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Monday, February 07, 2005

It is the time of the year yet again when the whole town is painted red… and gold…

The time of the year I dread.

I loathe those blaring dong dong qiang Chinese New Year songs, especially those sung by CT girls. They give me a headache.

I loathe the gaudy and loud mish mash of Chinese-New-Year-red and gold at every turn of the street.

I loathe the ubiquitous Chinese New Year decorations. They are unsightly and I can't seem to avoid them.

I loathe those big head “gong xi gong xi” boy-girl duo slapped on both sides of the doors of many shops. They are plain ugly.

I loathe those red lanterns. They look eerie.

I loathe jostling with the crowd from the neighbourhood to the town area.

I loathe all the spring-cleaning. But at the end of it, it is truly worthwhile.

I loathe going out to bai4 nian2. The most fundamental reason would be laziness. I’m one lazy person.

I loathe being late and being overwhelmed by so many people that I have to greet and wish every uncles and aunties one by one.

I loathe kaypo and gossipy relatives.

I loathe answering their questions. I’m too lazy to keep a conversation going.

I loathe all the superstitions and list of things not to do during CNY. They are just so dumb.

I loathe getting so little ang pows. Actually I receive a lot of ang pows every year, just that the value inside is little. My friends used to compare “earnings” and while theirs totaled to few hundreds or even a thousand. Mine barely reach $200. With 30 cousins on one side, I can’t really complain much about the abundance of $2 ang pows. Ya ya… it’s the thought that counts right? Pooi! Me think that age-old adage is just some excuse cooked up by some miserly people long time ago.

My loathing for this time of the year is augmented a thousandfold because I’m still having a runny nose plus I’m coughing badly. How am I to eat all the goodies??? Also, I wish I could make use of this break to take my drowsy medicine thrice a day as instructed and sleep my whole holiday away so that I can recover once and for all.

It’s funny how after I’ve typed all these, I do not loathe CNY that much anymore.


  1. $200 quite good mah~ =)
    i have never gotten richer from cny, bcos i always pass the angpaos to my mum. so count urself lucky punk

    why are u always down with flu/cough/fever? u need some vitamin c. pass me all ur bakkwa bah =D


  2. Yup... i also pass them to my mum. Hehe... still coughing, but I ate alot of bak kwa juz now... and pineapple tarts..

    Eh what punk? I don't give u bak kwa then u know.

  3. that's why blogging can be a form of therapy at times ^^

  4. Oh ya cuz, I'll send u the photos probably on monday after i've uploaded them ya? Do you have any nice photos of Golden? She kept moving so many of her pictures turned up blurred.

  5. Yeah, my sister has a few methinks. check my blog and tell me which ones you want ^^

  6. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone might like these very nice but sad romantic anime from taiwan... Just to share, take care!

  7. Hi Jo,
    I was searching for Fiona Xie through yahoo and happen to come across your bio.Your website is terrific with the sentimenter music suitable for everyone.I WANDER what do you do during your spare time,beside this and that. Anyway,hope to c ur new creation website that can lead to ur dream destiny if you come across.Chio,i have to go,bye bye,go journey to u always and stay happy healthy. (@>@)

  8. Hi anon,

    Sentimental music? You mean the catchy one currently playing or the super melancholic one before this?

    Hmm... i dun really ustand some parts of your comments but thanx for reading!!

  9. Hi Jo,
    Dropping by just to say Hi! ^_^

    Nv update ur blog har? Hehe! Take care!

  10. Hi Rune,

    You got to this entry from my profile page right? It isn't updated.. you have to check my main page... it has been updated for a very long time liao... haha.. this post is in Feb.. blogger did not update my recent entries on the profile page... Ü


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