would be way past midnight. I sms people at unearthly hours as I couldn’t possibly call them. I also lost touch with friends with no free sms-es as they would seldom reply. I find this kinda communication quite one-way and almost non-existent, for the replies on both sides would come only after several hours have passed. Also, it is rather difficult to keep up with the many different groups of friends this way. Since it already feels so one sided and tedious to message and chat with all of you individually, I think blogging would be a better way to communicate.

Only a handful of you have my blog’s url. I thought I could control readership this way. I was wrong. (Read the entry before this)

So after typing this, I would be giving my url to more friends. Since it is meant to update, please at least give me some acknowledgement if you have been reading my blog by leaving comments (leave your names please.. too many anonymous-es around), mentioning in emails, sms-es… whatever. I’m getting really confused as to who’s reading what. And my tracker sometimes confuses me even more. Also, if you have a blog you don’t mind sharing, do let me know too. We’ll probably understand each other more this way.

I will be updating on my job real soon. It is so fun, so fulfilling that I suppose my next entry would be dreadfully long and I’ll have to leave it for tomorrow to write.

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