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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It’s another deardear’s day out

This time the excuse to spend a bomb on dinner was that the dinner was meant as a very belated birthday celebration for me. We went to Dan Ryan last night coz he felt like eating the oyster shooters.

A series of unfortunate-looking photos ensue….

All smiles…

Then I told kh not to smile with teeth as I love his cheeky no teeth smile.

He ended up looking like that…

“Can you please smile???” I pleaded.

He remembered that he should not show his teeth when he smile so he did this…

I give up! And all along I was smiling the same idiotic smile in all 3 photos without much change in expression.

My mum walked in and saw the photos. I explained to her that I was teaching kh how to look good in photos, resulting in these unfortunate-looking shots. She begged me not to make him “gek4 sai4” and let him go au natural.

Ok…. Food time! These photos don’t do justice to the yummy food! The place was quite dark and so the food shots look really horrendous with flash.

Appetizer: Clam chowder in bread bowl

Appetizer: Oyster shooters

Main course: Deardear’s yummylicious steak… it was sooooo juicy!

Main course: My ribs… Not mine… the cow’s.

Dessert: Sinful chocolate cake

Deardear called it the cake of lust.

Peek a…


We ate till our tummies were so bloated. Usually by suppertime, I would get all hungry again but last night, the food took the whole night and morning to digest.

Books Books Books

I need to buy books again coz I’ve finished The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and for the past few days, I had nothing to read on the mrt. I tried very hard not to buy 8 Days coz that’s like $2.00 x 4 = $8.00 every month. Huge investment.

20% off for Kinokuniya privilege card members is ending on 24th June. For the rest of the week, I’ll be working till night. Hence, I had to squeeze some time from my off day to drop by for a visit.

As the age-old adage goes: Never judge a book by its cover.

That is like so untrue! I totally throw that saying out of the window.

Without any recommendations or reviews, book covers are what attract me to buy a book.

At the fiction shelves, an array of beautifully illustrated book covers greeted me, those kinds of illustrations that I like. Simple illustration, cute illustration, quirky illustration, bold colours, sweet water colours, butterflies and flowers.

I was like a little girl in a candy shop.

Heck, even their penguin classics are no longer the kind we have for Literature. They have pulled out those black-spine-portrait-painting versions. Damn! I wanted all my books to look the same.

Jane Austen novels have revolutionized from classic to pop culture and so have their covers.

They resemble those How to Kill your Husband books.

I hope I’ll never have to read that.

A cover splashed with bold colours and dotted with butterflies.

And finally the book that I bought… Just a Little Disco on an Open-Top bus.

Don’t ask me what this book is about. I was attracted to the bold colours and quirky undies illustration. It belongs to the range of humour-fiction and I think I need a good laugh after being disappointed with Dorian Gray (the character, not the book) for the past weeks. I feel like doing a review on the book (Dorian Gray, not Just a Little Disco). Will do so when I’ve got the time.


Mum bought a humongous mango the size of a Hawaiian papaya.

When she related to us the size of a mango which she ate at a friend’s house few days ago, nobody believed her. Now that she has bought those mangoes, we must admit that seeing is believing. The 8 Days shows the mango’s size in relativity. And damn, I bought 8 Days yesterday, as I didn’t have a book to read on the mrt.

Simba is such a brat at times. She cat-walked stealthily into my 2nd sis’s room and did this while she was reading the newspaper. How rude!


  1. You finally updated your blog Jolene. I came back every few days to check and was so disappointed that it is not updated. U must be very busy!

    You look really beautiful in the photos here. Your eyes are so dolly and captivating! What mascara and eye make -up are u using now? Hope you don't mind sharing.

  2. Yup I was really bz and had no access to comp at times.

    For these photos, I'm wearing false eyelashes. My debut at wearing flasies out.. =) Used Mary Kay pencil eyeliner to line my eyes. Esprit olive green eyeshadows.

    Hope this helps. I'm not very good at make up.

  3. Char:
    Ahh... I went to dan Ryans today for my bdae celeb too! yummy ribs!!!

  4. Hehe... Maybe tt'll be a place for celebrations in future. Hope you did enjoy yourself although I know you were not in SG for the past few days (I think) =)


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