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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

After Holiday Thoughts

It was a pleasant surprise to see my whole family at the airport last night. I caught sight of all of them through the glass door. It was really heart-warming.

And then, when I walked out happily pulling my trolley bag and swinging a big bag of DFS alcoholic drinks, I was greeted with…

“Wah! What happened to your face?”

That was from my da jie.

“Your arms are fat you know? From far I thought you were so muscular. Now I see all the fats. You should tone up your triceps.”

That was my 2nd sis.

“How come you look so toot with your specs now?”

That was my mum.

I have this humongous pimple on my face, the size of a mosquito bite... to add on to my already bad complexion. My arms indeed grew fatter but thanks for thinking initially that I was muscular. I wore my specs so I could spot all of you immediately and not walking past blindly. You all know how blur I can get.

So long for the warm, fuzzy feeling. Haha.. but that’s the way we are. And although I’ve already had 2 meals on board, we went ahead to Changi Village for dinner, good old family dinner which we haven’t had for months coz everyone had been busy working.


After leading such a lazy life in NZ, I am beginning to feel all the stress when I returned.

1st cause of stress- Not being able to adapt to the lifestyle in Singapore

I practically eat, sleep and shit my time in NZ. I'm so lazy that I'm not sure if i would be able to revert back to my old lifestyle.

2nd cause of stress- Tuition.

On New Year’s Day, C’s mum sms me to ask if I’m back and when will I be able to teach C. Last night when my plane just touched down and I just switched on my hp, kh’s bro sms me an URGENT message to call him back immediately. So I was wondering what was so urgent and called back instantly. “When are you gonna give me my next tuition?” came the reply. Then my mum told me that both my aunts called on new year’s day to ask if I was back and when would I be able to start teaching.

I haven’t even settled down yet!

3rd cause of stress- Work

I still had unfinished materials but I’ve finished them this afternoon. The new term is starting and I feel that I’m not ready yet.

4th cause of stress- Parents’ health

After not seeing them for 2 weeks, I noticed their health seem to be declining even more. Such difference isn't really noticeable when I see them everyday.

5th cause of stress- Money Woes

Don’t really feel like elaborating.

6th cause of stress- Online sales to settle and massive amount of mails to clear.

7th cause of stress- Tight schedule. Lack of time to do things.
And other nitty gritty stuff all combined into one can indeed be stressful.



I’ve gotta rush to meet frenz now. Will or MIGHT update on my NZ trip with photos. In the meantime, please keep all affected by the tsunami in prayer.



  1. Hi dear JoLeNe!!! :D I am *MiniVV*
    Didn't know u went NZ! *envY*!!! :D
    The comments from ur family so cute and frank ah!
    *Haha*! Take lotsa care!!! :D

  2. Hi gal,

    Thanx for dropping by and leaving a comment. Oh... my family.. we are always making fun of each other... tt's e way it goes... =)


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