Thursday, February 24, 2011

New York 2009 -- 2010 Part V

Here's Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV if you've missed them.

~*Day 14 (6th January 2010)*~

I had to buy something for my sis and made some enquiry calls before finally finding the product at Bergdorf Goodman. Hence, we had to head out to town.

On the same day, Iris invited us to her apartment and she was really sweet to offer to bring us there as well as to show us more parts of the city on foot while leaving Jase and Charmaine at her place to play with her son in the care of her nanny. It was really good to travel on foot without the kids for we could walk and walk and walk.



I love those smelly but lovely horses. They listened to me when I talked to them and posed for me.


The service at Bergdorf Goodman was excellent. The sales assistant explained to me very clearly about how to use the product --it's a f**king expensive electrical product which my sis suggested I share with her-- and told me her personal experience using it. When she found out that I was a tourist and where my country of residence was, she wrote me her contact number so that I could call her anytime should I experience any trouble with the gadget back at home. How very nice of her! It's fortunate that my sis and I had no problem with the gadget so far.

Whenever the outdoors felt too cold, we would zip into a mall along the way.

These mirror shots were taken using char's hp inside ZARA and I really love this pic.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.


As usual, Iris doesn't like to be in photos and would always offer be behind the camera. Hence, here are some rare photos of her in the background.

We walked along Central Park. I don't quite know which part this is as Central Park is sooooooo long. There were many cute squirrels scurrying around.


The expensive street.


I've got lots of Abercrombie stuff, mainly gotten off the internet or given by my ex-tutee's mum (who brings in Abercrombie stuff to be sold in her shop) but haven't stepped into the actual store before. Hence, no matter what, I've gotta take a picture of the store.


It was really interesting to be inside Abercrombie. First and foremost, I hadn't quite expected the place to be so dark. It's rather different from the other apparel stores. The sales assistants were all drop dead gorgeous (as if they popped up from some magazine) and they looked like they genuinely enjoyed working there coz they were always on the groove. Even if they stood there to man a section, they would be grooving away to the music. Walking from section to section entailed a little hip swaying and some butt jiggling; they were practically dancing throughout. And of course, what struck me most was the fragrance of the place. Everywhere we went, we could smell their perfume and cologne for the sales assistants armed with a bottle of perfume or cologne would spritz them on the merchandise every few jiggles. We came out of Abercrombie smelling like Abercrombie.

It was a rather unique experience but we emerged with no tangible merchandise in toll.

I have no idea if this was the Tiffany that Audrey Hepburn once looked through the shop window... and no I didn't get anything from there.



These are our hands clasped together for support in the crowded subway.


When night fell, we had to return to Iris' apartment to pick up the kids for dinner. Iris wanted to bring us to this Japanese eatery called Oh! Taisho that is supposedly popular among Asian college students.

Everett was sooooooo cute and well-behaved! Jase was such a good kor kor here.


We got caught in a jam and by the time we reached Oh! Taisho, the kids had fallen asleep. Cyn mummy could only manage to carry char in the bulky winter wear. Since Jase was too heavy and kept sliding off our marshmallows, we forced him to walk. He practically walked with his eyes close while I "steered" him. It was quite a funny sight.

When we reached the place, Jase flopped down onto the table and continued sleeping. I had to constantly hold onto him coz he kept slipping off the stool. As for char, cyn mummy had to carry her in the bulk and tried to eat. At that moment, I thought about what would happen to me if in future my preschooler kids decided to sleep on me like that. I don't think I would be able to handle it. But then again, they wouldn't be clad in winter wear.


Here's what we ordered. I didn't snap the chicken skin which was a huge miss. It's not at all like the authentic crispy chicken skin. It was totally fatty and jelly-like and I absolutely hated it.


The food was alright. I still find Singapore's jap food better which of coz could not be compared with Japanese Jap food. I was more interested in all the Asian university guys seated at the communal table. They were so boyishly cute! Even the nerdiest of them all was a cute geek. So while my hubby was miles away from me, I was we were oggling at cute guys almost a decade younger than us. Such cradle snatchers! Even Iris the oldest among us could not help noticing them too! *heh heh*

Of course we didn't secretly snap a picture of them; they kept looking our direction too, probably because we kept looking at them. Haha...

