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Thursday, March 22, 2012

It seems like my 2 brothers-in-law love my hubby a lot more than I do

It seems like my 2 brothers-in-law love my hubby a lot more than I do.

Just two days after kh flew off, my little bil told me he missed kh's presence.

Then just now, my 2nd bil posted this on Facebook and tagged me.

Kh was involved in an important mission back last year. Here is the full video and his few seconds of fame at 5:04 -- 5:16 and 7:33 -- 7:43.

I was more of salivating at the food in this video. Lol... Kh told me that the food on board was GOOD (in capz).


  1. Tsk, tsk, Mrs. Captain, you need to love your man more!!! LOL, I don;t beleive that--I know you love him completely. =)

    PS - The EO is cute.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. That is precious! It's good to love and be loved. xx

  4. Haha I love the "behind every successful man is a woman...FB-ing" comment! I didn't know your hubby was in the Armed Forces Jo! That's very admirable of him to put his life at risk like that. You must be very proud of him :)

    If you wouldn't mind me asking, is he in the Armed Forces temporarily? Or has it become a career for him? I know that in some Asian countries joining the military is a requirement for most citizens.

  5. Rick,
    Haha. Thank you. Yes! Love him in the heart.
    What's EO?


    The Dainty Dolls House,
    Thank you!


    Haha... I have the MOST ANNOYING brother-in-law ever! If you look at this post on my FB, you would see all the later comments and know how annoying he is.

    Yup, it's his career. =)
    No worries. I don't mind you asking. I used to not reveal openly on my blog about my hubby's occupation. I'm afraid of any undesirable implications and in the past, he wasn't comfortable with it. However, he's fine with it now.

  6. omgosh babe i didn't know your hubs was in the armed forces!! mine is too :)!! hehe love this post :) i can tell how proud you are of your man!!

  7. The Eo is the Executive Officer.

    I think Nashe is from Singapore.

  8. Lisa,
    Seriously I didn't know your hubz is in the armed forces too! I always thought he looks like a successful businessman. Lol... Ok I'm so gonna trawl your blog more often.


    Oh! Kh knows the EO and upon chatting, he realised that she happens to be his distant distant relative. How small can the world be?


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