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Friday, May 19, 2006

Reunion at Yishun S-11 coffee shop

Ooh... We haven't met up as a group for 2-3 years!!!

These are friends I knew from primary, secondary and jc times and we are all heartlanders.

xtina and zanne's long awaited meeting. Auditors' lives are very chum. No time to meet for lunch. They are never anywhere but everywhere.

xtina will go on rattling, “The pay isn’t worth it for the amount of hours we put in… If you divide it by the number of hours we work, we are earning like $4.50 an hour… And what do I get? More pimples, more illness, more hair loss and more money spent to rectify these problems…”

Yes, we get it and our hearts go all out to you. *BiG HugZ* But do pull it through July and WOO HOO! You’ll be earning bigger bucks. By then, don’t forget to bring me along on shopping trips.

zanne looks so fierce and wx looks so kiam pa. Me think they have a secret feud.

xtina and me. Need no intro.

Oh no… I didn’t take a picture with zanne coz she had to leave earlier to pack her luggage for a company’s trip. Lucky gal! Enjoy your trip!

"Lao po" and "lao gong". Lao po is wx and lao gong is me... Haha... I wonder how is he going to explain to his gf that he is one gender-confused bloke.

Bear and me.

My bestest jie mei.

A rose among the thorns. The guys haven’t met up with xtina for a looooooong time.

wx being bo liao...

kwan being bo liao...

xtina being bo liao...

Some people like to fiddle with things while they talk.

We should meet up more often. The night was soooooo short and it was a waste that time was so cruel to us.

See you all soon!!! Till June… Promise!


  1. yoyo dont say i nv leave comment hor haa.. we guys just back from chalet... ha super tired... anyway seeya sometime in june ba... and why you say i look kiam pah? i so violent meh? you say some more i hoot u ah!

  2. WX,

    You are not violent, just look kiam pah. =P

    Cya soon!


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