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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Two funny incidents happened to me on Saturday night.

One of my 1 plus year old students “called” me a tortoise, you know, like an “wu1 gui1”. We were doing some matching of animals IQ game where you match the same animals together. I was playing with one of the students so I bent down with my face quite near theirs. Then one of them put the picture of a tortoise next to my face and go “Wo wo wo wo wo…..”

I turned and saw the tortoise next to me and screamed, “[Child’s name]! Are you calling Teacher a tortoise?!”

All the mummies looked up and upon realizing what the said child had done, bursted into laughter.

Said child looked at me with big, innocent, dewy eyes. I felt like hugging him coz he looked soooo cute.

So right now, I am Jolene the Tortoise.

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Another funny incident happened that night too, only that I didn’t think it was funny. The showerhead came crashing into my forehead while I was showering, leaving me with a huge purple bruise. I had to use my hair to cover the ugly mark.

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When I showed my family members the bruise, they all looked pretty amused at that funny thing on my forehead. And after recounting the showerhead incident, they all chortled like I wasn’t in pain.

Only my Mum went “Aiyoh!! So poor thing!” while the rest of the unfeeling bunch were still cackling away.

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  1. hahhaha XD hallo great tortise teacher Jolene!!! people have GTO you have GTTJ !!

    your drawings so cute ahhhh :D Can immediately understand what you are doing in the pictures ^_^

  2. Opps.. the person who posted above is me, Lee Lian ^^;;;

  3. Yoz,

    Thanx for ur comments.. N THANX for the initials u gave me lor.. haha.. I'm looking at your gallery now.. wow u really can draw!! Must ask you for pointers next time... =)


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