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Sunday, June 04, 2006

24 facts about this blogger

I’ve been busy spending time with kh the past few days. Went shopping with him on Friday. So taken aback when he suggested going shopping. Haha… ended up not buying anything but stationeries. Attended a church wedding and 2 babies’ birthdays yesterday. 3 June 2006 is indeed a popular day for birthdays and to get married. And it’s really really a trend to marry young and have kids manz. In both babies parties I saw so many young couples with kids. Saw a lot of cute babies too.

This baby has got very cute puppy dog eyes. Even the guys were so enthralled by his eyes.

At St Andrew's Cathedral


I was tagged by Joel a few weeks back to write 24 facts/ things/ habits about myself. I have tried to avoid tormenting my brain cells by conveniently pretending not to have read his entry but I figured since I would have a lot lesser time to blog from now on, I’d take the opportunity to blog more now.

Here goes:

1. The Gemini trait that describes me best would be my dual personality. I can be adaptable yet resistant to change, intelligent yet stupid, capable yet incompetent, eloquent yet tongue tight, full of life yet boring, talkative yet quiet, friendly yet hostile, neat yet untidy, decisive yet fickle, having teacher-like qualities yet ah-lian-like characteristics… … The list is inexhaustive.

2. I don’t have any talent to boast about except for being able to brush my teeth without the toothpaste dripping for a very long time. I can brush my teeth while walking around, reading the newspapers and even lying down.

3. I get into states of nausea as frequently as I get headaches.

4. My tear ducts are abominable little pricks. I never tear but cry. Tears flow relentlessly like streams whenever I yawn, feel tired or am sick. Tears could flow on any occasion and at anytime even though I’m not feeling sad. Thus, tears are bad indications of my emotions. I really hate my overactive tear ducts. They often get me into unwanted attention and misperception.

5. I don’t have any best friends coz I don’t believe in having just one best friend.

6. I am very afraid of killing Simba by stepping on her. I always have this little paranoia that one day my family members or I would trample Simba to death.

7. I’m bad at recognizing people and am quite blind. I don’t really look at people in the face when I walk so I get a lot of “Why you never say hi to me”, “Why you so dao”, “I saw you but you didn’t see me” etc. Hmm… Why didn’t they say hi to me?

8. I eat almost everything except crabstick, mushroom swiss from Burger King, smelly vegetables like celery, Chinese parsley, pang1 cai3 etc. The reason why I don’t touch the first two now was coz I used to like them a lot, ate too much of them and vomited endlessly.

9. All my clothes have to be folded in the same way and facing the right direction.

10. I love doing housework whenever I feel like doing it and I hate doing it whenever somebody like dad or mum ask me to do it.

11. I hate, abhor, loathe, scorn, detest people who with condescending eyes, say I’m skinny and enquire if I do eat. I absolutely feel like slapping them when they exclaim “Sure or not?” after informing them that I eat like a pig. What audacity to question me if I’m sure about things related to myself!

12. I am a classic example of xiao3 shi2 liao3 liao3, da4 wei4 bi4 jia1. (Loosely translated into: You may be clever when young but it is not always the case as you grow older) My class position in lower primary is 1st and 2nd all the way until I converted to a mediocre student and subsequently degenerated into a lousy weenie who ranked 30+ 40+ position in a class of 45. My L1R5 was 20+ and 30+ points in secondary school. Even the polytechnic wouldn’t accept such grades.

13. I used to think of myself as a good for nothing until I got into NYJC and subsequently RJC.

14. I scored grades like DOFF, EOFF, COF in my 2 years there.

15. I love to marry young, have kids young and be a young mummy. But when the time comes, I don’t really want it and don’t know what is wrong with me.

16. I don’t really like eating in the movies. I can’t care for any popcorn.

17. I love the smell of rain and sun-dried linens.

18. I’m a well-known pig to many. Da jie calls me “Piggy” while er jie calls me “pig”. Come to think of that, I haven’t heard them calling my name for years. Even my name is saved as “Piggy” in my da jie’s handphone address book. Kh calls me “pigpig” while my good friends simply think of me as a pig.

19. I cannot use the chopsticks well and am embarrassed but as long as I can pick my food with it, who cares?

20. I stumble and roll over my tongue when I speak Mandarin. The only thing Chinese about me are my black roots.

21. I would love to have a driving license but sheer laziness has stopped me from getting one. When I was 18, I took basic theory for fun, passed and went on to take advance theory and passed again. I had no money for practical after that. After I had saved enough money I did not have the time to learn. When I had the time, I did not have the money. When I had the time and money, I was simply too lazy. Just shoot me.

22. I am a subconscious workaholic. Even though my days are jammed packed with activities like tuition and fun, I suffered from SEVERE lack of appetite and insomnia the past few weeks due to not getting out to work.

23. I could never deviate much from the education line.

24. I just signed the letter of appointment today and am wondering if I’ve made the right choice.

And the rule for this game would be to tag 6 more after you complete your list. Rules are meant to be broken so I shan't tag any but leave it to those who want to do it to do it. Do remember to inform me when you are done. =) Have fun!


  1. hi jo, just checking - how's your first day at work?


  2. It was BZ!!!! But I learnt quite a bit. I like it when I learn. =) Nice of you to ask.

  3. yo! where're u working at now? update me leh! :P

  4. Attended my buddy wedding last nite. Check out some photos I took.

    1st day at work, I thought relax, more like reading up and knowing the tick tock of the organisation. ;)
    If you have nice colleagues, then everything should be smooth.



    there u goes..


    60%, can consider going back there.
    Wife is very keen.

  7. Hi reg,
    I'll update you when I ever see you on MSN. It's quite tough tho coz I work from afternoon till night and I give tuition in the morning for this june hols. Times when you see me online in the morning would be just 10 minutes of checking mails and not even replying.

    I miss the internet!

    It was busy since day 1. But I like that kinda bz-ness. I didn't know you change blog. No wonder you don't update blogspot anymore.

    No holidays for me now... But anyway I don't think I'll go back Bintan so soon. It's like 3 days there and I felt that I had rested and eaten enough.


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