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Friday, January 21, 2005

After 3 whole weekends of uploading and arranging, my NZ trip albums are up and running at imagestation.

Now if any of you are looking for great online photo hosts, look no more. Imagestation is the best!

-->It offers UNLIMITED storage.
That means you can take 700 crazy photos and post them up. It also means uploading your mega-sized photos straight without having to resize them. Isn’t that like a timesaver?

-->It offers 15 minutes worth of video uploads too.
Just that I haven’t found the option to do that. Damn!

-->The layout and presentation is great!
Simple classy black is good. I like the effect of the slideshow too.

-->The photos do not take shit time to load and to view.
So friends would be very happy viewing your albums. And you would be happy if friends are happy.

But of course it has glitches too.

-->It stupidly arranges your photos in no particular order after each upload.
Try as I might, I could never get the photos to be arranged according to the dates and time although there is an option like that. So most of the times, I would have to arrange them all over again, drag and drop etc. It’s really tiring and a waste of time but I simply cannot stand jumbled photos. It also reminds me that amidst my neatness I'm actually a very disorganized peson. I cringe whenever I think of the huge photo drawer in my room with photos from JC times still not packed into albums. I wonder how I can be so overly neat when it comes to soft copies.

>You can’t manage the photos into folders.
As a result, the albums have to act as the folders and so I have to allocate different albums to different days of my trip. Leading to… yes… 12 invites to those friends whom I invited to view the albums. I know, I know… don’t kill me!!!

>A lot of time wasted to amend the above.
Now you all know why I take such a long time to get all the photos up.

But hey, I can’t really complain. The unlimited storage outweighs all the other drawbacks.

Now I am going to reply to the emails of some favourite people.


  1. hello jolene,

    i want to view ur photos too! pls send me the link as well. hee...


  2. Hey gal,

    Sorry ah.. alwiz nvr see u on msn so nvr send to u... I will send it this coming weekend k? Coz take some time to send the invites.. Gonna rush off for tuition now...

    Seeya at work tmr!! Gambatte!

  3. Hi,

    I just emailed you. Beautiful photos, beautiful you and beautiful u n kh.. U 2 are my favourite couple... Post some of your NZ pics up leh!!!!!!!

  4. Heya,

    I've got like 600+ NZ pics in all.. Yes I noe it's crazy but it was a long trip and needless to say there were lotsa crazy photos. Really don't know how to choose to post up here. =\

  5. hi, I was restoring my pc up when I chance upon your blog page.

    Sadly I lose my couple of Gigs of pictures when my harddisk crashed. I am pretty an avid photographer (for fun) and has plan to go Free n Easy to Australia or NZ this year.

    Do sent me the link at imagestation if you don't mind sharing your NZ trip.


  6. Hi bwilly,

    I think going free and easy is real fun at NZ! We went around on caravan.. What they call campervan.. But we did spend quite alot...

    As for the photos.. so sorry.. I'll only be sharing it with frenz.. ;P

  7. And I feel sorry for u to have lost so many pictures.. I wld have cried if it was me.. =)

  8. oh oki on the photos..
    my cousin in law just went, free n easy, self driving..
    seem quite fun, thought to do it if I go Australia this Jun/Jul.

    u can check out some of the photo gallery of mine via.

  9. But the photos look like they were taken in SG. Or maybe i dunno how to navigate my way around... ;P



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