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Friday, May 05, 2006

Wednesday night’s out with my crazy buddy

We had dinner at Subway. Aside from kh, I always eat at Subway with evan as not many people know of how good the sandwiches are. But most importantly we have exactly the same taste! Cold cut trio, foot long, Hearty Italian bread, cheese please, lettuce and tomatoes only, no salt, pepper only, honey mustard sauce, make it a meal, cookies please. Then we’ll share the foot long and save lots of money. It’s so coincidental that we love the same type of sandwich, bread, vegetables, and right down to the sauce and seasoning.

Our meal!

I'm so gonna kill you for putting my ugly photo up on your blog!

Then, we (read: she) decided to check out some clubs and pubs along Clarke Quay and slowly make our way to the usual d blo and zouk to join her bf and friends who were happily celebrating the end of the dreadful exams.

We wanted to check out MoS coz yes, we are like the rare few who haven’t been there yet. Most of our friends commented that it isn’t exactly fantastic but still, no harm checking it out. However, we changed our minds when we reached there coz there was no queue at all!

So we went to Gotham Penthouse instead.

It is a pure R&B club. Good music, great décor, free flow of spirits for ladies… The only thing missing was the crowd. Empty tables greeted us. We were the only Chinese there, the rest were leagues of ang mo gals, who like us, were taking advantage of the free flow. There were no guys in the house. The spirits kept flowing and flowing without the ringing of the cash register. We almost pitied the boss who was seated at the corner of the bar. Everyone was stuck to her glasses. No one hit the dance floor. Hence, we took photos to while the time away. When we asked the bartender to take a picture for us, they took a picture of themselves...

...before they took a photo of us.

Hahaha... I guess they were really bored!

We sat and drank and waited for someone to groove and we thought that by waiting longer, there would be more people coming in and heading for the dance floor. Instead the groups left one by one. Such a let down!

We decided to be cheeky and asked the bartender, “Where is the ladies?”

The bartender gave detailed directions with a smile.

“And where is the crowd?” we added in jest.

People, do check out this club if you are into R&B. It’s quite a nice place. Go BE THE CROWD and inject all the grooves there.

Lots of photo taking at and around the loo.

For a moment we did not know which was the ladies and which was the gents. There were no indications on the glass doors. Then, we realised the sculptures on the wall!

Sculpture of a lady fondling herself.

I think evan liked the idea of it. Look at her slutty smirk.

This gentleman has got nice abs and pecs!!! Deardear see… I’m fondling another guy when you are not in sg.

Evan’s turn… tsk tsk… Fancy doing that when chris is happily clubbing at another place.

Nice loo! Very resort style.

Oops! They ran out of taps for the basins so they substituted with showerheads instead.

We love the Loo!

It’s snowing in Clarke Quay!

Such a beautiful sight!

Skipped d blo and headed straight for zouk.

The whole NUS, NTU and SMU entourage were at zouk on Wednesday night. This explains the lack of crowd at other clubs. They must have just been released from the asylum. It was sooooo packed that that was the first time I could not deposit my bag at all. Nobody could help us look out for our bags as chris and all his friends were quite high and drunk.

Zouk scene

Can you spot yourself or anybody you know in the crowd? [Click to enlarge]

I must say that majority of the people that night could not dance at all. They were merely milling around the dance floor and taking up space. We were so pissed as we did not have a big group to push and make way for ourselves. Actually we did had a big group, but the members are all either drunk or too seh to hit the dance floor.


Them… Wasted!

ABBA, Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle, Jason Donovan, Modjo, Rick Astley, The Wonders, Grease… … Retro tunes are playing from my pc now. But no, I’m not grooving around with those Ah Beng dance moves, or should I say, hand gestures?


Tomorrow is polling day. I haven’t been listening to any rally from WP to ascertain if I should vote for them. The traffic jam along AMK (My area is under AMK instead of Yishun) was terrible last night. While, I was making my way for tuition, everyone was flocking to listen to the opposition party. Nobody wants to listen to the PAP coz everyone knows what the garmen has to say.

My conversation with my dad in the car went like this.

Me: I dunno who to vote for coz I dunno how good WP is... but I think I’m gonna vote for the PAP because I’ve got my progress package and I’m a coward.

Dad: AMK in under Lee Hsien Loong and you know who is he or not? Our prime minister leh. Definitely everyone will vote for him so our votes doesn't matter.

For the first time, my dad made more sense than me.


  1. hey im a lover of subway!!!!! Most of my frens are unappreciative of subway toO!! many of em say ' Sandwich with ham n vege only, I can make for you anytime'!! But im like..ok u can try, it wun taste the same....Subway rocks!!

  2. hey! cOOl huh?!? i miss thOse retrO tunes and rockfella skank! wOOhOO! still disappOinted that i wasn't high enOugh! will try tO send yOu the pics tOnight, Or at least befOre i fly Off tO kOrea! *GRIN*

  3. i still think it's a nice pic! you looked so happy! isn't it? *GRIN*

  4. franney,

    Yeah! Another subway lover... High 5! Yes, they don't taste the same as normal sandwiches.


    Yeah yeah whatever makes you happy... =P Initially I didn't post up your individual pic coz i tot you would holler, but you put it up as well so heck la. Ü]

    Enjoy your da chang jin trip!


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