Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Unfolding August's Folder


Here I am writing backdated stuff again!


~*Mum-in-law's birthday celebration at Marriott Cafe*~

It was my 2nd time at Marriott Cafe buffet. The 1st time was to celebrate my mum's birthday last year. This time it was to celebrate my mil's birthday.

The standard of Marriott Cafe's food seemed to have dropped. I did not eat much that day but felt so full.


The slipper lobster aka crayfish aka hay poh wasn't sweet and succulent like the prawns. I've always loved the taste of crayfish but not for this.


The desserts look a lot prettier than how they tasted or maybe because I was too full by then.


My mil is so cute. She's such a simple folk. Last year, kh and I bought a white gold necklace for her and she "scolded" us for wasting money. This year, she was relieved we did not spend money on presents but paid for dinner instead. When my youngest bil bought her a gift, he got a "scolding" from her saying that the best gift he could give her is not a present but to give her an ease of mind and not to make her worry too much about him. Poor boy!

A family photo with the very much empty table.



~*Just a typical day at KKH*~

Charmaine never fails to keep her spirits high in the hospital even when she's suffering in pain. She's always elated to have visitors as that means that she has a new play buddy besides mummy and kor kor.

That night, she kept squeezing the sides of my cheeks to hear me speak like Tweety Bird. She found it amusing to speak in that manner so I taught her how to do the same. Little did she know that I merely wanted to squeeze her cheeks back. LoLz


Charmaine's favourite playmate -- Jase kor kor.


She asked me to take pictures of her making funny faces.

She took a lot of photos of me making funny faces too but trust me, you wouldn't wanna see them coz they looked more like ugly faces instead of funny faces or unglamorous shots like close up of my teeth, my nose, my eyes etc.

Here are the better ones.


When the battery died, it did not stop her from getting me to use my hp to continue snapping.


The most glamorous photo of me that night. Yeah, half the face is gone.



~*Aoba Soba*~

This is my bil's cat at her cutest. She looks like she's covering her face.


My bil's cat is quite unlike all the other stray cats. Stray cats love me; this cat doesn't. She does not run towards me when I call out to her, she does not rub herself against me and she does not like me to carress her. What a strange cat not to like all these. I feel more affinity towards stray cats than to her. The only time she loves me would be when she's hungry.

I just realised that introducing my bil's cat after the title isn't quite apt; her name isn't Aoba Soba. My bil calls her "Gabby" but to all other members of the family, she has a few variations of names ranging from "Meow Meow" to "Mao Mao" to "That stupid cat".

Anyway, I shall move on to the topic of soba which really isn't the topic of soba but ramen. Kh and I have cravings for ramen quite often and together with one of his like-minded good friend, they decided to try out the various ramen in Singapore to search for the best.

We've yet to go on our ramen hunt but thinking about the ramen hunt that evening made us crave for ramen so we popped by Aoba Soba in Takashimaya for some ramen fix.

It was so so. The broth wasn't the kind that I like but it was one of the better tasting ramen in that area. Why can't we find good ramen in Singapore?


On a totally random note, this little lizard managed to survive the strong wind blowing against it.


kh finds me disgusting to take pictures of lizards but I think they're lovely to look at. As long as they don't scare me in the middle of the night with their beady eyes staring straight at me, their lightning swift actions, and the twining of their bodies around objects I frequently touch.


~*Impromptu dinner with sis at Sukiya*~

On one of my off days, my eldest sister decided to treat me with all-you-can-eat Japanese steamboat buffet at Marina Square. The glutton could not refuse of course!




Charmaine was going back to NYC for another round of treatment so here we were at Changi Airport saying our last goodbyes.



After that at work, we held a mini farewell lunch for a colleague of mine who was leaving for greener pastures.


Even though we weren't/aren't close, we chat often when we carpooled together to the respective branches. She even gave me a wedding gift and card before my wedding. I was really quite surprised and touched at the same time when she came all the way from the other building to my desk to hand me the gift.

So here are some crazy shots of us doing the Jappy/Taiwanese 1,2,3 shots and getting all so confused by the ones shouting behind the camera and the flash.




~*A great Bak Kut Teh stall*~

Tiff and I found a great Bak Kut Teh stall around Balestier area quite by accident but I'm ashamed to say that I did not take note of its name.

