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Sunday, May 14, 2006

[Insert: name of ex company] Alumni Gathering on 11th May + Cleaning Out My Closet

One plus point (amidst the countless negative points) about my ex company would be the colleagues. Even though we may have become ex colleagues, we would never become ex friends.

There will always be a warm welcome each time we drop by for a visit at HH. A short visit can never be a short visit when you walk past each classroom, pit stop at the usuals for chats and get stopped by everyone along the corridor with a hi and a hello and a quick update.

I dare say we are quite close knitted and you would never get to witness such bonding in other companies. =)

After the short visit at HH and mini shopping spree at the heartlands of TPY, we met up with other ex ex colleagues at Spageddies.

No photos of food this time. Coz eh… the food isn’t exactly that fantastic. Twice at that restaurant and you would feel like you have tried out their whole main course menu.

A trend to note about the people that night: Only 2 of them are still in the company and staying, all the rest have left. It was truly an ALUMNI gathering!

Everyone looked good. Everyone was practically glowing like how one would glow after you leave that co. Ok la the ones still in the co were also glowing.

Everyone was happy. We talked of current jobs, situation in the company etc. Wedding bells are ringing this year for 2 of them. It was cool to hear stories of how the other party proposed and of decorations for new house and invitation. Everyone has reached another phase of life.

Pictures for the night…

We “played musical chairs” outside Starbucks so that we would get to sit with different people to chat.

My da4 jie3 from 1-year-old team and me.

This is our first and only photo together. And I will not forget her reaction after that shot. “Yay… Finally I’ll have a photo on your blog!

Not gonna include any names to the photos.

After that, a few of us went to catch a midnight show. Initial plan was to watch POSEIDON but there were only 1st row seats left. No way are we gonna watch such a tall ship sink before our eyes in the 1st row. So we settled for MI iii at the 3rd row instead.

Hair was quite obedient that day, curling like how I want them to be and not that frizzy. This is my first good hair day after my horrendous perm so must take more photo of myself!

Acting sweet as always.


Advertisement: Due to overwhelming responses via msn, sms and face to face with regards to Em and Hs's hair, espcially rebonding, price and so on, I shall include it here --> treatment, rebond, rebond treatment, cut, dye, highlight for $210 at De Peach Hair salon in Yishun. Msn, sms me again or leave me a comment for full address and contact details. =)


Ahhh!!! I spent a bomb again! Shopping, eating, entertainment, cab fares… Been spending non-stop. I’ve to do something good to atone for my sins. Hence I started packing my room. I was clearing out my drawers and wardrobe to make way for all the stuff that I’ve brought home from the co. I can’t bear to throw away all my interesting readings and notes from my NUS days. I can’t bear to throw away so many things that I think I’m better off hiring someone else to throw away my junk.

The only things I could bear to throw were official letters. At least I managed to throw away all my statements of accounts and other reminders that dated back to 2001! Horrible me!

I repacked and relabelled all my NUS readings and notes. I’ve decided to keep all my Geography and History readings coz I haven’t finished them and they are so interesting. Geography and History at university level is not at all like in secondary and jc level. You should really try reading some of them. I speed read through some of my history readings last night and this morning, as I’ll be passing them to kh’s bro soon. My family members think I’m siao to be “studying” now. I also admired all my A range essays and projects, marvelled at what I could churn out under stress and wondered why on earth my final grades weren’t anywhere near A.

I was so lazy in packing my room that I often stopped and do some other things. For example, when I came across some new but unused leftovers of brown hair rubber bands, I stopped packing and went to replace the worn out elastic bands of my pretty flower shoes which I have been so lazy to shop for the elastic bands and replace every other day.

My pretty shoes before the elastic band disintegrated and loosened.

My “new” shoes

I replaced the elastic band with my hair rubber bands by tying a 3 of them together for each shoes. I thought I would never get to use so many brown hair rubber bands in my life and they proved to come into good use. Although the dark brown doesn’t really match the shoes, I’m happy to be able to wear them again. =)

Came across this crumpled looking piece of comic from Sherman's Lagoon. [Click to enlarge]

I really love this comic! It aptly summarizes why ladies always get angry with their men for what the latter cannot understand or feel are small matters. Neat!

Came across my “time capsule” box. This time capsule box is full of things which hold certain memories yet are useless to keep and take up space in my drawers. Things like my glasses from primary school days (the frames and lenses got smaller as I grew), my nametags, bus concession cards and other expired cards, objects signed by frenz and small enough to fold and squeeze into the box like…

this towel from NYJC 1st 3 months…

And a lot a lot a lot of other things…

The ones which brought back the most memories were my 3 pagers which accompanied me throughout my growing pains!

From top to bottom: numeric Shuwa pager from sec 3-4, Motorola jazz matazz in metallic lilac from sec4-jc1, 2nd hand Motorola jazz word in snazzy yellow (given by a friend) from jc2 till I got myself a nokia 8250

Secondary and jc days were the pager era. While thumbing handphone keypads to sms is the in thing now, it used to be pressing frantically at the house phone and public phone to “alpha” frenz. Almost everyone had an alphanumeric pager then. It was not only fun to alpha frenz… it was so cool to be alpha-ed. It was cool to have more than 5 voicemails in your mailbox. It was cool to exchange access codes to listen to friends’ voicemails. It was cool to sing into friends’ voicemails. It was cool to listen to the voice of those you had a crush on over and over again.

It was cool to have pagers.

Those people who owned handphones weren’t really that cool you know? And they missed out on all the fun too!

How I really missed those pager days and I’m sure many of you with pagers feel the same way as I do. =) How many of you still keep your pagers as memento?


  1. I used to have a "slim" Motorola 3liner credit size pager. Pretty cool in my secondary school days, n going to Kopi Tiam screaming on the paid phone amid the noise "harlo.. who call pager ah..?"
    I was telling my friend it will be cool to get those big water bottle Motorola mobile phone. When someone called you and you whip this huge mobile, "wei wei..?"
    Doubt so any of our 3 network currently support it, Etac or something.

  2. Does "harlo.. who call pager ah..?" translate into "Allo.. siang kar pager ah?


  3. exactly, my Chinese hanyupinyin is bad. That's for skipping Chinese lessons. ;)
    Changing of 10cents coins from the kopi tiam.

  4. now comeon bimbo sista u can start recomm pple to me 4 hairdos... its bad enuf u didnt let me do urs alreadi!!!!! grrrr!!!!

  5. Hey gera!

    Haha and I've already explained to you the reason. =)

    Next time I'll go to you for nails ya?


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