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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Dinner at Flamingo

Back to updating backdated entries.


In July last year, my paternal aunt from Taiwan returned to Singapore once more for a visit and this time she was here for a much longer period of time. My ah ma (paternal grandma) was also recuperating fast after being discharged from the hospital and hence my family organised an impromptu dinner gathering one Sunday evening at Flamingo Authentic Thai Seafood Restaurant.


The one we went to was located at Jalan Kayu. I think the restaurant has since shifted to 3 Changi North Street. It was my first time there but both my sister's repeated visits. I must say this is one of the best Thai food I've ever had in Singapore. Everyone including my ah ma's domestic helper agreed as well. And the best thing is that everything is halal so our Muslim friends can visit this place too!

Here was what we ordered and even though I loved all the dishes, my favourite was the fish. The soup was clear yet it packed a tangy spicy punch that left me salivating for more. When the fish was stripped to the bone, my sister and I lapped up all the soup.


My ah ma is getting quite forgetful and she often thinks all of us "kids" (her grandchildren) are still schooling. She has even forgotten that I'm married and wonders who kh is each time she sees him. She would remember upon reminding her but would soon forget yet again. Sometimes she even forgets who I am and I would always beam with joy whenever she suddenly recalls and calls my name. =)


It is our great fortune that we have found such a good domestic helper to look after ah ma. She is a genuinely caring person and she likes ah ma a lot. She is also a great cook! I love her rice snacks that she made during the Chinese New Year.


My close friends and those who know me long enough would know that my parents are really very hip and happening. More hip and happening than their three daughters combined, in fact. I would always remember that new year's eve night when I was 17 or 18 years old and my JC friends stayed over at my place. My parents were still not back way after the stroke of midnight and they commented that my parents were more happening than us teenagers. lol

My parents love singing and dancing a lot and would always hang out at their favourite community centre. Actually it was my mum who loved singing and dancing and my dad accompanied her and slowly their love for singing and dancing grew together. They could sing and break out into a dance in the middle of a song.


That evening, my mother suggested we drop by the CC for a while to see what she and my dad usually do there. My 2nd sister, kh and I were a little reluctant at first coz we are not the hokkien KTV kinda people and we hate loud blaring music. However, my oldest sister influenced us to drop by for a while telling us that the uncles and aunties over there are all super hospitable.

How true it was! Even though I hated the whole blaring Hokkien and old fashioned Chinese music atmosphere, I felt really welcomed at that place. The uncles and aunties were indeed very congenial and hospitable. They offered us delicious bbq chicken wings, rounds of snacks and even wine.

We got acquainted with JJ Lin's mum too. Oh I didn't mention that my mum and his mum are friends right? She's such a nice and friendly auntie too!

My mum introduced her as:
"This is JJ's mum."

So my reply went:
"Hello 林俊杰的妈妈,你好!"

For the rest of the night, we feasted nonstop till we were tired of the loud music and excused ourselves. I was really glad that I made the decision to drop by my parents favourite haunt that night even though I was hesitant initially. It helped me understand more about what my parents usually do outside and I got to know genuinely nice uncles and aunties.

I recorded a video of my parents dancing and for my FB friends, you can view it here.


I will get back to replying all your comments soon. I'm currently immersed in the middle of some project, as well as helping friends with some project too. Life is busy but I'm enjoying every minute of it!


  1. It's hard when a loved one's memory starts to deteriorating. It's happened with members of my family. I'm glad your family has found a caretaker. That is very important. The food looked great. :D

  2. You seem pretty happening, so your parents must really be something!!!

    I'm glad your ah ma has a good helper, that makes a world of difference for her anh your peace of mind.

    Did you sing??? =)

  3. Dear Jolene,

    I am so envious that you have such nice and loving parents who have the same hobbies. I feel happy reading this and I hope your AH MA is alright now. Its good that there is somebody good to look after her.


  4. looks fun jo! :) haha! i also like dancing. :P
    anyway, food porn galore isn't such a bad thing right now since i am about to eat lunch. i just worked up an appetite by staring at the food pictures. :)

    i hope your project goes well dear. good luck!

  5. The Dainty Dolls House,
    Thank you, dear!


    Yes indeed. I’m sure glad that we found a good caretaker. I hope you and your family members are doing well. =)


    My parents are indeed something! Lol... Very happening and hip. I’m sure glad that we found a good caretaker.


    It’s great to see you popping up after a long absence. That’s what many people say of my parents too. =) Thanx for your concern about my ah ma.


    sugar sugar,
    Really? What kind of dance do you engage in? I’ve always wanted to learn some form of modern dance. I’m sorry to make you hungry, dear. Lol.

  6. herro,

    oh very nice! you have family from taiwan. I like taiwan as well but it's slightly more difficult for me to befriend let alone date them. As a hongkonger... I don't understand a single word of mandarin lol. It's kind of bizarre walking around Toronto (lots of china ppl now).. when they talk around me, I'm completely oblivious as to what they are saying. See we are similar because english is official language in both our homes~ Although from reading this blog I'd imagine your english level is even higher than the average Singaporean.

    Your parents are cool. Sounds like a fun evening!

  7. Turtle,
    Yes, I have a very pretty cousin from Taiwan too. She's the daughter of this aunt here but she didn't come along with her mum back then.

    Sometimes, I really feel blessed to be a Chinese Singaporean and be well-versed in English and Mandarin. However, I do not speak as well as I write and forget about hearing me speak Mandarin. My friends all love to ask me to shuddup once I open my mouth and speak in Mandarin coz I'm really bad at it. I wished I knew how to speak Cantonese!

  8. Hey, your parents :)

    I really really miss dancing. I wish to pick it up someday again. Your parents are indeed very on.

  9. You can start dancing again when your bb is much older! Does your hubby dance? He does right?

  10. I'm salivating just seeing photos of the amazing food here. I miss Asian food so much. I love the array of cuisine available in Singapore. They're very reasonably priced and so clean. Oh gosh, I'd better stop. This is making me miss Singapore more (and I'm not even Singaporean!).

  11. my hb only dances on our wedding night.

  12. Chocolate, Cookies & Candies,
    Lol your name itself is oozing with sweetnes. Could I abbreviate you to CCC?

    You been to Singapore before? I hope you like it here!

    Thanx for leaving me a comment and following me. I'll check out your blog soon coz I would love to know more about my new readers and followers.


    Hee... that's good enough. I think mine won't even wanna dance in public. As for me I can only groove. Ask me to learn dance steps and I would automatically have 2 left feet.


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