We were craving for Bak Kut Teh and decided to head down to Founder Rou Gu Cha at Balestier (发起人肉骨茶餐馆). Alas the queue was so long. We were famished and did not want to wait. With that, we walked along the the row of shophouses to look for an alternative and chanced upon an almost empty eatery that served Bak Kut Teh.

Inside, we felt as if we were transported back to Shanghai in the 60s. It must be the music. I love it!


This place is sadly left in cold storage as Founder has built a brand name for itself with a wallpaper of photos of movie stars and celebrities from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan having their food at Founder. It isn't that the food here is not comparable to Founder, it just lacks the branding. I told tiff I would try to promote it on my blog and she said good luck.

Yeah good luck. How silly I was not to notice the name!

I hope they continue to survive. If you're looking for supper places, do look out for this stall. It's within walking distance to Founder.

Do you like the Bak Kut Teh with peppery and saltish clear soup (Singaporean style) or the darker soya-sauce coloured soup with herbs and spices (Malasian style)? As you can see, here serves the peppery clear style.


~*Mummy's birthday celebration at Flamingo*~

For mum's birthday this year, she wanted a more simple affair as she wasn't exactly feeling well and did not want to travel to town and sit in cold air conditioned places.

Both my sisters had been to Flamingo separately and they raved about how good and affordable the food was. Hence, we decided to go there for some Thai food. I have to agree with my sisters that the food is cheap and good. The whole fish was especially lip-smacking. I love the soupy and spicy gravy.


There aren't any photos of my family as my mum was sick and did not feel like taking photos. Mum is the queen. No mum means no other human photos.


~*"F4" at Brotzeit*~

The long-awaited meet up with the F4 finally arrived. Ems, shan and I were all so eager to meet up with wy as she hasn't been joining us for the past few meet ups.

We met up at Brotzeit at 313@Somerset. It is a German resaurant and you could see that the portions were huge.


Presents time!



Wy now that I know you always read my blog no matter how bz you are, could you go organise another meet up soon? You organise, we are sure to make it on that date! Everything's your call, girl!


~*Girly stuff*~

Boys, you may click the x-button now coz I'm gonna talk about frivolous bimbotic stuff related to beauty and fashion.

My recent beauty hauls from SASA.
[From L-R: Dr Young BB Cream; Young Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream; faux lashes; Cyber Colors Instant Moisture Boost Sparkling Mask; Giovanni Magnetic Energizing Shampoo


On Dr Young BB Cream:
The BB cream and concealer are my daily essentials now. I like the fact that this BB cream from Korea is really a BB cream and not some tinted moisturiser that pretends to be a BB cream. Many beauty products are slapping the words "BB cream" all over their products whether or not they have healing and treating properties. I like how it made my complexion look dewy and radiantly fair for hours instead of having a white cast that oxidises by the end of the day. The cons? My face used to be darker than all other parts of my body (since it is the most exposed part). Now after a period of usage, my skin has lightened and my face is a shade lighter than the rest of my body which gives the illusion of having a face that is too heavily made up.

On Young camouflage tinted spot cream:
The concealer has healing properties so you could dab it on pimples but I did not like how it looked at the end of the day. Bits of it could gather and look like it wasn't blended well.

On Sasa's house brand faux lashes:
I've yet to use them.

After reading the words at the back of the bottle, exclaim "WAAAAAAAAHHHHH".


On Giovanni Magnetic Energizing Shampoo:
Seriously, this shampoo is good! I've since finished the bottle. I used it as a clarifying shampoo once every few days. You know that our normal shampoo coats our hair with lots of sulphates ( I think). Clarifying your hair every now and then to get these coatings out before conditioning it would help the goodness of the conditioner to penetrate your hair shaft more effectively, leaving you with hair that looks a lot healthier and shinier. The best part? It is free from sulphates and animal cruelty. Feel good physically and morally as you shampoo your hair!

Now read the words and go "Woooooooooh".


On Cyber Colors Instant Moisture Boost Sparkling Mask:
The SA told me that this is often out of stock and urged me to buy. Singapore had limited stock and it was out of stock in the whole of Hong Kong at that time. She tried on the back of my hand, I liked it, I bought it. Love the grape scent. What you do is you apply thinly all over your face and wait for bubbles to form. The bubbles would slowly disappear and according to the SA, it means that that part of the skin is absorbing the moisture. Parts with bubbles disappearing fast are parts which are drier. After that, wash your face as per normal and feel your skin go doink doink like SKII.

