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Monday, January 31, 2005

For the whole of today, I led a pig’s life.

Isn't the above title a deja vu? History is repeating itself. I was even more sick than I was last Wednesday. Sore throat revisited, coupled with a terrible cold, cough, and a slight fever. Like History, I slept the whole day, only waking up to eat. My shopping for Chinese New Year’s clothes plan is ruined. I haven’t springcleaned my room yet. All I did today was eat and sleep. When will I be able to find the time to shop for my cny stuff?

And I took 1 hour to type the above paragraph coz I was on the phone with kh. What started off as a concerned call to a sick gf ended with gf feeling very irritated. Probably I’m more irritable when I’m sick and I find everybody irritating. I suspect I’m likewise very annoying to others too, with my bad moods and incessant demands. I get away with leaving my plates on the table and not washing them. I get away with the flooded bathroom after I bathed. I get away without making my bed. I get away with anything and I get everything my way just because I’m sick.

The prata supper on Wednesday was good. Laughed loads. My bunch of friends are damn funny. We should do this more often. But wait, I’m always the one who can’t make it. *sheepish look*

While waiting for “Desperate Housewives” to come on, I went through friends’ blogs again. I was touched by one of my friend’s latest entry. This friend used to be my very close friend in primary 5 and 6. If I’m not wrong, in autograph books, we used to regard each other as best friends. However, we drifted apart after we went to secondary school and drifted even further as time passes, only meeting up to cheong every now and then or as a group. I have no idea if we are still considered good friends so I was quite moved when she referred me as one. Perhaps that term was just mentioned casually in that entry, but I indeed felt something stirring in my heart. I know you will be reading this. I had initially wanted to leave a comment but I can’t do so as I’m not a multiply member. Eh, but you are still a bitch as before lor… haha… fancy you stealing my pictures without my consent.

I know the last sentence was an anti-climax la. But I dun wanna sound all so soppy you see.

TV time.


  1. It's perfectly alright to get irritated sometimes, especially when you're not feeling well. You can try Suger with Rum or lots of water and a good novel. That should get you back on track.

  2. So the rum and sugar is a miracle drink for curbing irritation? Or for sore throat or what? Thanx for ur concern and who are you btw?


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