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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Are we slaves to the internet?

If I were to make a New Year resolution for 2005, it would be to have plenty of rest and to sleep earlier.

It's a good thing no New Year resolution was made. I've long figured that resolutions are useless as nobody ever keeps to them. So 4 years ago, I made the final resolution, that is not to make any resolutions.

Trying to get to sleep early isn't possible again.

I thought I would be able to upload all my NZ photos by tonight but the internet connection had to go down tonight of all nights. URGH!!!! For some indiscernible reason, I kept getting logged out of MSN, my half-uploaded photos had a cross and could not be displayed on Imagestation, all my internet browser windows had pages which could not be displayed when i clicked on the next action. I kept getting illegal operations and having all my windows shut down. I thought it may be my wireless connection but the signal was strong. I tried tapping into other available network, only to work for a while. Probably Starhub cable was experiencing some glitches again. I checked if my sis's modem was accidentally switched off, alas she was happily using the Internet on her pc with no trouble. By then, i was super irritated as I can't figure out the problem. And my stupid sis had to say it is USER PROBLEM.

I HATE THE DARN INTERNET! After scanning my pc for like 1 hour, I'm finally able to come online again, taking care not to do any USER PROBLEM actions which may threaten the closure of any windows.

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