Beauty haul from Watson's


On the Loreal Renewal Lash Serum:
I'm too lazy and forgetful to use continuously for 28 days so I can't tell you if it works. Maybe those of you who have tried it could let me know?

Moving on from beauty products to hair...

I've always been quite proud of my naturally straight hair which might curl at the ends depending on the cut. My regular stylist could cut my hair such that you could see lots of hair on the ground but doesn't look too thin and sparse on the head. I often wonder how she does it. She could also layer my hair such that it still remains straight with no ugly dry ends sticking out. Many people often thought that my hair was rebonded. *smilez idiotically*

Then one day I went for a free treatment at Orchard. They commented that my hair was too thick and so I saw no harm in getting a hair cut then. I have a treatment package there since uni days and so a director's cut would be at 50% off. Getting my hair cut at $30 by a director, I felt that I was in safe hands. I like the director too. She's a really nice lady who is so hip and fashionable for someone her age.

I walked out of the salon feeling really happy.

This was taken on the day of the cut.

However, after a month of washing, it became really dry and ugly. The layered ends were horrendously sticking out. My friends who hadn't seen me for long, asked me what happened to my once healthy hair. One of them even commented that my hair looks like it was in 2 obvious layers.


I hated my hair so much that I went for soft rebonding at my regular stylist. I was/am trying to keep my hair chemical free so that I could have a full head of black hair. I'm done with my blonde and brunette days of yesteryears! I wouldn't have gone for the rebond if not for her reassurance that I could still continue to curl tong my hair after that.

Here are the after photos of soft rebonding. I like how it looks naturally shiny and straight and not poker straight like the usual rebonding.


Moving on from hair to style...

While at the salon, I flipped the magazines there and realised that I'm in love with Burberry prorsum that season. I love the earthy tone and ruched skirt and I love how the model paired the outfit with shoes and socks.


I also find Fann Wong getting more and more stylish while her hubby Christopher Lee looks more and more like a beggar. I love every single one of her outfit below!


Sporting gear hauls... For me to run stylishly in.


On yet another random note, I'm in love with this Hokkien song 家後 after hearing a guy sing in a Taiwanese singing competition. He was sharing his life story about his family, afterwhich he sobbed and sang the song without a missed pitch while his mum cried uncontrollably among the audience. It was really touching. I wrote the Chinese characters down while playing and pausing the video on youtube. I wanna learn from my mum and write down the romanised pronunciation. I'm just slow at learning songs.


I'll end of this post with my feng shui hp charm "emitting its energy" under the sun.


Look out for my next post where I would share with you about my visit to Singapore's last kampong. I never even knew we have a surviving kampong in our modern city!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your thought. Oh my - food look so delicious, I have already missed the food fest back home. Your hair seems to be in such great stage and healthy. I remember doing the rebonding treatment a few years ago, it came out way too straight but yours looks more natural.

  2. Awe, your hair is really pretty!! I really want to try that Giovanni Shampoo it looks amazing and if it does what you say it must be worth it. I agree about the BB cream. I have become so confused because everyone seems to label their product BB cream and it is never what I was looking for. I'm gonna have to remember "Dr. Young BB Cream."

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site!! I really love it! I really like yours, I'm following you now!

  3. your mil sounds like my mom... she prefers more practical gifts! i remember when my bro and i were younger, we'd get her things like shoes and clothing and she wouldn't even wear them! she much more prefers if we just take her out and spend time with her :)

    charmaine is such a trooper, it warms my heart to see her so happy, cheerful, and playful! :)

  4. Dear Jo,

    A lot of nice food there. Charmaine is such a charming and playful little girl. The hair rebonding finish looks really good too.

