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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Night I became THE Merlion

Met up with xtina and sonia (who is affectionately known as bei by us) yesterday. I haven’t seen bei for quite a few months, excluding that short meeting during The Vagina Monologues in February. She is beginning to look more and more like how she first looked and she always has a kind word for everyone. Such a sweet chum!

The 3 of us have a peculiar affiliation. xtina and I are linked by our primary school. bei and xtina are linked by their secondary school. bei and I are linked by our jc. The 3 of us met for a short while at nygh when I was there in sec 1. Yet, this friendship remained strong throughout the years.

bei wanted to check out this sandwich café at Swissotel.


My Deli sandwich

The sandwiches and pie are great but sad to say the service SUCKED big time. We weren’t expecting such lousy service from a café located inside a hotel and were quite appalled by the waitress’s attitude. Maybe it’s just the waitress having a bad hair day but seriously it’s a major turn off. We were impelled by the bad service and fled to another place for drinks and desserts. We found ourselves at Bakerzin.

Trying to adorn our cakes with oversized sunnies

3 of us

Something silly happened when we were taking this shot. The 3 of us were posing and aiming at ourselves when many ang mo tourists started staring at the camera screen, and at us… whispering to one another and smiling away. It was only after we thought the photo has been taken and turned the screen towards us that we realised the camera was set at play mode, so what they saw on the screen was this…

We have become chocolate mint, lime mint and Perrier respectively! And such a coincidence that our positions corresponded to what we drank.

Parting shots…

KH has touched down!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna meet him now then check out SUBA with the bimbo sistas later. But ssshhh... Don't let the people the know we are bimbos. We are supposed to act cosmopolitan. Will post up more photos later…



Photos from that night...

Ladies night at Suba was till 9pm. Geral and I arrived at 8.50pm and we were the earliest. Zanne sashayed in 10 minutes later and the latecomer award goes to…xtina and her friend xtine.

We tried to recruit xtine into our club coz she was rather fun to hang out with. I think she thinks we are crazy.

The bimbo sistas reunite in black and white! It was unintended.

Somebody commented that geral and I look like sisters. Do we?

The extremely cordial Vincent who expects us at the pub every Wednesday from that night onwards.

Very sweet Cosmos sans mei3 nu3

Mei3 nu3 dai4 jiu3

The queen of bimbo geral is outta the club. Her ring had broken and she tried to make up for it with a humongous pearl ring.

The siao char bors took my camera and started snapping away…

5 of us were supposed to be in this shot but look what happened.

Geral was so amused when her hair clip got stuck on the couch.

5 of us proper

Headed to zouk after that coz bz bz auditor hasn't checked it out after its revamp.

That night, I earned the reputation of being a merlion… FULLSTOP!


  1. Hey! Tt sandwich looks delicious! I will go anywhere for good sandwiches hahaa...where's tt cafe again? (hopefully the svc will improve though heh)
    I ve been wanting to get those huge shades too!

  2. Hey Fran,

    It is THOS at Swissotel (former Westin) located at level 3, I think.

    The Deli sandwich is great!!! I love the dressing too. Reminds me of honey mustard from Subway but more delicious.

    Hopefully that grumpy waitress will not be there anymore.

  3. No photos of last night yet?
    Just to check, were you at zouk last night? I'm 99% sure it is you but just to check 1st. I wanted to contact you last night but was too tired. I just woke up only. Ha.

    Someone in zouk

  4. Now I can confirm its you. I recognize your friends too.
    Nice meeting you and your friends in real life.

  5. anon,
    Yes I was at zouk on Wednesday night. Which part of zouk did you see us?

  6. Oh you replied. I have been waiting. I saw you and your friends going out when I was going in. At the blue wall area. I am the guy with collar shirt with another guy with black tee. I don't think you saw us anyway.

  7. jolene my dear friend, you have fabulous legs!

    Glad you're having fun these days :)

  8. anon,
    You are right. I didn't see you... ;P

    Aww... You are making a lady blush.. [in highly accented Queen's English]

    I thought you have flown to the moon!

  9. Oh yes anon,

    What do you mean by "I wanted to contact you last night"?

    Contact as in?

  10. hey nice meet up with bei! in case bei is reading this - we have missed u so, U SWEET GAL!

    Suba n zouk was so fun...hopefully we can do this often..afterall, we r all only young n crazy once. haha!

    eh, jo - u have a lot of admirers leh. go out oso can meet ur blog frens...hee.

    me still cant find that blog i started jus to leave comments on your blog. pls inform me if u ever locate it. thanks! u tink they shut it down cos its so bo liao??


  11. Do this more often? Sure... If only my offdays are on thursdays and not wednesdays.

    Not admirers la... I also dunno who and I didn't get to meet them.

    I found your blog from your comments in one of the most early posts. And blogger won't shut blogs down just coz they are bo liao la. If not, so many blogs would have been closed down.

  12. my future goal: i hope to leave more hairclips on the couch(a diff 1 each time) in the future......

  13. Then point at them, laugh hysterically and say the "finger" look like p***s??? SUre thing! =)


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