~*Day 15 (7th January 2010)*~

It was Charlene and my last day in NYC. We had a night flight to catch.

Our last play session with the kids.


Our last lunch.


Our last time sitting at the communal dining area and watching the kids run around.



Our last shots of their recent artwork.


Our last sights of the warm and cozy Ronald McDonald House.


Our last hug goodbye.


~*Day 16 and beyond (8th January 2010)*~

It was pretty interesting seeing a few sunrise and sunset while we were on board the plane, passing through various countries and different time zones.



Once we returned to Singapore, the humidity washed over us...

as well as over this tortoise soap handmade by the kids. I also found out that my luggage handle had broken.


This post shall conclude my photoblogging of the New York trip. Super backlogged but at last it's done. Yes!

I hope all of you have enjoyed walking with me in NYC through my eyes.

I did not edit the photos of my shopping buys and probably would not post them up until I've got the time to edit them. In the mean time, I would try to get back to blogging all other backlogged entries of 2010 so that I can finally catch up on 2011. My slowest friend in blogging has since caught up with recent entries when she was usually always a few months behind time. As for now, I'm the slowest!

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


  1. yay!!! more trip pictures :)

    i love your trip pictures of NYC.. they're so detailed it feels just like i'm vacationing with you :) hahaha

  2. was this your first time going to a&f? that's so neat that you went to new york, my mama went back in december. i hope i can go someday. i think that's so cool that you're catching up on all of your blogging. i don't think i could do it, it takes too much patience ^^ about how long do you think it will take you

  3. Helloooooo Jo long time no talk!!!!! =DD just wanted to say hi hi hi hi hi!!! =D

    haha I SWEAR I saw the same horses when I was at NYC... that was outside Central Park wasn't it? =P Hmm I think I have to go back to read the other preceding parts of this post since I have no clue what super expensive electronic device you're talking about XD

    A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. <-- I love that!!! did you just make that up!! so awesome =DDD

    Lol I've only shopped at Abercrombie like once in my whole life ... their clothes are so small that I have to go for a large.... *silent sob* hahaha

    LOL@ the cute guys at Oh! (I giggle every time I read the name XD) how come I never see cute guys when I travel? so sad XD

    haha I'm excited to see some 2011 blogs XD

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun in New York city :) Lots of outdoor as well as indoor activities. Come to America more often! I was actually in the city last weekend too. It was a lot of fun besides the fact that it was freezing out haha. I really enjoy reading your blog and hope you have time to blog more :D

  5. Dear Jo,

    Thanks for replying on my page. Indeed, being a God mom is a wonderful experience. Although I am totally new at it. Sometimes, I dont really know what I need to do or am I forgetting something... which feels terrible.

    That looks like a shopping spree. You seem to travel a lot. Hope you would come to Europe soon and get your dream bag.

    Hope you would keep in touch or visit me again in the future

    Squeeze The Pug

  6. Your pictures make NY look a lot prettier than what I see haha. Glad you had fun :)

  7. lisa,

    Glad you you felt that way! =)


    Cecilia Warner,

    Yup. It was my first trip to the States and first step into A&F. Everyone should go New York some day and I’m sure you would go some day too! But I admit that I like it as a tourist and might not like being a resident of NYC.

    Is this sentence of yours cut off: “about how long do you think it will take you”
    Did you mean how long it take to write this entry or how long to get back to being on time? Either of it, I dunno the answer myself. LoLz



    Wooh! Miss u!!! Have you been vvvvvvvvvv bz? How’s work and what’s keeping you bz in feb? I wanna see your hair, you know?
    Hehe... Maybe they are indeed the same horses! Oh I didn’t mention anything about the electrical device in any of the post. If I do blog about my shopping spree, I would mention that coz it’s quite difficult to explain.

    I wished I made that brilliant quote up but I didn’t. I forgot where I read it from. Oh but A&F clothes can really stretch to fit coz they’re just so stretchy. Haha... The place is “Oh! Taisho” not “Oh!” but it would be funny if it’s “Oh!” coz it kinda fit what I was talking about.

    Lots of backlogged coming up but... not so soon. I’m in the process of editing them whenever I have the free time, which is not very much.



    Ooooh! I never knew you’ve been reading my blog! You sneaky gal *hee* why didn’t you leave your mark here more often? Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog! That made my day.