    As to answers to your queries: I'm Malaysian but I left for UK to further my studies when I was 18. I graduated from medical school in 2005 and had been working in the UK since then. I try to go back to Malaysia at least once a year as my parents & family are still there. So happen I was on a vacation in Malaysia for the past 2 weeks. Im now back to the UK. The strange hour of my messaging is mostly likely as a result of the time difference and jetlag =P Hope that explains.

    p/s: I never knew that there are still KAMPONG in such a developed country like S'pore

  5. Oh, I've so much to say, I guess I'll have to put ém in point form:
    - omg the food! The sashimi! The lobster! The sweet and juicy prawns! *drools*
    - Charmaine is so cute! I hope she continues to remain happy and stay strong
    - Urgh! One of the many things I love about the UK is that they don't have lizards here! Hehe...I cannot stand ém. How can you like staring at ém? :P
    - I love your hair! Looks so soft!
    - Your comment that Chris Lee looks more and more like a beggar made me lol hehe

    Like your blog! I'll drop by often :D

  6. O-M-G Jo!!! This is a SUPER DUPER LONG post!!! How long did it take you to write?! I'm barely half walk and decided to start writing my comment so I don't forget my thoughts. {*LOL} So let's time this. I'm at your mom's celebration at Flamingo...

    The food. Your pictures are making me SO hungry!! And I'm so jealous. The buffet at the Marriott in Asia looks SOO bomb. Everything here in the States is bleh. Small and tiny. Sucky!

    Charmaine. She is such a brave little girl. Every through all she's been she has the sweetest smile ever. I'm just so in awe how strong she is. I wish the best for her. Her faces are so cute! It reminds you of how she's still such a sweet innocent girl even though she's been through so much.

    I LOL-ed at your soba cat comment. I didn't get it until you reread your title. LMAO. Poor kitten. I'd totally get why Gabby wouldn't like you if you called her soba. {*nom nom nom} {*hehe} I'm just kidding.

    Some animals just amaze me like that tiny lizard. I can't believe they can cling on through the rain and speed.

    Your photos with your coworkers is so cute! I don't work with anyone around my age. There are people my age in the office but they're on the other side of the building. Our building is HUGE!

    You've been to A LOT of different restaurants that service such different food: Singapore, Thai and German?! WOW. Very impressive.
    Meet ups are definitely fun. Spending time with girl friends and friends in general. You gals look like you had a lot of fun.

    SASA!!! I've never bought anything from there before but it looks like you got a lot of nice items. BB creams... <3.

    {*WHOOAAA} I'm super impressed by that rebonding treatment. Your hair looks GORGEOUS!! I'm totally on the same boat as you. I don't want to dye it anymore, trying to keep it chemical free and healthy.

    AWWWW!! MANS!! I forgot to time when I started writing my comment. {*HAHAHA}Well I know it's been longer than 20 minutes. I've been watching a TV show and it's almost over. Well I wasn't watching, more like listening since I've been reading your post. =]

    You travel alot don't you? I'm jealous. Can't wait to read about your last trip to Singapore!

    <3 s.

  7. Hi Jolene
    I left a comment on the other comment box just now. Not sure if it got through. Luckily I saved it. Here it is...
    Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful photos and experiences in New York. I enjoyed reading all the various parts alot. Initially I thought you would not share your NY experience on your blog as I’ve been waiting for months for your updates till I gave up. It looks like all of you have a wonderful time and I could see how happy Charmaine is. Look at her cute smile, she must have been so happy to see all of you in NY. I’m curious about what electronic gadget you’re talking about. Take your time in posting your shopping buys. I’ll be waiting for it.
    BTW, I’m one of your regular readers in Singapore and I have been following Charmaine’s progress on and off. She looks really cute in all the photos here. What kind of pain is she in? Is it due to the treatments? And also I never knew Singapore has a kampong! I can’t wait for your post on it.

  8. Nelah,

    Thanx for visiting and leaving a me some love here. I would always miss good asian food during the times I travel to western countries. I’ve read your reply on your page and would be commenting back in a while. =)



    Thanx for visiting, leaving me some love here and for following. I hope there is SASA where you are right now coz they really carry a range of great products.



    Thanx for leaving a sweet comment here and sharing with me about your mum and her unworn gifts. Hehe...


    Squeeze the Pug,

    Aww... thank u dear. You’re always so sweet.

    OIC, thanx for sharing the details. I initially had the impression that you travel to and from Malaysia and UK frequently and wondered why didn’t you settle down at the country you are working in. Now it’s all clear now, that coincidentally you were in Malaysia the past 2 weeks and now you’re back in UK.

    I hope you’ve slept your jetlag away!



