Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making sushi has never been so cute

My sister showed me this cute video just now and I’m so intrigued by how ingenious the Japanese are! These stuff are actually edible! I won’t eat them though cos they're jelly. It’s strange to eat sweet jelly when you know sushi is savoury. Give me real sushi anytime.

These products are selling in Singapore for about SGD$50. Buying from their website is a lot cheaper and besides sushi, they’ve got lots of other cute stuff like ice cream, cakes and even ramen with soup!

More youtube videos on Poping' Cookin' here. Do check them out! I love seeing how she squeezed all the noodle-like jelly.

I’ve been so busy the Sunday that just passed typing and writing stuff for work. I can’t believe I spent about 9 hours with meals and surfing in between just to do work on Sunday and I’ve still got 6 more sets to go. I’m also involved in this training tomorrow (or rather, later today) and boy will I get stage fright as long as my audience aren’t kids. I’ve yet to prepare my presentation but my eyelids are growing heavier by the minute. Maybe I should concentrate on finishing the 6 sets of other work and do an impromptu presentation later today. And and... coz of the training and meetings, I’m far behind in my weekly work. I feel so overwhelmed.

I've been wanting to continue my last installment for the New York updates so I can try to get back to updating about more backdated stuff such that I can finally be on time in my postings.

But I seriously doubt I can keep up with the pace.

For those who left me sweet messages, THANK YOU! I will get to replying your comments real soon so please bear with me. I’ve been reading some of my favourite blogs on my reading list though so I’m still keeping myself updated with your life.

Enjoy the videos for now!


  1. Haha, that is really cute! But I agree with you, I'll stick with the real sushi.

    Work is keeping me to busy--but not as busy as you. Remember to take some time for yourself to do nothing.

  2. OMGGGGG that is so freaking crazy.. but sooooo cute.. and they look so realistic.. is it candy??

  3. Haha this is pretty cool, but I would probably only get this for novelty purposes. I don't think I would eat it ether though - I would much rather prefer the real thing :D

  4. Eeee.. i wun eat these. But they are cute though.

  5. This is really cute! strangely I saw the video just a day ago =]

  6. hey hun....wow. i'm back in the blogging world...haha. it's been quite awhile. =P it looks like you're still doing well and always updating! i gotta catch up on all your entries. =)

  7. i love sushi, but unforunately I can't make sushi :(

    let's be friend,follow each other, leave comment in my post so I'll following you then :)


  8. hey jo,
    i decided i would respond to you on here because you are more likely to see it sooner! i changed the fonts on my page with the new editor on blogspot. are you using the old editor? also i edited the pictures w/ photoshop. if you have picasa you can do some neat stuff on there too ^^

    <3 your newest follower,

  9. Rick,
    It’s my offday today. My hubby is back from his short overseas stint and I spent the day running errands with him before his one month detachment next week. Time whizzes by... I did nothing for some moments but just enjoy spending the day running errands and having a meal together.


    Oh, I read from the descriptions in English that it’s grape flavored jello, gummy candy and soft candy. Hehe... Great taste for candies but really weird for sushi!


    Me too! It’s really cute but I would only enjoy making it and probably recording the process to show off to people to wow about it. Haha... It’s a buy once, try once and novelty wears off kinda thing.


    Yes! I wonder how much chemicals are in those stuff.


    ♥ 熊貓girl ♥,
    Thank you for your comment. I love it when new people visit me with a link to their page coz then I get to discover new blogs. I visited your blog and I love your lomo photos a lot! Congrats on being top 10 in the lomo contest. Did you recently see the video on Facebook? I guess it’s circulating now.
    Hope to see you around more often!


    OMG! You’ve been away for sooooooooo long! I tot you’ve forgotten about me. =)


    Indah Nainggolan,
    Thank you for leaving a mark here. I love it when new people visit me with a link to their page coz then I get to discover new blogs.


    Cecilia Warner,
    Thanx for the quick reply! Yup, I changed to the new blogger a few months back. I didn’t know I could tweak the font. I like handwriting fonts yet I need something clean and easy on the eye too. I shall play around with my template when I’ve got the time. I use photoscape to edit my photos. So far I’m liking it but I love the warm tone of your photos and the sometimes lomography effect.
    Thank you for following! =)

  10. The video is so cute!! I enjoyed watching it!! :D and thank you for the feedback on my photo blog, I really appreciate it :) wishing to get a dslr soon :P

  11. wow... I always wonder what the creator's thinking when they create stuff like this. but seriosly I went "ooooooohhhhh" when they start making those fish eggs XD I wonder what these taste like. sweet jelly???? This is super cool but I don't think I'd ever try it... real sushi all the way! XD crap now I'm hungry...

  12. Iyah,
    Thanx for stopping by! Hope you managed to get your dslr soon!


    I really wished they could make this in sushi flavour. I feel like biting onto the salmon roe and feeling the salty burst of fish oil right now! I’m hungry too!


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