Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Profile Picture!


I've only changed my profile picture here twice of the 6 years I've been blogging coz I'm such a LAZEEEE person. It's also my new facebook profile pic.

Actually this is just an "excuse post" to make sure that my blog looks freshly updated. *winkz*

BTW, my friends and I met Taylor Swift at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday without having to pay for the tickets. *LoLz* It was a case of coincidence. We were having a farewell dinner for a friend (who was leaving Melborne for 3 years) and were lingering outside the restaurant , giving goodbye hugz when we heard excited whoops and screams a distance away. Being nosey parkers, we walked over to where the crowd was and found out that her fans were waiting for her to emerge from her rehearsal. They were rehearsing their screams I think. A few seconds later, Taylor Swift walked out clad in a mini skirt and high heels with legs that went on forever, waved to her fans and got whisked off in a black car. No, not limousine.

So that was how we "met" her. While her fans hung out there for ages waiting for that moment, a few seconds was all we needed.

My friend, the one leaving for Melborne for 3 years, shouted jokingly, "I hate you Taylor Swift! You stole my limelight!"


  1. LOL, well, no way Taylor could steal your limelight!!! For some reason she reminds me of a pink baby bunny..kinda cute, but not grown yet. =)

  2. Rick,

    Haha... Not me. My friend was the one who uttered that but no way Taylor Swift was gonna steal her limelight too.

    I don't quite like her looks in magazines. They're always the same cat eyes with super red lips and same expression. I prefer seeing her in motion.



    Thank u babe!

  3. I love your new profile pic Jo, you look beautiful! And you and your friends are so lucky to have seen Taylor! I'm a huge fan of her music :D

  4. Rinz,

    Your pup is adorable!



    Thank u babe! It was so coincidental. I didn't even know Taylor Swift was in Singapore.

  5. Absolutely, you're eligible--and since I know the guy who's running it, I'm sure you'll win! ;P Just kidding, it will be a completely random selection.

    I for got to mention you look very pretty in the new picture--of course. =)

  6. Yay! Remember to enter me please! I'm so gonna quote your words "since I know the guy who's running it, I'm sure you'll win" and forget about everything else behind and tell popchampagne my win is guaranteed. Haha..

    And thank you for your sweet comment!


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