    Thanx for all your lovely notes in point forms. Hehe... Never knew comments could come in bite-sized bits. It’s really easy to digest. *LoLz*

    The thing about lizards is people who hate them really hate them and their disgusting bodies, eyes etc. Haha... For me, I’ll pick a lizard over a cockroach any time.
    Sometimes if you look at a lizard’s face, it’s really cute. Ok do I sound strange?



    WAH! Is this your longest comment ever? I love to read long long comments. What I like about you is you disappear for a long time and then you come back with so many lovely words. Hee... I can see you are barely half awake! =D

    I think I took about 2 hours to write it to coordinate with the pictures. However I did the photo editing and uploading, resizing all over a few nights while surfing. Yeah, sometimes blogging really zaps up lots of time but I’m always pleased at the finished results. That’s why I’m always incredibly SLOW coz I’m usually doing all blog-related stuff during my insomniac period. =D

    Bite-sized point form from here onwards:
    - I thought everything in the States is huge? *puzzled* I could not finish lots of my food over there.
    - Thanx for your sweet sweet words and encouragement for Charmaine.
    - Actually Soba can be quite a neat name for a cat. Haha.. as for now, I’ll call her meow meow or stupid cat.
    - Actually there is range of ages in that group of co-workers but somehow we all look like the same age. LoLz
    - Yes! Let’s strive to keep our hair chemical-free! But but... sometimes I look at my photos taken with my friends with lovely brown hair, I would think of dyeing again. Coz my dark brown hair from the previous dye looks really black and harsh in photos.
    - Haha... I think I also took about 20min to answer all the comments in this post so far.
    - Heh... I don’t travel a lot. In fact, I’m quite ill-travelled compared to lots of Singaporeans of my generation. =) I think you happen to see my NYC and Maldives posts at close distance coz I was backdating NYC yet updating on Maldives at that time but the actual trips were actually spaced quite far apart. LoLz and I’m a Singaporean so it isn’t a trip to Singapore but just my adventures around my own country.



    I received the other comment on the previous post and have approved and replied it. =D
    Thank you for following Charmaine’s updates. As for today, Charmaine was in a her usual nauseous state and vomited as well. She was also feeling very giddy often. She feels pain in her legs and tummy. It should be the side effects of the chemo. =(

  9. Ahh so many great photos! Charmaine looks so cute; she seems like a really sweet kid. It's really sad to see kids in the hospital - they should be outside playing and having fun, not stuck in a hospital bed :/ I really hope she gets better soon :)

    Nice haul from Sasa! I have that problem too with my face being lighter now because of all the BB creams I've been using. I've been trying to exfoliate my arms lately so I can at least lighten them somewhat to match my face lol. I have the Loreal lash serum, but the packaging looks a bit different. I haven't been able to use it for the full 28 days, so no idea if it works. The 2 weeks I used it for though, my lashes did look a bit stronger and didn't seem to fall out as easily when removing my eye makeup.

    And your hair looks really good now after the rebonding! It looks very sleek and straight now :D

  10. Rinny,

    Thanx for your sweet words about Charmaine.

    Haha... you have the same problem with bb cream too? My face used to be a lot tanner than my body and no matter what whitening products I use, the skin is still tanned. I should have discovered bb cream long ago. But I wished it would just stay the way it is now and not get too many tones away from my limbs.

    If you happen to use the lash serum for 28 days, let me know ya?

  11. Yeah it's really annoying when my face is 2 shades lighter than my arms! My body is like all different sorts of shades - my legs are the worst because they only see sun 4 months a year lol. I hear that papaya soap and exfoliating with a Korean Italy towel is really good for smoothing the skin and lightening (since you are essentially rubbing your tan off)! I think I might try the towel :P

    And I'll let you know if I ever manage to stick to using the serum for the whole 28 days haha

  12. Haha.. Korean Italy towel? Sounds interesting! Do let me know if you ever got down to using it. I actually love a yummilicious tan when it’s all even. Not like a different tone for face, arms, legs, body or else then not with ugly uneven strap lines. I love my yummy tan when I came back from Maldives but it’s difficult to find a foundation that match my darker face skin tone. I continued using Dr Young BB cream and I looked overly made up at that time. However after a few weeks, my face becomes a lot lighter and it’s not just the coverage, it has indeed lightened! Facial whitening products don’t even deliver such fast results as this bb cream!