    Oh yes I saw, your NYC photos look lovely. Great to have gal pals around! I hope I could visit more parts of America too! However, as for now Europe is on my card. After Europe I don’t think I would travel for a long time to come.

    How come there’s “*” at your name? So cute.


    Squeeze The Pug,

    Hehehe... I can’t help smiling to myself whenever I read your name in my heart. Really feel like squeezing a puggy pug pug.

    Initially when I did not meet up with my good friend that often, I almost wanted to “disown” my godson (Jase) coz I felt I was the worst godma ever (always bz with work you see) and no time for him. Then, when I visited him when he was a mere one-year-old, my heart melted and I decided not to disown him. He has this precious moments boy’s eyes. Really endearing! My good friend and my relationship grew deeper when her hubby walked out on them. At that time, she was heavily pregnant with Charmaine.( Well, I’ve never ever once mentioned anything about this on my blog coz I didn’t wanna badmouth anyone in print. However, after Charmaine’s cancer got onto local media, we could all see how heartless he and his family are and with growing attention paid to the blog I created for her, the story got out naturally. Thus, here I am not afraid of sharing.)

    I digressed. Heh... There’s no hard and fast rule on what a godmum should do as I feel that it largely depends on the relationship with the child’s parents to you. For me, she’s my very good friend so it’s important and also possible to spend lots of time with the kids. Special occasions like birthdays should be remembered and celebrated too.

    Hehe... I wouldn’t say I travel a lot. Hmm.. What gave you the impression? =) My last trip was to Maldives last month and that’s our so-called honeymoon 1.5 years after being married. Before that, my hubby and my last trip together was in 2008 at Genting. So probably once a year?

    It’s lovely getting feedback from you. Please do keep in touch!


    Hehe... Really? Thank you! =)

  8. Hi Jo,
    I'm following you, dear :-) Now that my computer problems are solved (hopefully forever *fingers crossed*) it's so much easier for me to access blogs & I just read your last post.
    German SAs are often really arrogant, I already heard that it's different in the U.S. & I'm happy you had such great experiences at the stores you visit.
    I've never been to A&F nor in a Tiffany store. If I ever make it to Tiffany's I know I need to buy something - just to have something from Tiffany's in my stash.
    Again, the pics of the food made me drool *lol*
    RE your comment on my blog: Wearing a wig turns you in a completely different person - you know how people change their hair color when they're on the run. I watched that in so many movies, but I never thought it really mattered THAT much. But actually it does :-D & of course wearing different make up colors does the trick, too. I love to experiment with all sorts of colors, even though not everything is a success to be honest *gg*

  9. Tabatha,

    Hmm... That’s strange. I don’t see any Tabatha around under the follower list. Are you Claudia K? The thumbnail picture sorta look alike but I’m not very sure. Sorry if i sound silly. I’m actually quite new to this follwing gadget and only recently did I start to enable and follow blogs.

    Overall, the service in NYC was fine. However, not exactly fantastic. That’s why the SA at BG really left an impression on me. Actually as Asians, we did experience some discrimination at Macy’s during an incident. It wasn’t from the Caucasians though. It left a bad aftertaste coz it seriously isn’t professional at all.

    Hehe... I think being in an A&F store is really an eye opener and their clothes look great. However, I think it’s a little overhyped. You have to go Tiffany one day! There’s definitely something for you to buy. My engagement ring is from there. Hubby surprised me with a Tiffany saying it was calling out to him. However with the price he paid, he could have gotten a larger rock at some other jeweller. I’m not complaining though. =)

    I’d wanted to say that actually! Wanted to say that you could easily disguise yourself and just go on the run after commiting some crimes. Haha Coz seriously if I were the police, I would not be able to recognise. I just didn’t know how appropriate it would sound on your blog. Haha...

  10. Yep, that's me! It drives me crazy that I'm not Tabatha - I changed the name yesterday when I found out that even though it's "Tabatha" on my blog & also when I write comments, I'm "Claudia K." as a follower. But even though I changed the name in my google profile (took me ages to find out where to change it), it still shows the "wrong" name. So s*cky! Don't worry, you're not silly at all!

