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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Next To Me

I caught this song over the radio one day and was drawn by the opening piano portion.

Wanting to know what beautiful song that was, I whipped out my iPhone, opened SoundHound app, recorded for a few seconds and presto! The title, artiste, information and youtube video of this song appeared magically on the screen.

Emeli Sande -- Next To Me

I love songs with beautiful piano or guitar portion and I was enjoying the melody of the song when I decided to click on the video with lyrics and horrors and horrors, I was taken aback by the lyrics.

Emeli is singing about a man who could never exist in this world at all! Take a listen to the lyrics in this version.

What do you think? Do you think such a man exists?

I think whom she is really singing about is God right?


  1. Yeah, she probably is singing about God. But there are lots of men it could be about. My wife would say it could be about **cough** me **cough**. =) She has had way too high an opinion of me ever since we were teenagers.

  2. Hi Jo!!! I hope you're doing well, I saw a few of your previous posts and happy (very) belated birthday! Those tiffany earrings were great and it seems like you had a great time at the swimming park! =D Hahaha I'm very scared of "scary" things but at the same time I love watching scary movies and reading scary stuff =P Are you like that too?

  3. it was half way of the way i realized that she was singing about GOD...i do agree the song has a good melody and her voice is pretty decent...the piano solo in the beginning sorta reminds me of "love song" by Sara Bareilles...which happens to be one of my favorite songs...


  4. RICK!!!!!!
    You know what? When I was scoffing at the lyrics thinking no such man ever existed, I had a sudden thought about you and thought you might make an exception! LOL...


    suki pooki,
    Ah, thank you.
    I love listening to true encounters of the supernatural kind. Not much of fictitious scary stuff.


    I immediately went to youtube love song" by Sara Bareilles to listen to it. I heard of this song over the radio quite often a while back but I didn't know its title. Yes! I agree the starting of both songs sound alike!


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