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Monday, May 22, 2006

Jase turns 2

It has been 7 months since I last saw Jase Jase. He is growing more and more handsome as he gets bigger.

20th May 2004 was the day he brought so much joy to my dear Cynthia and I hope he’ll continue bringing joy to this very emotionally and physically strong mummy. I admire you a lot for all your strength, determination and independence. =)

Highlights of the party…

That was the FIRST TIME I attended a party whereby my only friend was the host. I didn’t know how to exercise the proper decorum and didn’t what I could do. Cyn was always busy attending to her babies and every guest. I could not be playing with my godson the whole evening as he was the birthday boy and so, was constantly surrounded by different people. Moreover, this lucky boy has 3 [fairy]godmothers… Heh… My camera came in handy and I soon busied myself snapping photos.


JaseJase eating.

Trying to feed himself but ended up playing with his food.

His little sister, Charmaine, who will turn 1 in July. She looked so different from the last time I saw her.

Cyn mummy and her kids.

Charmaine enjoying herself on the scooter.

With the cakes...

Jase attempting to blow the candles.

Charmaine's turn.

Me trying to take a picture with pouting Jase who was very tired and sleepy after the whole evening of activities.

When we cleared up the area, somebody cut the strings of the balloons and the kids started playing with them happily. It was difficult to get a decent clear shot of the kids in action as they were always on the move.

Jase was sooooo amused by the balloons.

Jase and Skyla, his gf (girlfriend cum good friend) I dunno why he looks so pissed here.

Surrounded by balloons.

I love this photo of Jase very much!

Both mummies and JaseJase.

Me and Jase.

Back at cyn’s home, we caught up with each other and the kids kept “disturbing” us with their cute antics and fighting for mummy’s attention.

We had a screaming competition. When one kid went “AHHHHHHHH…..”, the other would follow suit. The two bo liao mummies will then join in their screaming competition.

Jase “AHH-ing” to the camera for a looooong time.

And the competition starts…

The video started running just when Jase Jase stopped ahhh-ing so he was the ultimate loser. First prize went to Charmaine.

Hmm… it seems like I have a goddaughter now coz Cynthia didn’t know how Charmaine should address me and she kept telling her “kor kor’s godma”. Hence, to save her the trouble, I said she could call me godma too. =)


I've changed the song on my blog coz some people dunno that you can either switch off your speakers or click the "stop" button and got so sick of the previous song. =P

The new song on my blog is dedicated to raine who got ROM-ed yesterday (CONGRATULATIONS!) and to anybody who is getting married soon =)


  1. Hi this is weird because I don't know you but what is the title of the Japanese song on your blog and the artiste?

    Thank you!

  2. You are a very beautiful fairy god mother with very adorable god children. I think your god son looks much like you. It's the eyes. But both of you are not related right?

  3. Hi anon,

    Title of the song is stated on top of my player. It is Kimi wo Sagashiteta by CHEMISTRY. It was the theme song of a Japanese drama serial The Wedding Planner.

    And... you are welcome! Ü

    Hi shakara,

    I see you left a few comments... Thank you very much! Jase is not related to me. His mummy is one of my good frenz. I think his eyes are very much cuter than mine though. Reminds me of Precious Moments boys.

  4. allo coolgal,
    mine tellin me where was the party held? was it held at a hdb void deck in sengkang??

  5. Hi anon,

    You are quite close, but it's Punggol not Sengkang. I do not know you right? Ü

    Hiiiiii justin,
    Yeah very cute hor? I think they are soooo adorable. Oh and saw that you've linked me. I'll link you too. As soon as I dabble around my my template ya? Have a nice day!

  6. allo coolgal,
    actually i was referring to punggol... think i saw a birthday party or something at a hdb void deck in pg last sat evening. hahah i was there queing up for my 4d...u know, those baloons i saw in your pics really seem so familiar...should hv been kaypo abit and mabbe can catch a glimpse of you in real flesh...its really a small small world!!...luv

  7. Oh... Such a coincidence. You were there queueing for 4D? Then I was't there yet. I arrived when night fell. By that time no 4D liao. Ha..

  8. Oic, but I still think the resemblance is there. You can pretend that he is your son and nobody will know... hee.


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