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Monday, May 08, 2006

Who did you vote for?

On a lovely Saturday morning, I discovered that although my family members are all reasonably radical, we are cowards incognito.

“I really support the opposition. I’m gonna vote for them.”

“I feel like voting for the opposition leh… But right now they are building all the sheltered walkways…scarly PAP lose, they pack up and leave the shelters like that how?”

“I really need those shelters coz I don’t bring umbrella out one.”

“Where got so unreasonable one?”

“I’m thinking of ways to spoil my vote.”

“I’m going to tick the boxes. Hahaha…”

“How can you sit on the fence? You do that the PAP will notice you more and will hate you for being indecisive.”

“I want to vote for WP but the votes are not secret… wait next time the government don’t let me apply government jobs, don’t let me apply HDB flats…”

“Anyway Lee Hsien Loong sure win one la…”

“That’s why we must vote for WP. Since majority will vote for PAP, our votes wouldn’t matter.”

“No… Since Lee Hsien Loong sure win then you all better vote for PAP. Wait next time they don’t let you apply HDB flat.”

“Ya… you all better vote for PAP ah. We old liao nevermind, can vote for opposition.”

“I will cross both boxes.”

It started drizzling by the time we reached the cc. It was great that there wasn’t any queue.

“I’m still thinking of how to spoil my vote.”


After we emerged from the voting booths, and were safely away from people, we started asking each other who we voted for.

“Oh I just ticked PAP lor.”

“Ya me too.”

“Huh? You all really tick huh? I crossed leh! Why you all wanna spoil vote never tell me?”

“Spoil vote? No what… you are supposed to tick it mah.”

After much hoo-ha, we discovered that all of us had voted (as in crossed the boxes) for PAP.

So long for being radical!


I love the month of May. “May” just sounds so pleasing. May ushers in warm sunshine and cool drizzles at the same time. (However, for the past few days, it was quite warm and humid.) And most importantly, May is my birthday month.

Since my birthday is coming up, maybe I shall pen a wish list… heh heh… One of my buddies was suggesting for me to post up a wish list on my blog so that all my friends reading would know what to buy for me. Then she will know what to buy for me. However, I don’t think my friends are that generous la. They would probably read and think to themselves “Yea rite, dream on!” Moreover my good pals are all very poor. We often exchange well wishes that’s all. It’s the thought that counts. =) And if I really pen a wish list, all the stuff there would just be material wants, not needs. And hell, they would be quite expensive for friends to buy. I shall target kh then.


I'm very tickled by this…

12-inch cock!

It is in fact a cute waste bin given by one of my students.

Tata for now... Ü


  1. Very sorry, did not get my father in law before he flies off on the weekend.

    Congras first, same birthday as my wife. Hers is on Friday. Her birthday is always near Mother's day, while mine is always near Father's day.

    Just put your wish list, you may be surprised. More people can pool their resources together though. heehee..

  2. bwilly,

    It's prefectly fine, no worries. Ü

    I'm a bit blur... who has the same birthday as your wife? Not you right? Coz it isn't me too.

    If i put my wish list, people may be surprised why I am so materialistic. Heh...

  3. i would like to ask how tall are you?


  4. curious,

    I'm 162cm. Why? And are you from LD?

  5. I thou your bd was in May? my wife one is two days later on 12th May. :)
    I also got my wants, newer n bigger CC car. Larger house, at least once a yearly long trip. :)

  6. bwilly,

    Oh same birth MONTH you mean? I thought you misunderstood that your wife and I share the same birthday as in same date that's why I was blur. Happy Birthday to her!

  7. Just came back yesterday from Batam, Holiday Inn can't compare to Angsana. haha..
    The service staffs can't remembered who ordered what, and sometimes has to catch their attention for our needs.

    May go to this resort by the beach, Batam View. They got nice suite house build on slopes, nice view of the sea. Double storey 2.

  8. Check my batam trip photos here, nothing much to shoot. I even brought my tripod, did not even have a chance to use it.

    BTW, the multiply site now support copy and paste upload. Cool mens..

  9. u v lousy leh!!!! y u vote PAP?! are you young or wat?? most youngsters vote opposition u know?? although i oso scared next time my hdb get v lousy flat..but i still got enuff courage to vote for opposition. aiyo u!! thot u would have voted opp given ur sometimes rebellious nature cum courage.

    and i hate it when i ask pp who they vote for and they say " voting is secret". PLs leh!! secret my foot! so secret the whole govt knows who u voted for! these pp damn irritating!


  10. Eh... xtina your name and face on my blog and you declare you voted for opposition. I applaud your courage. =)


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