  13. Now that you mentioned cockroaches...eeeeeeeee
    Haha you don't sound strange at all because my British friends who went to Malaysia for a holiday recently said they look really cute, too :)

  14. LoLz! For a moment there, I tot you might think I'm strange and start to avoid me. =D

  15. Wow, you had a busy month!

    I understand your MIL, she figures she has what she needs and would rather her kids save their money. Dinner out was a great idea. The Marriott food looked good, sorry it wasn't as good as it looked. We had a similar problem here. Marriott used to run these great little restaurants, but eh food started to they're all closed. I think maybe the best present is a hug--and it has to last at least 10 seconds to be considered a real hug! :P

    Char is always such a cutie and in such a good mood. I hope she's feeling well these days.

  16. Good to see you back, Rick! Hope you hd a good short hiatus. Yup my MIL is really such a simple person who doesn’t ask for a lot. The Marriott in Singapore is still going strong. We almost chose this hotel to hold our wedding banquet coz we were so impressed by their good service. I guess I got a little too spoilt. I’ve been checking out many buffet places here that I guess my expectations got higher. The hubby always says I’m picky but when it comes to home-cooked food, I eat anything coz I love food cooked from the heart.

  17. Haha yeah supposedly the Italy towels are suppose to be Korean ppl's secret to having such smooth white skin year round, because they're commonly used in the bathhouses? Ahh I know what you mean about the bb creams - my friend is a lot tanner than me and she has a lot of difficulty in finding a bb cream that matches her shade. It seems most of the bb creams are targeted towards fair skinned gals. This is my first time hearing of Dr Young brand, but it sounds really good! It took many many months of using my skinfood bb before I noticed any lightening of my skin :)

  18. Yes, BB cream is definitely targeted at fair skinned ladies! And I’ve also never heard of Dr Young before. If the Sasa SA did not personally recommend it to me, I don’t think I would have picked that tube up on my own.

  19. I was starting to wonder how I managed to miss so many posts then I realized... these must be posted while i was on my mini hiatus! lol.

    haha even though you said the standard of the food seemed to have dropped, they didn't fail to make my mouth water XD I hope Charmaine's treatment goes well in NYC.

    I totally can understand when you call ur bil's cat "that stupid cat" XD i used to call my parrot that all the time, in a very affectionate manner of course *wide grin* OMG I salute that lizard! how did it manage to cling onto a moving car O__o I used to love looking at/chasing after lizards until one day this lizard's tail break in half as it was running away TOT I was like... *stopped dead in my tracks* I... wasn't... trying to eat you T__________T

    Lol for some reason I'm never into BB creams... I have no idea why... maybe because the ones I've tried so far either are too dark on me or too pale. lol your hair is like my hair! I really think the way the stylists cut it matters cuz with good stylists, my hair doesn't curl that badly. Oh I forgot to reply to your comment about my hair, I KNOW XD somehow all haircuts end up looking the same on me -__- if my stylist didn't tell me she was giving me an A-line cut I wouldn't have known either XD hahahahaha. Even if I get straight bangs when they grow out it looks just like my old self. Maybe I have to go for something drastic O_O+

    I can totally see you rocking that Burberry outfit :D hehe you gonna buy?

    Never heard of the song but oohhh the chinese characters look so friendly! I think it's really cute you have romanji written above the characters lololololol :P

  20. You certainly missed them during your hiatus or the time when your list wouldn’t show the most updated posts. I was wondering where you were! Hehe...

    Ok I shall summarise my reply in point form:

    - Charmaine is currently in Singapore.
    - You have a parrot? Does it talk?
    - Haha... it sounds so cute how you love chasing after lizards!
    - I agree with you on bb cream. They’re either to white or too grey for me. That’s why when I found that this Dr Young’s BB cream from Sasa matches my tone, I was quite thrilled.
    - Yeah I think my hair more or less always turns out the same too. Maybe next time we shall cut really short!
    - I dunno how much that burberry outfit is but if I find an inspired ruched dress that fits like a T, I would definitely buy.
    - LoL. What do you mean when you say the chinese character look so friendly? Oh do you speak Taiwanese hokkien? I know that Taiwanese Hokkien is very different from our Hokkien.


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