Thursday, March 17, 2011

Corals & corals

The above title was supposed to be sung along the tune of "horrors of horrors".

After my medical leave last week, it's back to the drudgery of work. I can be a perfectionist at times and try to edit and revamp far too much; adding a lot more work not only to myself but to my team. However recently, I've been slackening my expectations and I don't seem to care that much anymore. It's a good sign as it means less work for everyone. My team members have been really accomodating and I do not want to overwork them too. This slackening is definitely for the good of everyone as of now. We'll slowly pick up the pace in time to come.

For the first Thursday in so many months, I finally left my office early. Not on the dot, but well before being the last person standing. Thursdays are supposed to be my "come early, leave early" day but I've since lost count of the number of times I was the last to lock up the office.

I wouldn't have left earlier if not for the fact that the photo developing shop closes at 7.45pm. It's an ureasonable timing, yes I know. I've never heard of such early closure for shops in this line. However, the old benign couple who ran it were such pleasant old man and old lady that you couldn't quite fault them for closing early to have a normal family life. When I rang up the shop, the kindly old man told me that he would wait for me till 8pm before he closed the shop. I managed to reach there at ten minutes to eight.

You must be wondering about where corals would come in in this post. Well, I've sent the two underwater disposable cameras from our Maldives snorkeling and diving expedition to the shop and left them there ever since. For the past few weeks, I couldn't find a day when I could reach the place at 7.45pm.

I was quite disappointed with how the photos turned out. All I saw were stacks and stacks of photos of murky blue waters and a sea of corals after corals which looked like grey rocks by the way. Upon inspecting closely do I see that colourful lobster, that huge funny-looking fish, the beautiful schools of fishes, all of which turned out greyish and blurry in the photos. I was half expecting the photos to turn out as clearly and colourfully as what we saw with our very own eyes. How naive I was. I'm quite sure if I were to show the stack of photos to my mum, she would go in her most Singlish exclamation, "Aiyoh, why you take so many rocks underwater? You go diving just to see rocks huh?"

I've been coming up with far too many random and meaningless posts recently. I guess it's due to the fact that Microsoft has been installed on my laptop and I realised that the insensitive keyboard problem only happened in internet browsers. The keyboard senses the keystrokes normally when I type on a Word Doc. Adding to that is the fact that I've got no annoying hubby to talk to when I come home and I simply coop myself up in the room and enjoy some well-deserved "me-time". It's ironic though, coz I start to unleash all my annnoyance on www when it's no longer just me anymore.

I've been editing my backdated photos here and there during my spare time and also drafting some posts so I hope to get back on track for my backdated posts once more.


  1. Awwwww better luck next time honey. I can't imagine how hard it must be to take pictures under water!

  2. I was looking forward to seeing more of your vacation photos. I'm sorry they didn't turn out. The one time I went snorkling I cut my shin on the coral. It took months to finally heal.

  3. FleurLapin,

    It wasn’t exactly too difficult coz it’s a disposable camera with a rubber strap but I hadn’t expected the outcome to be so bad. =(



    I will strive to edit and post them soon. The cut took months to heal? Was it very deep? I heard of people getting cut really badly by corals too. I got some abrasions from the corals too but they were just scrapes.

  4. It was on my right shin, not too deep, but more than a scrape. The scientist leading our group told me not to kick while swimming, but I did it once by force of habit and "ouch".

  5. Must be cool to have a scientist leading your team for snorkelling!

  6. Hi Jo!!

    I'm back... *smile* I read & read... and thought I shall comment after reading the entry.. but the next entry always draw my attention... I even clicked on « Older Posts to read back those entries again thinking I might have missed out some of your post here and there... and trying to 'find' the reply you replied to me at the comment sections...

    And guess what, my eyes are shutting, not bcos your entries are boring, don't worry! It's because I woke up real early to do housechores (Rem, weekends are work-at-home day!) and then, i rem one of your entry saying about the toothpicks will break under your heavy lids... Hahaha....

    Anyway, I will be back again for more comments & I will follow you wherever you go! =p


  7. Haha... So sweet! I was grinning from ear to ear when I read this and also went to read your replies on your blog and my eyelids once again were closing. Well, even though it’s 2.30pm on a Sunday now. My eyelids are closing too coz I slept at close to 6am and got woken up by a void deck wedding under my block at 10am. I’ll also follow you wherever you go! =D


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