    I used to have some Asian friends & I experienced that they weren't treated the same way as I was when we went shopping. Of course not everywhere, but I remember an incident with an older SA who seemed very worry that my friends could touch something in the store we were visiting & possibly break it. That was so weird! She didn't say anything but was following us the whole time! That was really unpleasant & made me feel very uncomfy because it's simply wrong to behave like that!

    Oh, you have a Tiffany engagement ring - that's wonderful :-) I'm engaged since over 2 years (we want to marry in Las Vegas, but just can't afford going there, so the marriage has to wait until we saved enough money), but my ring is plain silver with not stone whatsoever. I'm not complaining, though, it's okay because the commitment is more important than the ring - but I wouldn't have said "No!" to a large stone, either *gg* Tiffany items have that special feeling to them, it's not simply some kind of jewelry, it's Tiffany's :-D

    *lol* Oh, you can write whatever you want on my blog unless it's some mean stuff (which I know you wouldn't write anyways!), I'm pretty openminded :-) & the idea of going on the run is somehow exciting, isn't it? (Not that I would want to commit a crime!) My boyfriend (well, I should say finace, but that sounds so oldfashioned, can't bring myself to use that term) & I were Bonny & Clide for Halloween two years ago. But at that time I didn't had any wigs - too bad, now would be much better prepared :-D

  11. Haha! I understand how you feel. I changed my web engine settings privacy but up till now, my blog is still searchable via web engines. I think blogger takes some time to register the change? Even for profile pictures too. It only starts showing the new one after a few days. It’s nice to have 2 names though. Hehe... Now we all know your 1st name. =)

    Ooh! Congrats and hope you manage to save up to do for a dream wedding. It’s strange but when I think of Vegas wedding, I think of those spur of the moment drunken “I do”. LoLz probably due to the cliche depiction on TV. I’m sure yours won’t be like this. Or are you thinking of a crazy Bonnie and Clyde wedding? Yes I agree about Tiffany being A Tiffany and not a piece of jewelry.

    Fiance sounds strange. It took me some time to use the term fiance back then too. I very much prefer boyfriend or hubby, no in betweens!
    You could start to plan for this year’s halloween then!

  12. Maybe I'm simply too impatient :-D I really hope that blogger will change the name within the next days! I would have prefered that not everybody knows my 1st name *lol* but oh well, now it's too late!

    I know what you mean about Vegas, but we wanted to do something special & Vegas is so "over the top out of the world" & seemed perfect, kind of unreal, you know?
    & A crazy Bonnie & Clyde wedding sounds good to me :-D
    I bet there are a lot of people in Vegas that regret getting married on the next morning when they wake up with a huge hangover - but while hangover seems possible, regret isn't an option for us :-D (At least I hope so *lol*)

    Yes, it has to be either the boyfriend or the hubby - no inbetweens for me, either *high five*
    For me it's Halloween all the year, I guess. I've some ideas for my blog that go in a Halloween-ish direction big time! (But my next post will be me with my own hair *g*)

  13. If you are from Singapore and went on holiday to New york I'm gonna cry of jealousy! I was in New York last Christmas and absoloutely loved it! This summer I got to see Singapore and I think it might be my favourite place in the whole world. It's so beautiful and quiet there and I love that it's so warm!
    Your pictures are fantastic, I really enjoyed this post! Lovely blog girl! Following!

  14. wowow im so jealous!! I want to go to NYC. that does look like the t&co that audrey looked at... <3

  15. Dear Jo,

    Finding your message in my inbox certainly brought a huge grin on my face.

    I feel so glad when I read that you didnt give up on God motherhood and kept on at it. Some men are total bastard* (*pardon my french) but it's a blessing that you have been such a good support to your friend and a pillar to her young kids.

    I had the impression you travel loads because you have many travelling photos and you plan to travel Europe at some point in the future. Genting? I was there with my parents last week. It was great apart from being robbed (my dad's car got broken into). That's the norm in Malaysia these days. *sigh*

    Hate someone just because they don't follow back?? I would be super-shallow if I feel that way. My day to day job puts me into perspective. So often, I come across unfortunate family who lost their love ones because of ill health like cancer or accidental freak accidents or suicide. Life is too fragile and there are many other valued things in life that should take precedence. Blogging is just a hobby. Sure it is nice to have admirers/fans!

