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Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Toast to New Friendship

Just now I attended a wedding dinner of someone whom I don’t really know. The very first and last time I saw her was in 1998 (Wow… 8 years) at the AJ (Anderson Junior College) band workshop. It was also the same workshop where I met kh. We were all clarinetists. Hence, the bride and me know of each other, but don’t know each other. I only know her as that clarinetist from this certain school and she only knows me as that clarinetist who is kh’s gf and so I got invited to the dinner. =)

Even though kh knows 2 of her friends as they were his jc friends, we sat a different table from them as they were her “jie mei-s” from secondary school.

Our table comprised of the bride’s miscellaneous friends. And in a table of 10, only 5 of us turned up. Initially it was awkward. After introducing ourselves and getting acquainted with the other 3 at the same table, kh and me settled down to talk between ourselves. We soon found out that the other 3 do not know each other too. Efforts of making small talks were excruciating. The only topic that we engaged in at the beginning was that the 5 of us had to eat the share of 10 people and we had better try our best.

Gradually, we started warming up and could even suan each other. In the next minute, we were toasting to new friendship, exchanging email addresses and handphone numbers, laughing like old friends and arranging to meet for prata sessions since the majority of us stay close to each other. One of the guys stays just opposite my block and was happy to find another khaki for badminton (even though I suck at it).

Hearing the laughter coming from our table, kh’s jc friends were astounded and wondered if we knew each other before this. Even the bride herself was quite surprised that friends of hers who were strangers to one another had crossed paths to become friends. Although kh and I are sociable people by nature, we were also quite amazed at the extent of our gregarious nature that night.

Us and kh's jc frenz

The bride, the groom and the new found friends.

5 of us

Cheers to new friendship!

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