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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I’m coming down with sick so I took half the day off and ended up in front of the comp...

Throat is hurting very badly now. Drinking herbal tea doesn’t help. Neither does honey, nor water. They only make me visit the loo more often. After my breakfast of zai mi fen with those fried crispy stuff, my throat got slightly better. That’s why I believe in yi3 du2 gong1 du2 and indulge in them at times.

My nose is runny too. I’m coughing every now and then. My muscles ache. I suppose I really sound perpetually sick on my blog. SIGH…

And I had the time to peruse some important documents (read: read some blogs) and was very well informed of the outside world (read: world outside my world).

I was reading Tammy’s blog when my mum walked in, stood beside me and looked at the screen. I absolutely hate it when people look at my screen. But that’s not the point.

She asked, “Poem huh?”

“No.” came the monosyllabic reply.

“Very beautiful picture.”


I don’t know how Tammy does it, but her pictures are always so dreamy, so whimsical. Soft lighting… faded edges… angled shots... Even pictures of people look like they were drawn out from long time ago, or from some dreamland.

I think I’m not very good at expressing myself.

I’ve not read the great copywriter’s blog for some time too and was greeted with a scatologic entry. Shit returns to the scene of grime everytime. Why do we always end up talking about shit? And I didn’t know you finally got yourself a “high-tech phallus” (read: iPod). I would expect to hear you bragging about it.

iWant… iDream… iYearn… and finally iHave…iPod…

He claims that all the women will love him now and asked if he suddenly seem more attractive... with his 20GB phallus. *rolls eyes*

One of my friend snipped her hair off. I don’t know if I can mention her name here. And oh.. please don’t do your Dove girl imitation. I think right now all I can say is “My hair is like sand, like coarse sugar.” (imitates irritating dove gal’s tone) Behold! Before Chinese New Year, I would go and do my hair and can proudly say “I just have to go like this and like that and it falls in place easily.” (imitates irritating pioneer dove gal’s tone).

Feeling very drowsy now but I’ve gotta head for work soon. Prata supper with some primary school friends later and I don’t know if I should practise my yi du gong du trick later.


  1. Hey gerl! u okie now? see! i very good de.. will read ur blog to update myself. keke.. u take carecare ah!

  2. aiyah! forgot to put my name. Charlene!

  3. "iWant… iDream… iYearn… and finally iHave…iPod…"

    iThink... iDamn... FUNNY...


    Take crae of ur throat! Donno if u practised ur yi du gong du trick. Hope u r better.

  4. Hey,
    Thanx thanx! The yi du gong du trick cured my throat but I’m even sicker now after the few days of teaching… SIGH…


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