    Im not sure what era you are from. Im from the early 80s and during my time, the little electronic toy, "TAMAGOTCHI" was hot. It was hard job...feeding the damn animal and caring it on a daily basis. I feel blogging is like that. I have to maintain it, photo nice pics, say something intelligent to keep my readers interested. Respond to my faithful readers and visit their site.

    I now rarely buy the Vogue or Elle anymore. Mostly because the amount of quality work I come across free in the blogging world- which is good for my bank balance =P

    Squeeze The Pug

    p/s: I really need to get a verbal cyber anti-diarrhoea prescription.

  16. Tabatha,

    I can see your name as Tabatha on your follower picture finally!!! It took 3 days to adjust I think. Aww... I think it’s fine to know your 1st name as there’s more warmth. I would be so excited to see a Bonnie and Clyde wedding. It would be something really unique. I would also love to see your Halloween look. I’m always into Halloween dress up. So interested that I dedicated a category on Halloween on my blog. I’m gonna check out your hair post now!



    Thanx for your lovely comment and for following! LoLz... No need to be jealous! We’ve both been to New York. Yeah! And oh, you were in Singapore? Is it for holiday or work? We could have brushed past each other! Haha... I’m curious to know which places you visited in Singapore. I’m glad to know that you love Singapore. There’s national pride stirring in me now. I guess coz I’ve been living here all my life, I find Singapore rather normal and I can’t stand the humid weather. Warm is fine, but the humidity makes one perspire loads.



    Thank you for your comment. I love it when new people visit me with a link to their page coz then I get to discover new blogs. Hope to see you around more often


    Squeeze the Pug,
    Likewise, your messages bring a smile to my face. Oh please do not get a verbal cyber anti-diarrhoea prescription! I love reading cyber diarrhoea to bits. I didn’t know you’re from Malaysia coz I remember seeing UK from your profile. I think I must be blind. Anyway if you’re from Malaysia, big big wave to my fellow neaighbour up north! I’m sorry to hear that your dad’s car got broken into. I hope he didn’t lose much. The last time we went Genting, my hubby wanted to drive up but we were met with violent objection from both set of parents and we thought they were making such a big deal of something people commonly do. In the end we had to take a coach and miss it and got “cheated” by a cab driver in KL. However, now that I read what you said, I think we’ve made the right choice.

    It’s really interesting to know a doctor blogger friend. I don’t think I can ever handle being a doctor should I have got the intelligence and expertise coz it’s sad to be surrounded by people who are ill or dying and yet not being able to help at times. You have my utmost respect.

    I’m from the early 80s too!!!!!!!! High 5! The whole blogging community has gotten younger and younger these days that I feel soooooo old.It’s great to find someone from my era. I read about people being born in the year of the rabbit saying they’re so old coz they’re 24 and I would be thinking that I should check myself into old folk’s home. I had tamagotchi too. And even though I secretly brought it to school, it kept dying. I agree that blogging takes up a lot of time. Many a times, I wanna reply to comments but would be too tired to really work my mind to return a heartfelt comment. I realised I spent more than half an hour typing all my recent comments to this post.

    It’s 3.52 am now and I hope I’ve not typed any nonsense coz my eyes are shutting very soon.

  17. It's been fun reading about your adventures in NY, thanks for sharing them.

    Was the enthusiasm of the Abercrombie staff infectious? Did it make any of you start to dance around in the store?

    I've never gone into Tiffany's, I'm afraid I see too much that I like and it will be too expensive.

    That chicken skin sounds nasty--and of course the college boys were cecking out three pretty girls! =)

  18. Rick,

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. Yeah, I was actually imitating them groove every now and then. I hope they didn’t think I was rude. Aww... thanx you are so sweet. Haha... I was wondering if they were checking us out or checking us out checking them out. Whichever. =)

  19. ive never been to NY, and I would love to visit. Did u experience real snow there?

  20. Rinz,

    Yup! I experienced the 1st snow in my life at NYC! I wrote about it with pictorial photos of my solo walk in one of the parts of the NYC posts. I think you might have missed it. =)

  21. hi! thank you for leaving a comment :) the pillow will only be in place of me when i'm not there!

    love your blog! you are so lucky to be on vacation! i'd love to visit ny too. the kids are so cute!!

    i don't mean to sound like a creeper, but you have fantastic legs! :)

  22. a,

    Thanx for your lovely comment. LoLz... I’m wondering how you see my legs through my winter wear; from the leggings? Nah... I’m a creeper too coz I would also notice people’s legs. =)

  23. so much good pictures, sorry that I do not write my blog in english. its a bit difficult for me. greetings

  24. Dear Jo,

    Sorry for the ridiculously slow reply. I had been travelling from Malaysia back to the UK and have been having serious case of jetlag. NO, You're NOT blind. You read it the 1st time correctly. I did say I was based in the UK, although I am still 100% Malaysian. So indeed, Hello Neighbour!

    Replying till 3.52am. Crikey!
    PLEASE REFRAIN from replying this message!! You need your beauty sleep. I will understand and will take it as you've read it when it appears on your blog.

  25. Hiya :-)
    Yes, blogger was just as slow as you already warned me! But at least it worked, I did a happy dance when I saw Tabatha instead of Claudia. While I agree that knowing eachothers real forenames makes the communication warmer, I just felt a little awkward about it & I didn't want anymore mix-ups (like when you didn't know my real name & thought I wasn't among your followers) - but now everything is fine :-D
    Yes, I think a Bonnie & Clyde wedding would be something really cool to remember! That's why I'm willing to wait, I think a wedding should be special & as perfect as possible. Second best won't do!
    I'll see if I find a photo of my Halloween dress up. All those olderb photos are on my old computer that I don't use anymore since it's so slow, but I might have a pic of the makeover on this computer that I'm now typing on. If so, I'll let you know. For me, the whole year is Halloween :-) I just like to experiment with make up, so limiting it to just one single day of the year would be hard on me *g*

    Oh wait, now I almost forgot to tell you the secret of my puffy fringe, it's very simple (maybe you already know it anyways?): Use a hair donut!
    Just to give you an idea in case you don't know them:
    You need to cut it open so that it's no longer a ring & then you sinply roll your hair onto it & use some bobby pins to secure it. It takes a little practice, but in general it's pretty easy. I'm very clumsy when it comes to hairdos & if I can do it, you can, too :-)

  26. i went back a couple pages, and saw a picture! haha :)

  27. Josephine,

    I think it’s wonderful that you could write to me in English so please do not be sorry about that. =) It’s just a pity that I can’t read German to be able to read your blog.

    Attached msg from tagboard:
    27 Feb 11, 20:49
    Josephine: Very very cute blog! I love the pictures very much.
    2 Mar 11, 00:16
    Jo to Josephine: Hi, Sorry I missed out your comment till now. Thanx for your comment and for leaving me some love here!


    Squeeze the Pug,

    Hi neighbour up north! Oh my, you do sleep at unearthly hours too. Look at your latest reply 3.56am!
    You’re based in UK for work? I’m curious. How often do you travel to UK and back to Malaysia? Why don’t you consider staying at a place for a longer period of time? It’s ok if they’re too personal to reply, I’ll understand. =)



    I could imagine you do a happy little dance but with the image of you in your clickety clack pretty but uncomfortable shoes. Haha.. It’s great that everything is settled and that we both know each other’s first name due to the mix up. ;-)

    Yup yup. I would love to gain some halloween make up inspirations from you! That’s like my fave pastime, to gain inspirations for styles and looks. Oh and those hair stands doesn’t work for me. My friend gave me the plastic ones of various sizes. Maybe the donut ones (fabric) would be easier. Thanx for the tip!

    Ooh! I’ve wanted to ask. What does *g* means? Grin?


    OIC! I should have guessed so. LoLz.

  28. Hi Jolene
    Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful photos and experiences in New York. I enjoyed reading all the various parts alot. Initially I thought you would not share your NY experience on your blog as I’ve been waiting for months for your updates till I gave up. It looks like all of you have a wonderful time and I could see how happy Charmaine is. Look at her cute smile, she must have been so happy to see all of you in NY. I’m curious about what electronic gadget you’re talking about. Take your time in posting your shopping buys. I’ll be waiting for it.

  29. Xin,

    Thanx for your lovely comment. I’ve been editing my NYC photos here and there since I got back but there were simply too many photos and I thought I would catch up on other recent posts at that time. Didn’t expect to drag for almost a year. All of us really enjoyed ourselves. =) I might not be posting my shopping buys. As you can see I’m way behind time at August 2010. LoLz


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